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: What does 'maker her balanceable" even mean? She DID NOT have ridiculous win rates. So in answer to that they nerffed her R and arguably nerffed twilight shroud and passive.
In her current state, if Akali is on an even level with other champions she's overbearing and frustrating to fight. They have to keep her on the lower side of the power spectrum just so that Akali's binary playstyle doesn't completely crush people and make her pick/ban as a result. These reworks aren't about winrates. It's about game health. Akali running you down by spamming her ultimate and Q procs while sustaining herself via innate spellvamp just isn't fun to fight. These changes mean Akali has to work for her power a bit more and can't _afford_ to build tanky. These changes aren't going to completely fix Akali's feast or famine playstyle or her inability to do anything while behind. That's what her VGU is gonna deal with. These changes are the same as what Swain got; they're meant to be short-term fixes to put her in a mildly decent place until that VGU happens.
: Akali Rework
It's not a rework. It's a band-aid. They're short-term changes to hold Akali over and make her balanceable until she can get the complete overhaul she actually needs.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Honestly, I just have one bit of personal feedback. The dagger pickup effect is the same regardless of which ability generates the dagger. So with that in mind, wouldn't it perhaps just be easier to move that information to her passive? It just seems redundant having otherwise identical information on two separate abilities. Comparable to Illaoi's tentacles, which had the damage numbers moved from her Q to her passive.
: It was a magic damage amplification aura before - this version just explicitly states what it does now rather than having people work through the mental gymnastics of 'oh wait, it's basically a 1 to 25% magic damage amp on nearby enemy champions, depending on their MR and my level'. Basically, I agree with you that it's not ideal - but this is what the old item was doing.
Good point. I hope you guys can find something to do with this item in the future for a more long-term change. Since these changes are basically more consistent in comparison to the old iteration, do you expect to see this item in the midlane about as often as before?
: [PBE Support Itemization Notes - 6.22] Redemption, Knight's Vow, Ardent Censer, Crucible, Locket...
Honestly, probably the one single thing that really bugs me about this PBE release is the fact that Abyssal now has a magic damage amplification aura. Ever since the removal of DFG Riot has been seriously avoiding situations like that, where someone just suddenly gets more damage output (hey look at Tryndamere on that matter sometime, would ya?) for one unclear reason or another. Has Riot considered maybe turning it into something that works similar to Leona's Eclipse? Perhaps while in combat it could periodically release pulses that debuff enemies. Said debuff could be triggered by magic damage, thus resulting in bonus damage. Worth considering?
: %HP and Assassins
I think Fizz's W needs to be changed to have a much lower base %, but actually scale with AP. Because Fizz's W only scales with AP on the flat damage, while the missing % HP is entirely its own thing. Because it's a base damage with no scaling, Fizz can build whatever he wants and still hurt. That needs to change, ASAP.
: ? Have you tried thunderlords on {{champion:57}} , {{champion:111}} or {{champion:32}} ? It makes their damage sky rocket. In general that keystone is high damage and its already been nerfed.
I actually haven't seen anyone run Thunderlords on those three in particular. But I've seen it on AP Alistar.
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: I definitely agree there's something off-putting about her, especially her head/face. I also agree her splash art is fantastic, and I think it is very fitting, as opposed to the ingame model.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks so.
: I definitely noticed that too. Her splash arts are mind blowing, but in game the face is off-putting, the chin feels far too angular compared to the slash arts, and feels bloated compared to the rest of the body because of the smaller eyes it seems. I hope they tweak it a bit before release.
THANK YOU! So glad it's not just me. Her face just doesn't seem as.... "smooth" as Tristana's? Iunno, it's definitely off.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
A minor thing on my end; her eyes seem too small, making her face look too human-like compared to say, Tristana. Given the rest of her body, it's a little freaky. That or her chin seems too angular.
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: Smite bonuses for krugs and/or Red are way better for safety
Yeah, that makes sense.
: dont get me wrong. i wasnt implying that you build khazix tanky. its just that most squishy mele junglers seem to have the most benefit from that tree. getting the offensive items they need faster and easier
I see, I see. Well if you look at my conversation below, you'll see I actually managed a pretty good game with more offense-oriented masteries, thanks to changing up how I start and what I start with. Your page definitely has merits... I might make use of it in the future. I still have no idea what kind of mastery pages I might still be missing.
: You can all also afford to be a little more risky with a red side start
Really? What makes you say that?
: Safe enough to be CONDISTENTLY safe though? Not just got lucky this game?
Hmmm..... honestly, I'd say there's one thing I could've done better. I actually didn't smite Gromp right off the bat; I used it to execute. Had I started with Smite, the DoT- however minor for a low-health champ like Kha- would have made clearing Gromp a bit easier, giving me a smidge more health for the following camps. Given I could afford to make a flub like that, yeah I'd say it's good enough for consistent use. Of course it could depend on your leash I suppose; I had botlane Leona/Lucian leashing me.
: I understand that and that was my initial thought on Evelynn too, but after having so much trouble, I came to the conclusion that your extra damage is meaningless when you get set so far behind buying items because your clear is so unsafe and bad. Similarly, all the extra damage doesn't matter if your HP is always too low to gank. I WISH I could opt into the damage tree, but it's just sacrificing way too much. At least the combination of the regen masteries, talisman and Hunter's Potion really DOES keep your resources pretty well topped off, so the investment feels worthwhile
I actually just had what I consider an AMAZING Kha'Zix match, using only slightly altered Masteries (Feast instead of Double-Edged Sword, and Decree over Surge). What I had to do was take 3 red potions instead of the refillable (red lasts 15, refillable lasts 10) and start Gromp. I was still a little on the low side after finishing my clear, but I managed to complete it with... the safety expected of an assassin, to be honest. But it was safe-ish. I finished the match 14/6/6 with Legendary status. EDIT: And I just realized that despite my lackluster clears and personal KDA, I've won all but one of my Kha games during the Preseason testing.
: I played him cause of your thread in a custom game, 12-18 with Stormraiders Surge.. and started with Machete.. without help at bluebuff its quite hard to get, if you clear out the small one's to trigger your passive on Q its quite okay but you have to recall after or go for rift scuttler then you can go maybe another camp but red and blue buff without backing up is pretty hard. My final build on him was : Tracker's Knife - Warrior > Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Mortal Reminder > Deadman's Plate > Banshee's Veil and I dont struggle much.. clearspeed after Warrior Enchantment was completed is quite good and even better after Youmuu's.. finishing off enemy champs is quite easy with ult + Youmuu's especially if they are isolated.
Interesting. I'm glad to see it's not just me who's having a bit of a struggle with him going 12/18/0.
: what sonic suggested works OK. its a preference here, but i focus on jungle sustain in my masteries on almost every jungler that doesnt have solid sustain or speedy clear. imo its the safest and most reliable path. some things here i change from game to game, but the important things are the keystone mastery which gives you 300 bonus health after a couple clears, and all the health regen related stuff... and the masteries that deal bonus damage and reduce damage taken from monsters. i never have issues with a first clear this way. first i would try with machete 3 pots to get challenging/chilling and the extra sustain and dueling power they provide asap. if you are still having issues for some reason, buy the refillable and b after 3 camps for hunters potion. it will set you behind a little, but the amount of sustain it gives you helps you catch up
I see, I see. I personally don't like going tanky on Kha'Zix, preferring to build for as much offense as possible. But 3 health pots... maybe that will help.
: I go Evelynn who has similar HP problems in early clears. Might I recommend my mastery page: (Though I might go for Stormraider's Surge over Thunderlord's Decree on Kha) and go for a talisman over a machete. Try it out and let me know how it goes
I see, I see. My masteries are like this: [Since Kha'Zix is an assassin, I focused on offense]( That might be where my problem lies.
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: It got removed and is an enchantment again. Not sure why
Additional comments explain; it'll be next cycle.
: I'm all for this.
Glad this is getting some positive feedback.
: Yeah with that channel time it should be a no cost ultimate
They changed it to be 80/40/0 in the latest update.
: I kind of agree with this. With the Homeguard enchantment removed from the early game, specific team moves become a little harder to pull off. For example, the Top Laner (I'm thinking of Hecarim here) won't be able to Homeguard-TP into Bot Lane anymore to help gank the lane and snowball his teammates. Many great plays will be disabled from the early game. I would like to keep the Homeguard enchantment in the game, or at least give TP-users another option to swiftly and effectively intervene in team fights.
You kind of answered your own question. Homeguard is so good, especially in tandem with teleport, that it not only pushes out other enchant options but also exacerbates the issues with teleport. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Homeguard automatically given at 20 minutes? I don't see S@20 saying anything about it being removed.
: I actually agree with this idea, as a jungle tank player, Id like to have some additional utility before major teamfights, getting the ability to really ward up would make my life that much more influential over someone who's in the jungle to create kills for themselves
Glad you agree with the concept. It would also actually make Tracker's Knife capable of counterjungling in ways Poacher's isn't. Great for people who would rather have control and information rather than dueling or ganking power. Here's hoping it just wouldn't be so powerful it outstrips the other jungle items.
: you lose offensively smiting for wards. (wards are better for competitive but if you not to brawl early on the person with combat stats on smite will probably win)
The idea isn't meant for direct combat between junglers. Skirmisher and Stalker fill different aspects of combative smite. This idea is meant for utility smite. Which I'd arguably prefer because Tracker currently has no smite to its own whatsoever.
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: The biggest reason they might keep the names to not confuse people more. But i gotta agree with you my friend. Love the idea :D
Yeah, cause they've totally never changed a name and caused comfusio- wait, I hear something. It sounds like... Something along the lines of... Rat-tat-ta-ta! XP
: I feel like it puts it in a really good spot for certain champions, like Jax/Irelia, who benefit from the dual healing. Champs like Aatrox/Olaf/Tryn can build the new Mercurial Scepter, which with the added lifesteal is really gold efficient/powerful
What about those who rely on spells for damage, not autos? Kha'Zix, Zed, Talon, and the like?
: I feel the amount of projectiles that come out of the shot fun is way to much and the spread is to wide. I also felt his bullet charges procs to fast for any outplay to happen. As a tanky marksmen who has mobility and high burst I even played an assassin jungler (Rengar) and couldn't even combo graves out without being one shot by his combo.
Rengar is exactly the type of champion Graves is meant to excel against; all-in hard engage champions. You leap in on him, he turns you into hairy cat gravy.
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: Could twitch's ult 5 second timer not begin until the moment he auto attacks?
I think it's like that because it means you have to be smart about when and where you activate the spell. You're punished for mistiming it and pulling the trigger too soon.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
My one bit of feedback? Q should be named Collateral Damage now, and his ult should be End Of The Line. Besides End Of The Line sounding more like a big-hitting ultimate, it seems like the names would fit each ability. Q: An explosive AoE ability that damages multiple enemies, and instantly explodes upon hitting terrain. Sounds like something that would cause plenty of "Collateral Damage". R: A line skillshot that upon hitting an enemy or reaching max range, explodes in a high damage come. Y'know, reaching the "End Of The Line". So does it sound worthwhile, or should I show myself out?
: Its not the meta so much as her superior itemization VS every other ADC. Bork and PD have been buffed, and she's the only ADC that prioritizes them over the nerfed IE.
Really the ability to do so much damage through pure attack speed is one of her biggest problems.
: Seriously? Such a stupid suggestion. Maybe it's time to finally buff other adcs instead of nerfing them all? Vayne is only good because of the tank meta and because all other adcs are nerfed to the ground. She is the same as she always has been.
Why is it a stupid suggestion? Rather than insulting the idea, say why it doesn't work, and maybe what could be done to make it better.
: ...why not just change the effectiveness of on-hit effects on her, making them occur once every two or three auto attacks?
Because Silver Bolts already procs every third auto, and making on-hit apply only ever few autos would require a lot of very technical programming specific to her.
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: This is the solution i thought the day new devourer was released... xD
Honestly I feel the Attack Speed actually needs to take a hit as well. Shyvana, Warwick, Yi, even Nocturne; every champ that builds this item reaches downright disgusting levels of DPS and/or sustain.
: Welp, they decided to do both. Rip devourer.
: Lowering the base damage would negatively impact clear and gank potential for devourer users directly after purchase. Essentially forces 2-3 extra autos per clear. This nerf allows the lower scaling while preserving the initial efficiency of the item
It still seems unnecessarily awkward with numbers and gains, honestly not unlike the recent Juggernaut reworks. What's wrong with keeping it clean and simple? The other items manage clears well enough.
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
I think Fiora's model and and splash should be modified to match her appearance in her Lunge icon; that outfit looks less bland.
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the VU. I mean in terms of quality upgrade it looks **MUCH** better, but in terms of its individual quality, it's just.... eh. It seems so "simple" really; he's bare-chested with armor on his shoulders and forearms, with some sort of metal-lined skirt. Kassadin isn't just someone who entered the Void and survived; he's a vanguard. His goal in life is to protect and defend Runeterra from the Void no matter the cost. Bare (lightish-blue) chest and skirt does not come off as someone who's preparing for potential war against an inter-dimensional threat. On a more minor note, the lack of variance in his auto-attack animations is also kind of lackluster. Looking at new champions and recent VUs with multiple methods of attack, Kassadin's options essentially being "back and forth" just seems to really fall short.
: Alistar tramples onto the PBE!
Base Alistar and Unchained Alistar really don't look that different. I think while this update is going on one of them could use some changes to be a bit more unique. Maybe make Alistar look a little more pinkish like in his splashart?
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
Dragon needs work. Some champions can actually solo it now, as low as level 4. Udyr, Warwick, Vi, etc. That's a real problem in my opinion. It doesn't make Dragon feel like a really powerful monster, and it means you need to be crazy paranoid about making sure Dragon isn't taken super early.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
So far I think sustain champs are overpowered. Warwick should not be able to solo dragon at level 4. Also, I think the "smite bonus" bit should be reverted; it just feels like no matter what you do you're wasting Smite because you can't get everything, even when you might really need them.
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
Not so much a gameplay comment but a comment about the MTU; I noticed that you guys left her tail alone. With her new model and colors her tails.... "lackluster" animation is really highlighted. I recall reading that after working on Vel'Koz and his tentacles you guys had ideas for how to use that intel to work on Cass' tail. Is that going to be looked into anytime in the near future?
: Kha identification change?
So I feel a little bit stupid because apparently this already passed through to live, but I'm still giving a bump because I want to hear about this.
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