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: Can Ekko's R use grey health now?
Riot responded to a thread like this on the main boards, saying that he was actually the first champion concept to use grey health, but it was scrapped for being cluttered and mostly annoyed by play testers.
: Caitlyn is highly recommended to buy control wards
I also noticed this on Alistar, as Marauder Alistar if it makes a difference.
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: I don't think you know what game health means: Lower stealth duration early is healthier for the game because Shaco is a very toxic champion No box stacking is also healthier for the game because being one shot under a million jack in the boxes under the fear duration is not fun to play against nor fair gameplay Yes, the ultimate change is made to help his teamfighting Overall Riot wants to move Shaco as a tactical ability power assassin and away from attack damage since the AP build supports his tactical gameplay while the AD build does not, AD shaco is just someone that blink over a wall in stealth and one shots his victim with no time for them to react. Where as AP needs time to set up his master plan for his assassination, the only problem with AP shaco was box stacking which they fixed. **** AD ratio went down lower than the AP ratio, 100% and 100% to 90% AP and 85% bonus AD - base AD works for AP and AD builds - its so that the skill is linked to levels rather than its own rank, so you can leave it at one point the whole game and max boxes and Q. He gained another AP ratio on boxes, AP ratio on his Q that wasn't there before between 50% to 75% depending on backstab bonus for a 10% AP drop on E, and added another AP ratio to his ultimate. AP Shaco got buffed and AD Shaco got nerfed, Riot wants to encourage AP Shaco as they can support his tool and unique tactical assassination gameplay and AD is a toxic, split-push all day obnoxious gameplay. Also AP Shaco builds capped CDR which with the static 2.5 seconds CDR reduction heavily rewards a CDR build a lot more, AD Shaco doesn't build any CDR, and the cooldown reduction change for a higher base cooldown (lower cooldown overall if you build significant CDR) is to nerf his running away obnoxiousness so the ability has less running away and more chances to catch him out. So the changes are a buff to AP shaco and a nerf to AD shaco
Balance and health are not the same thing. These PBE changes balance Shaco more than some people see him as his live state, but they are not healthy for him. My point is that Riot is foregoing his flexibility in order to streamline him for AD assassin jungle play.
: > [{quoted}]The changes don't even make sense. The rank one damage is 5, and the rank 5 damage is less than half of live's value. The AP scaling is reduced too. They added a slow once again to force AD for auto attacks. They changed the bonus AD scaling to total AD, like I've said before, to force AD playstyle. The only difference between Total Attack Damage and Bonus Attack Damage scaling is that TAD includes AD you gain from leveling up. This causes E's damage to go up naturally as Shaco gains levels, freeing him up to put points in Q ^^
Sorry if I came across cross, was vent posting a bit. My point was that since more AD damage is being added to the E, it would be silly not to go AD to make use of the better scaling, correlating to the theme that AP is becoming harder to pull off and will become obsolete next to AD with the exception of dedicated players.
: Khazix shouldn't be able to go through the entire map without being seen by ANYTHING
His W on live already has a 100% AD ratio, they were reverting a nerf. They are nerfing his burst, he no longer get's any damage value increases for evolving Q. The changes to his ult are going to have him use Duskblade primarily, and it will be a prolonged playstyle centered around autos and his passive.
: Kha'Zix dmg nerf
The Q nerf is only to the upgraded version, the base unevolved values are buffed. He also get's 60% cd refund on isolated targets when you upgrade. His Q is going to be used primarily for duels and objectives.
: I actually like his passive, his q is not nearly as bad as you make it out (there is more than enough time even early. it's a freaking flash ffs), the boxes do disappoint slightly, but it teaches people to string them out into more elaborate traps. I agree largely on his E though. it feels very weak and unfufiling. Before it was this huge ap nuke, but now its kind of just an annoyance to help him poke or run faster. I'd swear its just for procing thunderlords. The boxes on ult need major work. Overall you act like Shaco was never leant towards being ad for half the skill and ap for the other half. He's always been in this weird place, and with current items he can do well.
I know, but despite his passive ending up as a nerf or buff, the fact that he is losing flexibility bothers me and it will bother others as well. It's narrowing his strengths for viability.
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: Except for the fact that fervor should only stack on champions
: Boy are you going to look dumb if there turn out to be any Kha'Zix bugs.
There are at least 3 right now.
: [Shaco] - Backstab generates Fervor of battle. Shaco can gain 2 stacks of Fervor by backstabbing any target (Minion, Monster, Champions) and it stacks infinitely. Repro steps: 1. Play Shaco with Fervor. 2. Backstab anything and gain them sweet fervor stacks.
This may be intentional. Kha'Zix has and still can proc two of TLD with his passive. Passive auto additions count as extra keystone procs I guess.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Kha'Zix will not refund CD on his Q if the isolation becomes active while in animation of the Q.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Kha'Zix still has [a pesky visual bug on his Q animation.](
: Shacos Jack in the Box messing with turret aggro
The tower also acts oddly if you have your ult die under tower and spawn the mini box triangle.
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: wait to say anything about aurelion sol being "OP"
He looked to be very undertuned and clunky at the moment (just played him). I don't think anyone will jump on the OP wagon just yet, at least until they make his starts do something.
: About Aurelion Soul
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: I'm not sure I agree that keeping his blades red is the solution, but I definitely think his R is a downgrade. I'm curious to know if there's any statistics on Kha'Zix's evolutions versus visual preferences, or whether everyone's rational enough to ignore such things.
True. I was just concerned because the original look outdoes the evolved. Red was only a suggestion :P
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: I'm fairly certain this is because the AA passive is no longer on Tiamat. If you check the tooltip it is gone entirely.
What he said. The cleave passive no longer applies to {{item:3077}} , and is only applied when upgraded to one of the Hydras
: Okay, looking at my post its a grammatic mess. To clear things: I meant the aoe part of Tiamat is gone. Second: The statement Get a kill and so on, i meant how kha zix should be. Right now (on PBE) hes: Get a kill --> Hope you can get a second one so you can actually do stuff
You shouldnt be able to get ahead that much off of one kill on any champion really. Two kills is what you need for a lead, otherwise it wouldnt be balance. Besides, I usually just gank top then immedeatly gank mid. There ya go xD
: Kha Zix Jungle might be a no go next season
Um, I play kha and can usually do gromp, red, wolves, blue, scuttler, and still have enough health for a gank. Have you tried the gold values after that clear? I'm also concerned about the tiamat change. If they reverted that, I feel he would be fine. He's going to have a few problems in the jungle without it, but it shouldn't be that bad. Other than a very small regen or buff or heal on his w, I dont think there will be any problems. Tbh the buffs to things like merc sword and maw should benefit him even more, and im looking forward to see what the new youmuus can do. It should be fine, and if not, just make this thread or more like it to let riot know.
: Well, you have the death dance that will be great on Kha and the changes on other AD items can be good for him too so I think he will manage to survive the preseason xD PD: What masteries where you using that game? Have you tried to use the Hunter's Potion?
Death dance was nerfed a bit on the passive, so its less % damage over a less amount of time The new mastery (the one that pretty much gives you {{summoner:6}} if you do 40% dmg) is going to be killer on him. As long as you arent chasing a graves, youll stick like glue.
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Graves can blind turrets from what i know, also i think turrets can get buffs if they kill you (not sure). Also, the ending victory/defeat screen is a bit buggy, and the framerate is off. I pretty sure this happens around walking past minions, although i havent tested it. I am sure tho that it is PBE and not my comp, as it doesnt happen on live. The framerate doesnt really change on the tooltip, it just skips around alot and is buggy sometimes.
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: Wait, does Riot really think ranged champions are the issue with Sated?
{{champion:10}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
: @Riot, is there any ranged jungle you wanted to hit OTHER than Kindred with the ranged only nerfs?
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: Purchasing Runes
Same as said in the other comments. Can't find it
: [Suggestion] Cheap runes for new player
Ooooh so that's why i couldn't get the rune bundle. It's disabled. Ya... i didnt want to buy any runes yet because they were so expensive. How long will the bundle be disabled?


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