: To my knowledge the replay system wasn't working properly and they eventually took it off The PBE. That was a month or so ago. Have you actually watched a replay recently? If so, where are you finding the UI for the replay system?
No, I haven't used the PBE Client for quite some time now. But I remember back at the start of season 4 I tested some stuff on the PBE and one of the things was the replay system - it seemed to work just fine at that time.
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: It's fine. The thing is that Shop is actually placed on the top side of the base. If they want to make the area equal for all directions Riot will need to place shop in the center of the spawn area. If they made area equal without changing place of the shop that wouldn't make sense at all.
Imo the main priority shouldn't be if it makes sense or not. It is not "fair", that bot-lane can only buy in such a small area and it would be a quality-of-life change. Noone would care about it, if the vendor would still be in it's old place but the buy-zone would be evened out so it covers all the fountain-stairs-area.
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: Melee champs and Minions do no damage to inhibs
Just played a bot game myself (Custom Game) and experienced the same thing. I played as Vi and wasn't able to attack either Inhibitors nor the Nexus.
: The smart cast toggle does not work for trinkets
: teambuilder allowed that every one is on the midlane
I'm pretty sure, the part with everyone going onto the same lane is intentional. http://www.reignofgaming.net/news/26009-updated-unofficial-pbe-patch-notes-for-10-15-2013 When you scroll down to the part regarding the team builder it says ... "***1) Won't this enforce the meta?*** *a) Team Builder is all about introducing a new, cooperative Champion Select where players can agree to a strategy and team vision before entering a match. Players in Team Builder will be able to outline a strategy they are interested in playing, and the system will find teammates that share that vision. Feel like playing a double jungler strategy or want to send 5 players down the mid-lane? No problem. It might take longer to find 4 other players willing to try a crazy strategy but when you do, you'll know the entire team is bought in and you're going to have fun.*"
: [Bug] New Rune Pages Inserted in Weird Places
: Combat Text, Ceremony, and Particle Changes!
- Level-Up Ceremony: looks pretty cool, I like it - Potion Particles: looks pretty cool, I like it - Last-Hit Ceremony: Dislike on the sound part. I don't know exactly why, but I liked the old last-hit sound much better. Maybe just got used to it. - Revive: Didn't try it yet.
: [Officer Vi] - Permanent flashing lights after ult is cancelled
I can confirm this bug. I casted Officer Vi's ult on a target which ported back to base before I reached it which canceld the ult. The flashing lights animation however lasted til the end of the game (even through death).
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