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: TFT is now on live!!!
Not for all regions so don't expect PBE to be avalaible for the next 10h or so.
: I can't login until July 1st?
Not live for me so PBE will still be pretty tight until TFT is live everywhere
: TFT going into live. Will it be a problem?
Won't be an issue on live. It's an issue on PBE because the servers are not made to handdle a lot of people, but the live servers are so it will be fine.
: 2 Hour maintenance turned into 20 minutes?
I don't think there was one maintenance today. I didn't got any message about that like usually.
: I'm lossing my patience!
At this point they just don't care. It's been days that we report this mess.
: This is so unfair...
My time runs backward so I can't even hope to get in even if I waited for all eternity. I was at 5h of waiting, then I ate and when I came back I somehow was at 10h of waiting.
: 35 hours wait :D???
Oh my sweet child. 35h is barely the START of our punition. God has decided to punish us for our sins and trapped us in an escapable place. No help is coming. We shall all wait for eternity as the login queue become bigger and bigger until the end of times. Our very souls are doomed. (on a serious note : Today I have 9h wait only, and for the first time it stays consistent so MAYBE today I will managed to go in just 1h before going to bed, great)
: Help please!
There is no help in this forsaken land. God has abandonned us a long time ago. We are now all in Hell, condmaned to wait for all eternity as the login queue is infinite and even if you somehow managed to advance a little bit then a bug will put you back in your place. We shall suffer together, unable to reach the Heavens. So close yet so far. We sinners will only have blood tears and cries to keep us company as we wait in darkness, sorrow and sadness. And as we struggle, barely keeping an once of lucidity in this cruel madness, Riot is looking at us. Laughing. Laughing at us and our vain fight to escape our tourment. No help is coming. Ever. We are doomed.
: So... pbe login queue
I read somewhere on the forum that he got kicked overnight so it "seems" that they sometimes kick inactive players. But for each one that go out, there is 1000 that want to log in, so it's still insane.
: PBE Login Queue - Getting out of hand?
This is pure insanity. Total madness. Tried to loggin all week, managed once by pure luck in the first day, then never managed to log in no matter how long I waited.
: its probably resetting practice tool wich causes it
> [{quoted}](name=Ur Cute waifu,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=fTWebNwN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-11T21:46:37.476+0000) > > its probably resetting practice tool wich causes it Seems so. Tried again without reseting the game once, the bug didn't occurs.
: Gamebreaking bug with Qiyana (practice tool)
I didn't saw this topic before doing mine, but I can confirm that happens. Edit : Deleted my topic to avoid confusion.
: Live and PBE client open simultaneously?
I think that would be easily fixed if RITO wanted to to so. I hope they will.
: Caitlyn's Passive seldom works at double range with the trapped/netted units
: Ezreal's Q is one of the few on hit abilities that cannot crit at all and it's been that way since release. Also, the issue with his Q criting was that it gets too bursty (Similar to the old runeglaive Ludens AP ez).
That's strange then, I always noticed an increase of dammage when building crit. I must have overlooked something and I don't play him a lot so ....
: Ezreal Feels a bit Lackluster since he isn't terribly great with crit chance.
Was there a Rioter that said his Q should not crit ? I am 100% sur that it crit on live. I am not on the PBE now so I can't check his current state.
: Do you remember the Lost chapter set of items from Black market brawlers? now, with all the mana nerfs, is the perfect time to introduce these items into the real game, they each provided a fair amount of mana regen (on par with morrelos) and had fantastic passives that promoted playstyles therefore increasing diversity.
> [{quoted}](name=lmoffat1232PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=FRNZt6Mv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-31T11:33:31.895+0000) > > Do you remember the Lost chapter set of items from Black market brawlers? now, with all the mana nerfs, is the perfect time to introduce these items into the real game, they each provided a fair amount of mana regen (on par with morrelos) and had fantastic passives that promoted playstyles therefore increasing diversity. It would be great BUT I don't think they would do it because the AD items that were interresting in Brawlers are not there either. It's sad, but the items for pre-saisons are somewhat less original in the passive that those of the brawlers.
: Which is why I reported it - no one else seemed to be commenting on it (I think people are a little too obsessed with the ADC changes and not focusing on how everyone else is impacted by the mastery changes), so I reported it here and on a separate thread.
I think it is more like people are complaining about futur unbalance rather than on bug that would ultimately be fixed. The issue you mentioned is indeed very important to be reported so that I can be fixed but the AD issue is that it is not a bug but the "normal" thing that Riot implanted and that some people found very unbalanced. For the moment I agree with them, a large part of AP champ are falling behind way too much.
: Traps aren't limited to 3 for some reason, i've seen other caits get 4 although ive never done it. Range on passive apparently not working, netted a kog in lane multiple times then right clicked him and walked into normal aa range and got rekt by the AS.
Same problem with the range on passive. Cait walk to attack at her normal range, despite having range improved (the passive range indicator is shown correctly however)
: Not to detract from the anti-AD circle jerk, but I just noticed a game breaking bug - Thunderlord's Decree (one of the keystone masteries from the Cunning Tree) either has no internal cooldown or close to none. Something to keep in mind - Thunderlord's Decree has more damage and better scaling than a Luden's Proc, and you get it for FREE every 3 hits of a damaging ability. Champions like Kayle, Ryze, Cassiopeia or Katarina can endless spam damaging abilities until the cows come home and get anywhere from 2-4 procs of this mastery. This is either a gamebreaker or something that desperately needs to be patched before the mastery changes hit live.
That's a bug. The description in the Tree clairly state that there is a 30s cooldown. I didn't checked if this was reported here however.
: We made the indicator dark because we didn't want players to interpret the mark as a "keep hitting this guy" visual that most of our visual markers in the game do. MF's mark holds an extremely different meaning than all the other marks in the games as it is essentially an "anti-mark" (or there technically should be marks on every other unit in the game that is not Love Tapped but that's kind of silly). I agree we want to keep her a simple and approachable champion, but at the same time Miss Fortune has always been a tough champion to tune for higher end play due to her lack of mastery and depth. Love Tap is an attempt to introduce a hopefully simple concept that does have nuance to its execution so MF players who really invest into her can be rewarded for that.
I agree that adding a bit of complexity in an old champion is a good thing. But like I said in another post it just feel like that doesn't fit well the kit of MF or the vibe she send. That would work more on someone with an highter mobility than just a speed boost that can be canceled easily in fight combined with a low attack range. Just my impression though. Since she is supposed to be a sexy woman that seduce everyone I would have like something like you can make an allie champion fall in love for you, and he gains extra-dammage against the last opponent that hit you, and/or heals/shield you more or something on that line ... well ... maybe no. Sound too much more like a support passive maybe ? Anyways, just sharing my tought of last night. I know that you won't change a passive juste because one person have another ideas (or else you would change every champion each minute). Have a good day.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Love Tap is weird for me. Switching ennemies is maybe a nice idea but MF just doesn't have the tools for that in an actual fight. Sure it works with her Q and (I guess) her Ultimate but the bouncing of the Q is so much small that it rarely work against player with a brain. The W is fine I guess but I feel like it's lacking something. Feels just like another boost like we already have a tons of time in this game. The E is OK, it's great to be able to slow farther. Already saved me numerous times. The R feels more powerfull enough. I like him. If we speak about "Love" (tap) and MF being a sexy bimbo who made everyone fall for her I think we could find something else that is more fitting. Maybe around a mechanic of love-taunt like Ahri has but under some circonstances (and of course, weaker) ?
: Serious Discussion About Pre-Season Vision
Well, I think that the major issue is that after you have used your Ward, you must just wait for the CD. And it's pretty long. Your ward at the baron was destoyed by the ennemy team ? Suck it, you can't quick buy another ward and use it to see what is happening. I understand that Riot want us to be more responsible about where and when we put these Ward but I think this will lead to everyone using only 1 of the 2 ward, keeping the second one to emergency usage. And I don't even want to talk about Lee, Katarina and other people who use Ward as a part of their kit to engage / run away. Don't {{item:3070}} too much {{champion:64}} On the other hand, if all people use their 2 wards well in Lane, that could become a very hard time for the jungle to found a gank road. Especially bot lane with {{item:2049}} or midlane with both bushes warded without spending a single gold. PS : I didn't checked the lvl where you have 2 wards, so maybe this last point is not relevant if the level is hight enough and lane phase is over. I don't know how to balance this but I think something like this could be a nice start of reflexion : - Make Trinket work the same way than {{item:2049}} - This would need owerver to do something about the number of ward you can stack (2 would means more back in the early game, or no vision. But more could be broken I guess) or the time that they remain on the map.
: Concerned for AP based champs.
I usually don't buy mana pots at all so I don't think myself this is an issue, but I totally agree with what you said concerning RIOT that is "uping" AD champion to the sky, and bringing down AP to the ground and even below than that. This is just insane, AD have now ways to counter CC and Burst, which is easily 90% of what make the power of an AP, quite easily and early in the game without losing too much of the rest of what they need to be efficient. And like if it was not enough, they nerfed AP items and made Masteries build totally out of the mark concerning the AP players. This is not even unbalanced, this is pur madness.
: MAJOR: [Caitlyn] Cait loses Trap and Net headshot passives
Not quite exactly the same issue that some people have reported already on this tread but I will post it here. The passive for trap & Net still pop up normally for me, there is the range indicator and all, but although opponent is in the range Cait just walk to him and attack him with her normal range.


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