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: Bug-Cham Thresh, some animations are "broken" when he picks up a soul in his clasical skin
Have you seen the videos? The animations of the original skins are bugged, if not.. why in the animations in championship skin that is more recent are fixed? This bug exist since that Riot put the new animations for the lantern when it absorb a soul. We can see a notable difference between the videos sorry for my bad english
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: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I think the warmonger skin need will more black and dark, is very different that the actually, and isn,t sinester sorry for my bad english
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I really think the warmonger skin see best if the skin will be more dark and black. sorry for my bad english
: Talon needs his silence.
I think if riot don,t like the silence, ok delete, but no change a silence of 1 second for a slow that finish in 0,25 seconds.... Talon need a buf in the skill "E" , actually is a hard nerf Sorry for my bad english
: PBE War Monger Sion
Hi Justleav, I think same of you, this problem is similar to the launch of garen dreadknight rework. Sion pre-rework had a armor very more black and dark, and her skin color although aren,t purple but are very more sinister. I really think this skin need a change. you can see the difference sorry for my bad english i am spanish.


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