: Ekko's R Bug
Same thing happened to me, and came here to ee if it was my issue or some bug. I even considered they might have removed it for some reason (weird tho). I leveled my R and nothing happened. Used it, and still no past-self. When it came off cooldown BAM, Past-Ekko was there! This was a SR 5v5 game.
: I agree. However, we usually get the new login screens as they first come out, I guess they didn't want us to preview the URF one and kept this one for a while.
He didn't get Teemo's. SO I guess PBE doesnt get Login Screens anymore. I believe there're more, but I dont really remember. SO I guess it would be cool to have a specific login screen. It's nothing gamebreaking tho, but would look cool.
: 4/9/2015 Instant Recall Exploit
Nice Find! Testes it in some champions and ir worked. {{champion:113}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} CONFIRMED
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: Introducing chroma packs!
I dont think I should create a topic about this. But would it be possible to put Dragon Fist Lee as 1IP ? I cant test Lee Chroma because I dont own the skin.
: Buying chroma packs
The Lee pack not being online already I found it ok, maybe they wold release them seperatly. The bug I meant was about the No-IP Option, which i hope is a bug. I really wanna test those, and the PBE moto is to have all new content in IP so, lets wait!
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: Nah, it's Headhunter Alkali, and it's [known](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/XWOULmpm-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-headhunter-akali?sort_type=recent&comment=0015) :3
I know about Akali but it was weird cause it happened to me mostly when I move to RekSai. Not everytime I saw RekSai i got BugSplat, but everytime i got Bugsplad, i was with Reksai on screen :/
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