: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
The time between her R1 and R2 is soo big u either die with R2 or u already killed your opponent with R1 and comb. please reduced the recast time between R1 and R2 Another thing she went to the shortest Assassin cooldown in her Ultimate to one of the longest ultimate cooldown in the Assassin role.
: You're casting E in the wrong direction.
I think he didn't mean to "pass" the wall he wants to E the wolf to kill them, so the range of her E did not reach the wolfs.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Hi CertainlyT, could say what is the difference of her damage in her Q that happen today? I would like to suggest if the second part of your ultimate is not have been used, u could refund some of the time. is it possible? what are your thoughts about this? since people are complaining about the long duration of cooldown of her Ultimate, i think is this answer is between both.


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