: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
On the PBE Zeds ult Death Mark no longer mentions a .5 seconds delay before he can swap back, that delay however still seems to be in the current build, any context?
: [Link](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/EYekhTA6-all-you-need-to-know-to-about-linking-your-pbe-account-to-your-main-account).
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
Absolutely love the skin Flan! I'd agree with most comments here saying that the color shades of the body and the golden parts should be a bit more similar to the splash art. Wouldnt be that much of a problem either way though. However the thing that concerns me the most is the missing glow in his eyes like in the splash, i'd be really happy to see something done there. best wishes :)
: by the way it is worded here I'm going to assume we won't be able to keep the bilgewater music after the event :C ?
Outrageous! I really, really hope Rito will let us chose the music post-event. How dare they to look down upon this majestic part of Bilgewaterian (Bilgerwatern' ?) part of culture?! Best wishes, Skumbag Piratelz {{champion:41}} Yar har har
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
> UNIQUE Active - Disguise: Teleport to ally and take on their appearance for 30sec. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the deception. (90sec CD) woah 2 shens?!
: Sounds like this is going to be an awesome featured gameplay mode. And I too would like to know if some of these items could make it into regular Summoner's Rift because they seem really well done and it would be a shame to waste them merely on a featured mode. They have so much potential.
+1 fully agreed. They look so nice and some of these sound quite cool, lets hope they might play with the idea of adding atleast one or two of them to the regular SR.
: Bard, more simple
Do you mean a arrow indicator like on the Thresh lantern, just for Bards portals?
: Zed Ult Change
Im surprised that this change went completely undocumentated. Judging from the lack of prior communication from Riot (ie. "We have a nerf prepared for Zed"), I conclude that this change is unintentional. :)
: SSW Rengar
All SSW skins are unavaible right now.
: Mejai ap value
You get 8 AP per stack. 1x8 2x8 3x8 ... 20x8
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: Poor Zadd ;_;
Good to know that I wont have to waste money for this ultimate skin :p
: I never said anything about it being on Sion level. I expected something of Heimys level, but whatever. I just remember you guys always telling us about cohesive gamedesign, visually and gameplaywise. (I repeat myself: half naked floating dress with horns). I also remember someone saying once that the ChampUp team was there for getting the ugly (Hi, Urgot.) out of league, but whatever. "Knowing that this was more of an MTU scope: How does your opinion now stand?" I still dislike the fact that he has to wait even longer for a full VU but as long as he recieves one sooner(tm) or later, i have hope.
Nah, that was pretty much it for Kassa, they wont touch ever again.
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: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
For what it is (a half-hearted MTU) it looks great! Does it change that Kassadin needed a VU? No, he was probably one of the best opportunities to create a awesome VU and you threw it away, I hope you're satisfied with your doings, because as a main who played this champion for over 4 years now, I am not.
: Kassadin's Nether Blade Activation Noise Procs With Every Autoattack
: Some of the other changes we're experimenting with can assist in the "carry potential" of individual players - for example some of the changes/buffs to Mejai's and Sword of the Occult. However, at it's core League is a team game. That's the core experience, working together with other players to achieve a shared objective. I don't think the changes overall push League more or less in that direction, I think it'll stay pretty consistent with how team focused the game is currently.
I hope these two items stay the high risk high reward snowball items they are, really looking forward.
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
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: Galatic Renekton
I disagree, Galakton always was my favorite Renekton skin due to the crazyness which get expressed in his eyes and mimic, therefore im quite happy to see him getting updated more to the originals skin & splash, it also fits him way more.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shurima Wards!
Hi Katey! The skins are really cool, especially the Ranmus one, i have a little request however: could you add a quick, highpitched "OK!" Sound when placing the Rammus ward? :)
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: Maybe don't decrease the base values of q and e any more >_>...from 280, if i remember corectly, to 180 now on pbe and you want to reduce them even more. He will be so weak on the lane if he can't poke and have to go melee without the sillence. A mages damage in early game comes from his spells base values mostly... I don't agree with the changes on pbe now. Like you said his ultimate is like Akali's and with much lower cooldown...and its damage scales with mana? seriously?
Hmhm, I definitly understand what you say, however I actually reduced it to shift more power to his W and make it a powerful nuke. My Key problem with his current Q/E is that he just can almost 50% an enemy with it (well good for me as a Kassaplayer :p) but not that fair. However since his silence is gone I think I'd reduce his manacost/cd, to make it less powerfull but more frequently. :)
: i don't understand why they always ban him. i usualy bet him with Fizz and Pantheon i don't like the changes too. I like the W but not the other changes The passive is also too powerful. Both Kassadin and Fizz ignoree unit collision: Kassadin take -15%magic damage while fizz some very low physical damage and only from AA. Not balanced That's the reason he's not scaling MRxLevel anymore but i didn't like this solution.
Yep, most AD Champions (and Fizz due to his E) are quite effective against Kassadin, and they will even be more because of the fact they removed his silence. On the passive: I think it fits his theme as an Anti-Mage fairly well, keep in mind that he only takes reduced **magic** damage from his passive and Q shield allowing him to still stomp most of the Mages. The unit collision was a make up for the removal of the Autoattackspeed, which i personally prefer. :)
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: (Suggestions) Clarity/Surge - Ranked
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: Problems with connecting to the chat
Can confirm, happened to me too, not beeing able to reconnect
: There's a couple fundamental flaws with the support items right now - the changes to the support items recently are not intended to fix them - but merely clean them up and offer a bit more variety. We can't realistically make them parity because of a lot of factors (less AP supports / Haste active / etc.) We have some long term plans for this item line that we're working on - but along the way we discovered some fun mini-game cleanups and that's why we shipped the changes that we had in 4.3. We're aware that this isn't a long term thing - but we're trying to work on some more fun stuff for AP support.
A little OT and I dont know who to contact for that, but the Kassa changes on PBE right now crash the game. Could you pass that message on?
: Bug: Game Crash with Harbinger Kassadin
: I am having the same issue. It is saying that it is missing the assets for kassadin. I was using the Festive Kassadin skin and the loading screen image was blue. Unsure about the other skins. Im currently repairing my client to see if that fixes the issue.
Tried with Harbinger Kassa, game crashes in loading screen.
: I had the same problem in creating a custom game, only now the game is stuck at a reconnect screen after crashing, despite how disconnecting from a custom game usually just boots you to the lobby.
For me it helped waiting a couple of minutes, after that I got booted back :)

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