: Feedback on Gnar Changes
Hi I will also leave Gnar feedback. Probably I should make my own newer thread. Oh well. I think increasing the cooldown of Gnar's Q is good, particularly for laning phase, to make it so he can't cs safely constantly. But the current proposal doesn't do this by very much. I don't think it'll have the desired effect other than to lower his later on dps. I too want frozen mallet to not exist. One because I have been abusing this item before darshan did. I loved its utility for a long while. Corralling entire enemy teams has been fun. But it offers Gnar far too much and makes dueling him not even possible a lot of the time. The interaction has really gotten stale. (I also secretly do not want certain characters to use it against me) Higher late game Q cooldown makes mallet slow even more important where as I thought if mallet didn't exist Q would have to suffice. Personally I stopped building cleaver on Gnar a long time ago on account of mallet gives way more HP and fervor gave too much dmg. I started experimenting with attack speed items a long while ago. First Trinity Force was fun. But I only built it games I had much success in. I started using Gnar more as an AP counter because I was into Kennen for a while (except versus Kennen i'd go exhaust Karthus top and stay away and nullify him, yeah I'm a fun player when serious.). The logic is magic resist is way more op than armor against ap and the only dps ranged tank to easily fight mages is Gnar. So I found success with wits end when doing well in AP lanes. Particularly versus ap tanks it's great. I also had a theory that PD Gnar was good. And such a thing could theoretically let grab IE too if having a great game with tank items in other slots. Seems unlikely though. But mega Gnar crit animation is just awesome. Well now in season 8 you see Gnar and GP every game in comp and they finally figured out you can build attack speed on Gnar and that he is like an ranged bruiser. Gee those lol pros have finally figured out Gnar. Way back when they only built him straight tank. Anyways enough exposition... ah... If I could I would further exaggerate the difference between mini and mega Gnar. Mini gnar was always plenty strong and I don't want him to be bad because he's a lot of the fun and way cute. But mega gnar could use some tweaking. I understand it's like his main weak point (vs like a juggernaut) in 1v1s, so don't wanna "improve" it too much. Remember I still think mini's base Q cooldown should go way up with a frozen mallet nerf. I'm not happy to see Gnar balanced for mallet. Mega Gnar's autos. I feel like they should hit harder to give him more impact when his abilities go. Now uh removing this weakness/opening would break Gnar yes... So like what if he auto'd slower but applied magic damage like his W. Doesn't have to be magic dmg just draws a parallel to his mini W and delays its effects. It means it can't crit, or maybe he should crit with all that dmg. Maybe mini Gnar could have slightly less W dmg to make up for it. Maybe W proc should be physical? Helps tanks itemize. Or mega Gnar could auto even slower. But it may nerf the fun or effect out of his mega gnar combos with the auto weaves in there. Could also hurt mega gnar's cs'ing. I kinda missed when mini gnar had little hp regen and mega had a lot. But tbh I don't think about it in game. Maybe that's just unnecessary complexity.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
{{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} I always play smart cast with indicators on and I find playing as Fizz some of his new indicators a bit unnecessary and distracting. Particularly on the jump as he lands. The circle appears and makes him feel stiff. But it's odd because from it I think I learned even though you can influence his movement as he lands doing the slow version the damage area stays still. But especially when pressing the R key down to throw his ult (smart cast with indicators) 3 circles appear to indicate the ranges the shark will be different sizes. But when pressing R having 3 circles encompass the entire screen even briefly is really noisy. Both unnecessarily take some enjoyment of playing Fizz away IMO. I don't think he needs such noisy indicators as he's not a very skillshot based champion. He's simply supposed to strike swift and boldly and these indicators get in the way of the fun. Meanwhile playing Azir there's no circle indicator to tell you what range the soldiers stop listening to you. That right there is something that ticks me IDK I personally feel like there's a point you can get too obsessed with indicators and before you know it league of legends will defaultly look like league of scripts or whatever and I feel like Fizz's new indicators are a giant overstep. If you want clarity done right the indicators need to be artfully more "League" or the VFX itself needs to be better done. Slapping circles and boxes everywhere is poor quality. Imagine if shark fins circling (one of his idle animations already has em) was the indicator for his E splash range. I wouldn't even notice most of the time, except when needed.
: [Items: Boots of Swiftness] Suggestion for a Buff on boots of swiftness
To be honest, I think if we want to make swifties good we have to not be afraid to do something a little broken for them. Like an effect that caps slow effectiveness at like a mere 33% or even better. If swifties are to be good with their current design they have to **defeat** slows, not merely mitigate them. That way they're powerful in a certain situation. Not some other random tweak. Sounds op, but honestly tho nobody is gonna drop other boots because you add a hard to appreciate effect like ghosting. It's too situational an effect for any class to spend their gold & boot upgrade for it, especially classes that might see overlap with other ghosting effect (like someone that may buy PD) Do we want another good boot upgrade anyway? I don't really care for them. In before I make suggestions to powercreep all boots to make them "unique"
: Syndra W Idea
That's a neat idea. But to be honest probably too good next to her other buffs. Is a mini root technically less powerful..? The thing is the thing would have to be so short it'd be pointless or otherwise OP on her. Then again Syndra won't ever have this skill maxed until the very last level (18) so maybe **she can** afford to have something a little special. I doubt maxing E second will be skipped with the width upgrade. But everyone will freak when they all these Syndra buffs in the patch notes without thinking that it takes level 18 to get all of em.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Might possibly want to evaluate E max first now. Extra damage from both projectile and stun proc adds up to a sizable damage spike per rank, and you get extra cdr for more potential stunning. But I don't really like it. It feels clunky and odd for skarner if Q works slowly and weakly. Q gets very subtle bonuses from rank ups now. No base damage increase: only cooldown reduced and a higher ad ratio. It is strange. E max first being viable does not feel desirable. I could be wrong tho. Probably underestimating the effect of the damage scaling from **total AD** _twice_
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Would be cool to see Skarner able to drag his stones around with his tail on a certain cooldown for a certain time wouldn't it? Would make them feel more like they actually belong to the player. OH, but I'm really pumped to see today's changes (best case probably gonna be pretty strong)
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Seems the consensus is that people dislike that the changes further drain Skarner's modest damage output for marginally more utility. I see Skarner as a single target CC tank/damage hybrid. It's actually already hard for a skarner to solo carry due to his kitable melee status and not so awesome scaling... _I don't like the concept of pushing Skarner further towards/tank-utility away from fighter because **he still remains a single target short ranged kiteable threat**- it'll never compete with true tanks as a utility champ._ Besides. **I still dislike the relocation of the stun to E.** It is now tied to a cooldown... It was more enjoyable I could stun everyone that I did manage to reach without needing E. Making E appreciated by moving the stun onto it is not good. Seems you haven't given Skarner any extra damage yet to compensate the misfortune he's getting.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
**_Initial impression on paper, concerned!_** • loss of base damages and steroids... ( skarner is no longer gonna feel like a tank/fighter hybrid??; without AS steroid he sadly felt clunkier farming) ; seems like the role is shifting from fighter/tank to tank primary, fighter maybe... • the 3 hit passive stun was _fun_ to me; applying a stun directly after E + auto might be more direct power... but it is pretty boring. Trying to make E feel good by moving his passive unto it leaves a sour taste [on live E feels really shitty, especially rank 1 with 40 dmg.....). It may be more direct power if you want 1 reliable stun, however at the same time now Skarner is gonna be very weak should he ever miss it. • losing huge base value increase of ranking W shield mid game feels shitty. Now instead of feeling good about ranking W second I have to choose between a crappy W or E skill up. Currently on live W rank ups seem so good, and R rank up is so mediocre, that I think W > R skill up at 11 and 12 actually makes sense... • R still looks like crap to rank up compared to most ultimates if you actually take close a look. • a character specific map objective? COOL! **_We get in game!_** • Early game Skarner 1-3 feels noticeably negatively impacted. Passive stun effect moved to E (no stun level 1 and 2, unless shield is skipped @ 2). No more attack speed steroid for jungle clear either.... This gives the Skarner player a very very bad initial impression of the new Skarner, as my first clear is no longer "healthy", so an early gank feels a lot more difficult. • most other stuff mentioned above... --- Skarner feels less fun to me to fight with, and I'm doubtful about his raw brawling power with reduced offensive capabilities, and reduced base shield from W 2nd max (more gold/build dependent with max hp scaling? even if it might outscale...). Still do not like E at all; it wastes mana early game and now is holding stun hostage in clear. Stunning with E is more direct but less satisfying. E sucks On live Skarner does not scale into late game well at all, and here you are dumpstering his early game with little to compensate but a little hp scaling on his shield, an E + auto stun combo, and some crystals on the map... On live I see Skarner as a hybrid dps/cc tank/fighter champion. He is kitable. His damage is really tame compared to most dps brawlers, seriously lacking burst, but his CC potential is a lot greater and could make up for it. His dps basically turns off during his ult. A team player truly, but plays like a fighter, so he is fun to play (imo). I don't feel like the adjustments to his skills are to my liking one bit. But nice crystals I guess?
: No RP to buy chromas?
Same~ Everything else is available for 1 ip now tho I wonder... if eventually chromas will get their own section... not yet..? We need more. We need **pink Gnar**
Rioter Comments
: Font color in the new HUD
The font color is more muted or camouflaged in general making it harder to spot. It's almost like the stats you had bonuses in turning green made the stats you cared about pop out. That's slightly thrawted by the dragon bonus. The other day I was playing a full AP build and wondered why I had bonus attack damage.
: Request change of HUD
Looking at that one feels a little more like the old HUD, with the champion stats/items on the **left**
: Gentleman Gnar
I just love this skin. Great touch with the Q stopwatch and clocktower sfx When mini gnar plays with his watch when recalling it seems like there' might be some sound muted or missing there. But maybe that's just a very minor detail... I think I understand what the OPs saying when he says the 3 hit w proc "covers" the skin. The white hyper proc vfx is very very intense. I also love that you might have fixed the AA bug with Gnar I was having on live. At least it seemed that way when I playtested this new skin.
: Upcoming Pathfinding Changes
The pool party minions are coming out of base in formation like they are drunk :) But that probably has something to do with the new pathfinding mechanics? Funny story; the other week on live I was playing Teemo and a single enemy Volibear trapped me into the wall in front of drag at the curve into red team's blue buff. I could not move; I had no idea that was possible. lol'd
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Man, I really really really dislike playing against this champion's delayed aoe bomb move, with possibly a huge stun component. Just supposed to guess where this thing is gonna land based on the trajectory of the tiny thing in the air? Hard to even notice he puts that thing in the air. I haven't exactly analyzed his kit yet, but it feels like if you don't you won't be prepared to fight this champion and will continue to get "outplayed" until you do. Most champions are more intuitive to fight. I also am not a fan of his character, and even his sound effects are annoying. I think I found a new enemy.
: Introducing chroma packs!
Should there be some kind of indication of the chroma _in the pre-game load screen?_ Probably not necessary. Hmmm
Rioter Comments
: Aatrox solodragon at lvl 1
Doesn't matter who can do it at level one. Doesn't dragon spawn at minute three? Enough time for junglers to grab a buff or two and levels two or three. Some might end up wounded but others not.
: Sort your Masteries and Runes
Please Riot, *pleeeeeease* ~~ I want them ordered, it takes a good chunk of time to redo them all. And then 2 days later I decide I need a different page...
: Diabolical Veigar Tweak: (W) Dark Matter
It's me again. Well, just so W doesn't get too out of line while giving it that growing feel I would balance it by making it be smaller than now at the start of the game. It's not like Veigar can spam the ability or land it without stun that early anyways. How big the meteor should become with 500 or 800 AP is anyone's guess at this point to be honest... At the moment Dark Matter's current numbers are: - Cooldown 10 secs, - 120/ 170/ 220/ 270/ 320 (+ 100% ap) magic dmg, - 112.5 radius, - 1.25 second delay, - 900 range So we can expect the ability to do no more than 800-1,100 pre-mitigated damage late game. Yes, could be pretty brutal if you lock down multiple people. To be honest though there are champions in this game that can poke pretty hard like that, *cough* Xerath Probably would have to increase the cooldown of dark matter, and I would do it by making its cooldown fixed to keep it in control late game without nerfing it early game. I think it would be really good to give Veigar more visual feedback of his power than just how much damage he does. I think the concept of an AoE spell that grows is perfect for this spell and Veigar. I think balance is a secondary concern in this instance; it's not like Veigar is gonna see LCS play (as a mid laner) in his current state.
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: Alternative Veigar Nerfs (Community Ideas)
Crazy, diabolical idea even. Cass style power breakpoints. " When Veigar obtains X ap" Or make his meteor (W) area effect scale up in size based on his AP. Making his W scale in damage, cooldown, and area of effect is a lot of scaling though so I would consider giving it a fixed cooldown to attempt to make this balance-able. Might make up for the less reliable stun. Like I'm imagining late game Veigar tossing out giant and threatening meteors
Rioter Comments
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
Riot, Veigar really needs HELP, not just counterplay and a power redistribution. 5.3 Veigar is not very good IMO; the new Veigar is most likely even worse. The only reason professional LoL players might say old Veigar is good is because of his instant AoE box stun. Now it's been destroyed. Delayed version will rarely land on targets with mobility and the stun will never stick when QSS is so cheap now and crucible can be used to save anyone. Veigar's laning phase both live and on the PBE is pretty weak. Farming with Q is very taxing and not very rewarding... Veigar doesn't even have great waveclear early/mid, particularly if he maxes Q first. Yes, Veigar's Q can potentially hit 2 champions now. This may increase his damage output in teamfights. Really though, I think you overestimate how much of a buff this really is even though plenty of mages have AoE damage primary abilities.... Like Ahri, Syndra, ect... I'm still asking myself why play Veigar when Syndra and Annie exists. You've destroyed Veigar's box which was his one redeeming quality. You've made Veigar very, very significantly more unreliable. AP Ratio on his ult is nerfed and now the Veigar has to land a much harder to use box or Q on his target
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
Contrary to what I might of said before maybe Rek'Sai is strong. Fury can be utilized efficiently with proper use; at first it felt like it gets consumed on it's own and there was no thought to maximize it but I don't think that's true now. Laning with Rek'Sai is weird [to me] because she lacks range. Maybe she's not the biggest brute in lane but she's scales fairly well and if she gets ahead it is funny to have your area of the map all tunneled up when you can zone away your foes. When laning it's actually pretty nifty to be able to use the burrow sonar to scan for ganks. I think there is potential there EDIT: Oh right. If you tunnel spam an area it's kind of annoying trying to move around them without meaning to use them. Not sure if this could be better
: Riot, why Dragon's attacks can no longer be blocked ?
That video with dragon changes caught my attention... I have no opinion on the implications of the gameplay/balance changes, just that it looks odd that dragon fire blasts out of his ass when he gets turned. It would be much more clear and intuitive visually if dragon simply stayed fixed on his current target, however after each auto attack that's when it decides what its next target is (based on range as usual). If drag is fixed on you you will 100% take the next hit. I believe this is the superior solution. I don't think this leaves dragon vulnerable to exploitation. Edit: On second thought this means the guy with aggro just has to kite away from drag to delay damage.... Okay... what if the dragon auto had 800 range or something? Since it's a fire breath now that is ok, right? Makes it hard to pull him out of the pit, making it harder to do with the enemy on your back, but so what I guess. Drag is more valuable than ever now anyways, so that tweak gives the underdog team more of a leg to use in contesting drag from behind
: rek'sai 3v3
That's funny Potentially good to do too
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
My first experiences as jungle Rek'Sai • First clear: quite painful. Use Q if starting golems for AoE autos. W might be okay if gromp start. Collect other skill at 2. Did not notice Q burrow damage spell early on first game. Played following games more efficiently and life improved slightly; first clear quite painful still. In following games tried to observe and maximize the sustain from burrowing. No longer ignored free spells and got more comfortable burrowing across places. • Unhealthy first clear inhibits workable ganks without basing. Actual ganking power is just ok. Knockup is nice. Not quite top tier however. • Becomes a fairly efficient jungle clearer after a few levels. Sustain increases, speed increases. Start burrowing everywhere! • Post 6 ultimate learned. Basically a teleport spell to places you've been to before and have unnoticed burrows. **VERY BIG COOLDOWN. Frankly because of all the counterplay on the burrows and the fact this or anything else on her kit does not reliably get you on top of targets I think you're overestimating the potential of these spells. Nocturne, Pantheon and Rengar have far simpler tools to get on top of enemies. Lower cooldowns too.** I love the fact Rek'Sai requires planning to maximize this utility, and it's fine Rek'Sai has to flank her targets, but I think we're being too cautious here. • Scaling + teamfighting... Gets stronger as game progresses, not sure if actual hyperscaling or just sucking less than earlier. **Can't seriously be played high dps due to lack of reliable gap closer, defenses, or stickiness but it is a fun fantasy. As a tank combat utility is mediocre.** Base damage for bruiser dps may actually be decent, Rek'Sai still highly vulnerable to kite however. Use ult/tunnels to get behind enemy lines and hope for the best. • Frankly if I think about it Gnar is twice as strong as this champion. Gnar needs quite a few nerfs though. I would say Rek'Sai is like a high utility counterjungler. Loaded with strategic utility, however requires skilled use to viably play. Might be somewhat undertuned. I really like the champ. I will be playing her even if she's kind of weak. I think I should really build Bork next game. Edit: I now realize she is better with an on-hit devourer build. TBH I'm disappointed she's better with a high attack speed on hit build. In my opinion I think devourer is kind of OP in its curret state
: Please give Rek'Sai a LITTLE bit of lines
Lore wise it is inconsistent. But like Chrige said the feral alien predator thing works really good in my opinion
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: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Jungle items... Seems to me the AP stat stick enchant is lacking something extra, cool, or **unique** like the other three. Maybe it has its worth of stats, but idk
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
I don't know how constructive it is to have such an opinion without playing the new map again and again... It just seems to me some of the newest dragon bonuses are way too strong. 10% bonus total resistance and 10% penetration getting tripled is game breaking. Like GGWP when one team gets this. It looks like both of these on paper would be such an advantage in teamfights. I think even if the other team had baron and a gold lead this dragon buff would even it out. The thing is though usually the winning team will have the dragon's too... This is just my gut feeling on this though. Maybe it's not as scary as it looks. Personally I would consider 5% to start with these resist/penetration bonuses, or change the way dragon stacks: 1 drag kill: 1st bonus 2 drag kill: 1st bonus x2, 2nd bonus 3 drag kill: 1st bonus x3, 2nd bonus x2, 3rd bonus 4 drag kill: 1st bonus x4, 2nd bonus x3, 3rd bonus x2, 4th bonus Would probably want different bonuses with this system. This system is more complicated... and maybe also harder to balance in a way that feels right at every stage in the game I guess... I don't know, maybe it just feels silly to me that dragon #4 suddenly makes a team able to just shred tanks and have godly durability *at the same time*. Both together is borderline toxic IMO. Even if completing the drag buffs should feel strong... I'm just concerned that at an organized level of play the team with 4 dragons may be able to faceroll the other team 19 out of 20 times. Although it takes over 25 minutes to get four drakes, and if any go to the other team it's delayed. Hmm...
: Major FPS drop after maintenance
Yes. I had progressively horrible FPS as I continued to play one game. 5v5 blind pick. Did not take long farming minions to notice strange fps chuginess. As the game progressed it continued to get worse until it was UNPLAYABLE. Yes, I play on a toaster, so it becomes a real problem. It's not the map, it's something new since I last played pbe a few weeks ago. I then played a custom by myself with bots. FPS was normal and acceptable. No sign of my fps degenerating overtime. No chugginess. The custom game I played had nobody jungling or using fancy new unreleased skins. So hmmm. Here is the horrifically chuggy game's r3d log.
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
Seems like the inhibitor tower laser beam damage is too low on squishy champions at least. Yeah, this feedback is coming from a bot game I played but it seems like a no tank gear ADC can tank this tower for quite a bit. I was *expecting* this new laser tower attack to do a lot of damage. Yes, maybe it has penetration for tanks now but it seems the base damage is probably too low at the moment. Talking about purple team's towers if it's a bug. The laser doesn't hit for 235 damage like it says on the tower stat. Which, by the way, the tower items have no tooltips when I hover over them at the moment. I did sort of let the tower kill me as I walked away. I felt like I got out of range of the top lane purple inhib tower but the laser continued to hit a few more times. Since the tower is attacking extra fast you might need to make sure the tower is checking extra fast to see if its target is still in range. It would feel better.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Is there enough of a difference between "counterjungling" and "invading" to justify two different jungle item paths? You could argue one is aggressive yet the other is passive aggressive, and so make one more designed for pvp and the other for fast clear... There's already a more focused fast clear farming version though. Also I'm just not sure why I would need my smite to have aoe if I'm counterjungling. Normally counterjungling is just about killing the large monster only. By the way, with the addition of smite bonuses from particular camps it might revive complaints about blue side and purple side differences. Not that I particularly care. It's currently a bit confusing reading about future jungle changes with different mobs than the ones I'm used to on live, since there is no wraith in the new jungle. Anyways I just thought about the ramifications of the location of the ward detecting bonus camp. I believe razorbeaks near mid are the ones with it, which is good because near the center of the map it's most balanced between blue and purple, whereas near the side lanes it would exacerbate the difference between solo and duo lanes for blue and purple teams. That is where the grump thing and golem things are... Both the poison armor thing and execute damage thing are probably more powerful for clearing the jungle than pvp, but we'll see.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yasuo
This skin is really cool. Yet for some reason I believe his face should be exposed. Not masked up in the splash, and not in general. I mean he could look like a really cool solid snake esque character.
: [Suggestion] Option to report someone in match history?
If not the match history... then perhaps in the recent players tab of the friend list? Would only work until you log off (good enough probably)
: Visual bug on Kog'mas e (Void Ooze) on new SR
E's slime on the ground is pretty much invisible anywhere on the entire map so I've noticed. You can only see some kind of ooze projectile go half the range the spell has over the ground.
: Hello guys! What if u make 3 doors or holes on the nexus,or in front of the nexus for the minions? It's too "crappy" now that they are just spawning from nowhere.
How about a glassy portal like platform? Minions teleport onto it with a not too noisy flash effect.
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
I noticed that there are certain parts of the map where, for example, a double buffed Vi's blue red buff circles got buried from view beneath the ground. I noticed this when Vi was moving past the southern part of blue team's bot lane inhibitor turret. Maybe there are more areas like this inside the bases.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
Does anyone else think the Make It Rain (E) particles are too noisy, especially high above the ground? (I think so)
: I enjoy the new font very much. But to your problem: You can change the chat size in the interface menu. :)
=/ I can't find it. Are we talking about the air client? On my screen the chatrooms are faaaaar too small. With no fix this will impact certain communities... It would be really cool if the window was adjustable, or at least have different settings for different sizes. Only options now are timestamps and auto join. By the way! I can hear the chatroom blimp sounds in game. I don't think it does this on Live. I am pretty sure the client window was minimized too.
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: Login Screen
It's neat. Before even my time. You know, some sort of vintage LoL temporary game mode might be interesting. It would be nostalgic to play on the old autumn and winter SR again.
: The PBE is more than just Bugs and Client Feedback, Riot.
I like to believe all well constructed feedback gets read by *someone*. Even my own lengthy posts and insane ideas. It can be hard to tell though. One thing I've hoped I've improved on after leaving feedback here for half a year; getting more value per word in my posts... lol
: Destructible Gragas Barrel? And other "objects"
So instead of straight out nerfing Gragas I was thinking we could maybe open up more strategy when fighting against him. Ignoring any other balance changes Gragas would need I would try making Gragas Q like this... - Gragas Q becomes like a Zyra plant. Gets slightly displaced by minions. Starts the game with 4 hp. - Each rank in Gragas ultimate increases the Q hp by 1. - The barrel explodes prematurely if depleted of hp doing damage (only as much damage as it charged up) - I would perhaps make the explosion radius a tad smaller, however as the barrel ferments the explosion radius will increase to a size even larger than it is now. I think this calls for some neat exploding booze effects. - Fermenting damage scaling and base damage could change but I won't ponder on this...
Rioter Comments
: Midlane Mage Magic Resistance Itemization
For a good while AP itemization has been imbalanced. Athene's was too perfect as a rush item and enforced a meta that shaped to be what it is today. The champions have been balanced around this itemization... so it's possible AP assassins might go out of line with chalice nerfs... Athene's and chalice basically did everything too well, there didn't seem to be any weakness as a first item rush. It made you tanky versus your opponent, granted ranged champions a ton of mana sustain to farm and harass with (enabling them to play safer), and provided all the CDR you'd need for the rest of the game. For most AP ranged champions it was the perfect rush item, the perfect rush item for nearly all meta mid laners... Athene's will still be plenty good for those that are suited to abuse it, however alternative builds are becoming more attractive. Champions that are better suited to Rod of Ages/Archangles, Abyssal Sceptar, Deathfire Grasp, any other AP item really will likely become stronger in the future even if they were rushing Athene's before (they might stop!)
: Some thoughts on the recent changes
While we're musing about recent champion changes and the top picks I wanted to ask about Graggas. He's a little too obnoxious right now in my opinion. Just a little too much power and safety in lane consider his tankiness, extreme sustain, and excellent disengage/kiting. He's been getting so much solo queue and competitive play lately it seems to me Graggas's skill and power gets bigger everyday. What's his weakness anyways, besides somehow getting *destroyed* early and unable to reach CS without barrels (which push the lane and zones himself) Unrelated- I would love a Miss Fortune model update. She's unbelievably skinny compared to a newer champion/skin like Popstar Ahri.
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