: I hardly believe it's supposed to remove the icons as well if you refund it.
Last time I check, you are ONLY supposed to have the Icons if you own the skin. Similar to the Pulsefire Ezreal Skin. Now I wonder if refunding Pulsefire Ez does the same thing.... Anyway not a HUGE bug but likely something to look into. Plus, knowing how programming works, it could be related to not receiving(or huge delays to receiving) Icons for events which we all know we want fixed XD
: It seems like a good idea at first - Provide a quick and easy way for players to report bugs, meaning more people will report more bugs more often which hopefully translates to more bugs being fixed more often - But you have to consider how people might use [read: abuse] it, what Riot is interested in, and what Riot can handle in terms of volume of reports. Who at Riot gets to sift through the potentially thousands of reports that were submitted through a 'Report Bug' option? If memory serves, I've read something from a Rioter indicating that even the Bugsplat reports present this same problem. They have to analyze the report and determine what, if anything, should be done. Is it something major that they need to fix right away? Do they still need more data/information to find a solution? Is it something they are already fixing, and the report is superfluous? A 'Report Bug' option would present the same difficulties, only with the added randomness/complexity/confusion of the differences in how real people would report bugs. You only have to lurk around these forums for a day to see how different people report the same bugs in vastly different manners, with varying degrees of... Lets say, success. Compare that to Bugsplats, which send a predetermined, concise, consistent report which can easily be read and understood, but *still* manage to cause problems with data overflow, and you get an idea of just how "good" of an idea this really is. Sorry, I just don't see it happening. The forums are the way to go, because they are organic and self sustaining. On the forums we are able to regulate our data ourselves. Riot only has to monitor the overall community to look for spikes and patterns that indicate an issue worth their attention. Which puts me in mind of a good analogy for this situation. You know those mosaic images that are made up of hundreds or thousands of other pictures? Think of the smaller pictures as individual reports of a single bug, and the big picture as the bug itself. Imagine looking at the smaller pictures up close, individually, and trying to figure out what the big picture is in that way. That's what it would be like for Riot trying to sift through reports from a 'Report Bug' option. Where as with the forums, we are able to aggregate the individual reports into a clearer "big picture" that is easier for Riot to address. The current system is just more efficient; I don't see it changing much anytime soon.
I totally agree I like the idea of an automated system but from a systems analyst point of view it would be a nightmare. Hundreds of bugs that aren't actually bugs > "The new champion blows up everyone there must be a bug with his damage!" and even more posts from like : > "New Champion too OP, nerf plz" Another benefit to the forums is that the community can note their experience with the same bug in order to get things noticed. > "I got this error" "Me too!" The forums allow other testers to verify that a bug occurs: > "When playing Sion, with a Seraphs Embrace and a Bloodthirster activating his shield while having the Bloodthirster passive on then activating Seraphs Embrace causes the shield to never time out." > "I just tried that, and I came to the same conclusion! What a weird bug!" > "I didn't get the same results, did you have other items" ... etc. Not saying its not possible to do, but I feel like eventually it boils back down to a forum setup where players can discuss bugs with others, and allow the community to better highlight Critical bugs, and weed out false bugs.
: Did you get ulted by Nocturne? xD Just kidding heheh :3
Hidden Lee Sin Passive - Blindness
: So I've played a few games with Braum and I think his kit is fantastic. Every ability works really well towards the protector theme. My main request on him is based upon information relayed to teammates. I have observed many adcs who seem very unaware that they can help Braum to stun the enemy, and this is understandable. It is not intuitive at all that allies should be able to proc his passive. From an in game standpoint, there is no real clear way allies can see this without having procced it before. The way this ability works bears a resemblance to Thresh's lantern was before the indicators were added. People didn't know they could click it until they were told or when they clicked it for the first time. So i suggest that some sort of visual indicator be added so that allies can be aware that they can activate the stun without having read Braum's tooltips. And if this isn't possible, something as simple as a loading screen "Did you Know: You can help to trigger Braum's passive stun with your auto attacks" would be beneficial.
An interesting way to handle this is to add a "Thresh Lantern" like arrow pointing at the enemy with a stack of concussive blows on it. The Ground icon is hard to see when it's under minions.
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
I have read the post on ward-jumping, so no worries on that, and I agree that ward-jumping doesn't fit his defender role, but something interesting to add would be being able to jump to allied towers. This would make him the second champion to have a "Tower buff" along with Janna's Shield. It would also allow him some interesting play when being tower dived, allowing him to defend the tower better: >Lux & Ezreal Example: 1)tower dive begins, Ezreal uses Arcane Shift to jump closer to Braum at low health 2)Braum heads for tower closer to base. 3)Braum jukes Ezreal and jumps back to his tower. 4)Braum then uses his E to avoid a Light binding from Lux Another example would be >Thresh & Jinx Example: 1)Low health Braum hiding under tower 2)Thresh grabs Braum and pulls him out from under tower 3)Jinx uses Zap and Braum Defends with his E but Jinx also throws down chompers 4)Braum uses his W to jump over the Chompers to the safety of his tower. A third example and this one involves defending a tower not just using the tower to escape. >Lucian & Nami Example: 1)Lucian has killed all the minions around the tower and are full health. 2)Braum and his allied ADC are about half health and hiding behind the tower. 3)Braum uses his W to position himself between the tower and Nami(who is closer then Lucian) 4)Braum uses his E to defend against Nami's Ebb and Flow 5)Braum uses his Q and hits Nami then uses his ult to knock up and slow her. 6)Braum's Allied ADC jumps in and hits her with a few basic attacks, with Braum following up with a basic attack(as Nami is slowed its easy to catch up) Stunning her allowing Braum's allied ADC to get the kill, and saving the tower. These kinds of defense plays make Braum's kit feel really good. They are things you can do with minions but it means minions need to be in the area with the tower, No minions, no plays. Just something to consider
: Hey! I've seen a fair amount of this. I understand the sentiment because ward-jumping on the champions that can do it is a lot of fun. During his development we considered this but decided it wasn't right for Braum. Overall Braum's pattern is not intended to be all-in the way other melee supports are. Braum has powerful abilities and works with allies to make best use of them. By enabling ward jumping Braum becomes less reliant on working with his team to initiate, which we felt was a big loss for the character. One of the things that makes Braum really unique is his defensively focused protector gameplay, and Braum trades away strong initiation potential for defensive power. Finally, regarding the passive, its tuning has been adjusted such that Braum and his ally can proc is reliably if they are paying attention and positioning well to take advantage of it. If Braum was able to gap-close rapidly it would necessitate dramatically re-thinking the way his passive works which is not something I believe leads to the best version of Braum. I definitely understand the sentiment of people requesting this, but it is not something we are interested in acting on at this time.
I totally agree with this, his W is a way to defend other players, I have discovered in my play time, that the best way to handle this is to pretend to play safe, have the enemy move towards the minions and then jump to a minion to get closer. Though ward-jumping would be cool, as a defender it wouldn't make as much sense.


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