: [Feedback] Manaflow Band Cooldown Increase Discussion
nerfs manaflow band, still no cooldown timer. omegalul
: Is it just me or is PBE more toxic?
no, it's not just you. the PBE community is a shithole full of incompetent players who quit as soon as it doesn't look like they can solo carry and see their teammates as obstacles. it's worse than bronze or silver
: I Cant understand what you trying to say {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Don't know how I can make it simpler. I like the new runes, and there's a lot of people complaining about them. that's all.
: How about you just f*ck off?
Aren't you a peach?
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: the whole point in PBE and preseason is testing stuff no? so play around with the runes on champs until you find what you like
Exactly, which is why it would be nice to have more pages on at least PBE if not live as well
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
: Ravenous Hunter's Late Game Fantasy
Just curious, how much do you heal off shiv?
: Praise the Bards!
every opposing view got downvoted with no counter rebuttal :ok_hand: :joy:
: you can buy more rune pages i dont see where the problem is
Refer to one of my replies below
: in PBE you can buy more rune pages for free, in the main servers you would have to buy them of course, but even in the old rune systen you only had 2 pages, so I don't see a problem.
the problem is, since Runes and Masteries got combined, everything got condensed down and is more precise than ever. Every single rune affects each champ differently from my point of view, and each champ seems to have a unique combination required in order for you to make full use of both the champ and your playstyle. Because of this, even buying max rune pages doesn't seem to be enough, that is my opinion.
: ***
Sona has a pretty decent base armor. Last I checked, 30 isn't even near the lowest in the game. > I don't understand why Riot has to nerf supports every time they are successful Tank supports are on the rise, I guess you could say "successful" > If you look at her W numbers, they're not amazing at all. Sona's W does a shield AND a heal, both of which get increased in power by several support items, and the champ herself has bar-none the best interaction in the game with Athene's Unholy Grail ({{item:3174}} ) > The fact that anyone can usually one shot her what exactly do you build on sona?
: Praise the Bards!
I just played against sona earlier this morning, they did pretty damn well, not seeing this nerf affecting her by much
: Yeah, the consensus is rito should've filtered better when letting in mass migration to test runes reforged. It would also be better if punishments were more apparent. I think closing the pbe would only help if there was a notable or at least transparent crackdown on toxicity. What really needs to be done is to clearly explain to people that while you can test whatever you like (tank zoe jungle), but **you must take it seriously**. In a serious game, would you, knowing you'll lose because they're fed beyond belief, still 1v1 that midlaner? No, you wouldn't (I hope lmao). Basically it's just important to test how a 'real' game might play out, not feed and see if you can win a 1v1 down 20 kills.
Just curious, what's your main acc elo?
: That's because they opened it to EVERYONE.
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: Mac is back
: why every day i have to download a 1gb update?
your processor and harddrive are handling the 1gb part, the actual things you have to download are like 30-40 MB
: no offense but those spacebar changes are utter garbage
: 10 games over 5 of 10 games? wth?
come on dude. even I know what he means by that.
: Kleptomancy gold bags tooltip bug
ive gotten 110 twice in a row before {{champion:41}}
: New hp bars are bad (in PBE)
they are pretty good actually
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: Yeah I am going to be the party pooper here sorry ;_; Please post ideas on [EUW boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/), [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/) or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions.
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=EzlrPdej,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-08T00:45:08.374+0000) > > Yeah I am going to be the party pooper here sorry ;_; it's cool that you realized it during this reply and all, but you should know that you have been the party pooper in every post you've made
: Add a TitlePBE turned mess all the time to discharge departure zoe
Translation: punish the PBE and main accounts of the tons of people dodging because of Zoe on PBE right now
: Zoe causes increased ping
Lol. Indeed she does cause increased ping, but indirectly. The PBE servers are having capacity issues due to everybody logging on to play her early
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: Can't create or modify Runes during Champion Select (happens once in 3 games)
: I get like 120 fps, but I capped it to 60, because I just don't need more, and when it stays at 60, it stays, in live, won't even go 59, but in pbe, it goes 25, randomly, I was twitch jungle, ganked enemy riven, me and garen were spamming spells, she got fps drop, but neither of us then I was jungling, nothing was going on in game, I was having fps drop, while taking camps, but then in teamfight we were spamming spells, but no fps drop, this is weird
A week or so ago I randomly dipped below 5 fps during a match and nothing I would do fixed it, changed settings from highest to minimum, no change. Only when I restarted the game did it fix itself, something triggering a memory leak or smth
: Bug Fix Schedule?
> and consequently my win rate. .....on pbe? > Why wasn't this fixed yet? is this a serious question?
: I got suspended on PBE can i play real league of legends tho ? i think its a bug
just login 14 days after you were banned. GL. and i'm pretty sure your PBE account is linked to live, why don't you give it a shot
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: Suggestions if you want to make the Health Bars good-looking
I like them so far, at first it was weird to get used to but they are good
: There's an FPS drop after this morning patch
i'm usually gunning 60fps and even in teamfights it hardly dips below 50 if at all. I noticed this last patch as well though, it will go down to 10 fps and huge lagspikes can happen any time you use an ability
: Patching Issue
seems like it's been fixed by somebody {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Presence of Mind on Kassadin
wow, so you mean he gets a FREE DASH after _managing_ to get a kill????????? And that is a huge problem why?
: Toxicity and PBE Signups
the reason you want the requirements increased again is wayyyy different than the reason they reduced the requirements in the first place. You see, they need testers. Making it worse for everybody just so a group of people can't get in is just stupid, and counterproductive. This is a stupid change. You're here to test, not worry about how that one guy was mean to you. Just report/mute them and move on w/ your life. Yes, the recent level of toxicity is unreal, but it STILL doesn't matter nor does it warrant a change.
: Kleptomancy can be wasted on non-champions :(
easy fix, just be GP and use kleptomancy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Patching Issue
I have same prob, it goes up to ETA 11000 minutes and then says unable to patch. Windows 10 error code 003
: Manaflow Band is bugged...again
you've gotta understand that this is a beta environment. complaining about things that are bugged and getting "sick" of them is counterproductive. It's good and all that you reported this but honestly reporting it to their attention should be the first thing you do so it gets fixed faster, instead of slowly getting worked up about it. This bug subsection is here for a reason, for you to help them find bugs. It's not just some outlet that they corral you to so they don't get emails about it.
: Toxicity on PBE
it's been a thing ever since PBE went from closed w/ applications to mostly open


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