: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
I love rakan, he feels awesome. However, I hate xayah's kit. Full disclosure I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like she offers zero utility and all of her abilities just throw more feathers. Q and R are different ways to throw them, and W works with passive to get them out faster, along with being a decent steroid. But in general, she seems really uninteresting since she doesn't do much to interact with the feathers and offering no utility historically isn't healthy for ADC's to be viable, nor does it offer all that amazing gameplay. I.E. Kog'maw, vs Jhin, both deal damage, one has utility and interesting gameplay while the other is the turret. Xayah isn't nearly as bad as kogmaw to be fair, but she still seems like there really isn't all that much too her.
: Kha'Zix evaluation thread and thoughts.
I think the point is too counterjungle unseen... so making it camo makes it useless


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