: A thing that can help is in the report, you could provide a gyazoo of some of the things they said. It helps make things a bit easier. You need to run border-less window though to gyazoo ingame
ok i dont understand, what is gyazoo but i will translate it, in google, anyway thanks man
: Don't post pictures; name calling is forbidden here, and won't work anyway. Instead, report him ingame (send a support ticket if it was in the chatroom) and get as many people as possible to report the person as well. Also; describe *WHY* you reported him. Then just put him in your blocklist and move on. PBE is a zero-tolerance environment and Riot is our Tribunal here; they look at all cases personally and it doesn't take much to perms-ban someone.
amy when i report him they see the case? or not always? and iff i send the ticket i can add a picture or no?
: racist people on pbe
iff someone wants to help uploading the picture just say, i cant post it, dont know why.. lol
: racist people on pbe
we are here, for co-op with the game, and search bugs and testing the new features not for flame, or racist comments.
Rioter Comments
: Thanks for accepting more newbies! It wasn't easy to spread information about PBE to them so some of us worked extremely hard but it was worth. Now we can see Public chat full of discussions and queue times improved. :3
Hate that pro comments, "newbies" you started as a newbie right? and who care's? dude.. come on.. just do your job and test. and let the other's test.


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