: Gotta agree with you guys, its about new capsules, since I bought one my game started to crash every single time. Is there any option to reset your loot or something?
Doubt that, I haven't bought a single capsule recently and i have this issue.
: I was experimenting this with 2 accounts and apparently, one of my accounts closes my client randomly while with the other one it doesn't happen. Is it a problem related to accounts?
: Waiting for RIOT to patch the thing or revert to the previous version, is always an option I guess. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Yeah i just tried to play a game right now and the same thing happened. The client crashed but this time it literally crashed as we finished champ select and started loading the game. I had to relaunch the client, and the game wouldn't start loading, so i restarted the client and still nothing. Task manager said the game wasn't running so i restarted the client again and the game started to load but it took about 2 full minutes for it to even launch at which point we had to remake because someone else on our team was also afk {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Yea that probably means you got into the game before the client crash.
Nope haven't been able to get into a game at all, champ select takes to long and the client crashes every time before even the last person has locked in
: This problem exists in champ select. It happened 2 times over here. Once during the enemy champ choice and the second after everyone locked in. Thankfully on the second it put me back to the prepare for battle screen and loaded properly but post match it closed out as well. I'm fairly certain there's something with a specific thing the client is trying to load but fails to.
not just champ select, it happens to me even if im sitting on the homepage or in a lobby
: For a second, I thought it was just me closing the client on myself and forgetting
Its super confusing especially in champ select because it just closes. No sound or anything. And its shitty because you get penalties for it so i cant play pbe right now :(
: Sort of the same for me. My client closed itself after a match. I was expecting a post-match report but instead, the client simply didn't re-appear. This issue is reported to have happened to several players for example: for players who have bought a (new) capsule - client closed after they purchased one.
For me it literally doesnt matter what im doing it just closes randomly
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