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: Newest Sona Update!
This is my first feedback thingey, so I am sorry if this is not how you're supposed to do it. Today I played some custom games with sona, both trying out the AP aspect of her (I know it isn't how you're supposed to play her, but anyway, tried it) and the normal support way of playing her. Of course it was bots, I am from Denmark, so normal games lag a lot, but I still felt like AP had some kind of thing to it, that really didnt feel well. Especially when you get your Lich Bane, and just deal tons of damage, but... It feels like the old Sivir and the cardboard boomerang... But else, playing her support, even with bots, feels fantastic, and she is pretty balanced as well! I hope you found this useful, but gain, I am very sorry if this is irrelevant, but I do not really know how I'm supposed to this, and also sorry if this is not understandable what so ever, but I am from Denmark, so my English is not the best. Yours Sincerly Snofle

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