: Don't let me in to the PBE
Hi Nico. How are you bro. Its been a long time. XD {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I agree in part and disagree in other, as a top lane it's not true you can't do anything, teleport exists for a why if you prefer playing ignite to get an advantage to push tower and getting kill it's up to you but league is a team game. I agree the fact drakes are getting too much important they are just superior to baron or herald right now and the worst of all is the elder that is just... too broken. the fact objective are getting so much important.... well is killing tactics at all. I like all this thing of the drake that change map and I liked the thought behind, you wanted to make SR more dynamical but without advantaging any team well you should have to keep in mind the same concept when you upgraded drakes, I really like these drakes but I feel like something is wrong I can't really say what is, but something isn't right
: Thoughts on new dragons? TOO much emphasis on DRAGONS and not enough on the objective of the game?
: ikr! The funnest thing about that is THAT started happening maybe 2 hours before they shutdown......
: summoners are way too strong
dont play tft ranked on PBE XD.
: Victorious Aatrox design feedback
Heya fam, the Victorious Aatrox isn't here yet but will likely come soon (either on October 29 or on November 5). Whichever it is, Riot will release a skin bug & feedback thread for it then. It's recommended to wait and then post in that thread. The Rioters you're looking for don't read the PBE boards yet, but will read their own sticky thread once it's been made. This increases your visibility. XD.
: neft LUX , Renemy educed mana regeneration when kill enemy
Bro we will definitely neft Lux in the next patch. XD.
: I exchanged the hex gem for the dementor of VN, but the next day I logged in and showed that it was
: New rounds GUI not showing monster icon
: Earth dragon has an irritating and boring map transformation
Hey Mr.Swole. I hope ur not a mole. The map does get dreary, This is ur assistant Riot AMy Sery. XD.
: Just wanna rant
Good Morning summoner, this is Amy Sery here's a link to the website, LeagueOflegends.com. If you need anymore help just add my summoner on PBE Amy Sery. XD.
: [TFT] The old UI had a much better roomy feel to it.
: New Supp itens change hp to Mana reng pls
Hello Summoner. As you were doing an investigation on support items we have been doing an investigation on you. This is Amy Sery reporting for duty. XD.
: TFT Practice Tool
Good Morning this is Riot Amy Sery reporting for duty! Your post has been removed from the Feature Feedback forms. Please pay attention to the character limit next time. Thank you for posting. And have a wonderful day. Sorry for the inconvenience. XD.
: New TFT arenas, where are they in the shop?
Hello Summoner Anibal. Your name rhymes with hannibal are u a canabal? XD.
: Lethality Nerf/Changes
No you sir enjoy ur day. Sorry for the inconvience. XD.
: The Ready Check for normal TFT is actually good.
We apologize summoner for your inconvenience. XD.
Hi Im Riot Amy Sery. I have been assigned with helping you out today. They are available on PBE but you will have to add me so i can gift you the egg. I look forward to your friend request. My summoner name on the PBE is Amy Sery. XD.
: ctrl + 5 for Pantheon
You can already. Just type "5wag with a five" all chat screen shot it and u get helmet off xD.
: i notece the same, i can't put the PC brightness stronger because it is already at maximum :/, about the rain, is cool but I think it causes distraction, so maybe reduce the rain would be an option or raining for a little bit
Have u try an umbrella it will stop the rain. If you dont have one you can use a rain jacket but it will be wet. XD.
: Ocean Drake
Try turning up your lamp. If it doesn't work turn up the PBE Lamp. XD.
: One for all ???
There has been news of One for All, I would count on it arriving soon. Rumors have been spreading in the underground PBE discord. XD.
: ching chong ding dong. I think my door bell rang brb XD.
: 关于TFT(狂战士和光)的羁绊问题
ching chong ding dong. I think my door bell rang brb XD.
: I want to buy Project:PYKE. Why I can't buy it in the PBE shop
yes u can. Its a known bug on pbe but all the expert PBErs know about the bug. Go to the store, then loot store then go back to the store, then go to the accessories tab and then summoner's icon. Then Project pyke is located around the bottom, you just have to look for it. Hopefully it helps u. replay if u need more help. Have a good day XD.
: Report them, block them and move on. Contrary to what many people believe, reporting works on the PBE and penalties are stricter than on live. So please make the best of it and use it! Name calling by the boards is strictly forbidden, [as is written in the universal LoL boards rules](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/TELEBnr1-universal-rules), so for the sake of your own account (you're currently at risk as well for breaking Boards rules), I recommend you remove the name/screen or censor it. This forum is for bug reports and feedback, not to start a witch hunt. At the moment, your account is as much at risk as theirs for breaking the boards rules. Since you're not in the game anymore, sending a ticket to [Riot support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) with evidence is your best bet. PBE accounts cannot create tickets at the moment, so instead please use your live account and specify you're talking about PBE in the ticket.
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: pls disable defensive items in urf.
stfu LOL its urf. if u dont want there to be tanks then build a last whisper u degen
: Please bring back ARURF, at least as an option.
lmao can u stop posting xD ur so fucking irrelevant xD
: [URF Gangplank] passive/silver serpents should stack passively like on ARAM?
worst fking idea ever. why? Just go mid and q the waves. are u that much of a degen?


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