: What's "Lifetime Upvotes"?
I don't know either but could you tell me the meaning to your name :)? im intrigued xd
: Are you aware of our already existing PBE discord?
Nope could u tell me please xD?
: Skins and rp
Omg boo hoo honey I truly think Riot Banfhammer should ban your account or just delete it straight up because everyone is happy with what they get and yet your here being ungrateful as hell saying u want more...? man just don't use the pbe if ur ganna complain Riot dont make profit by giving us the PBE cuz we get free stuff what they do get is feed back from a great community which u are making look bad right now so take your girly ungrateful 13 year old personality and dont come back.
: Down for more than 2 hours.
Why not go to bed right sleep wake up then play xd
: depends what rank you are and if you can carry me up
For you I'mwhatever rank and I'll carry you to rank 1
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
Banfhammer... Will you marry me ? {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Stop with the "cough cough". It's not 2000 anymore. And i didn't say COMPETITION. Learn to read. I said FUN. It is meant to be FUN.
Listen my dearest player. shut up its pbe for testing not having fun ? do u think finding bugs is fun ? here go find all the bugs kk thnx bye end of
: How is banning a champion in CHAMPION SELECT BAN PHASE count as being toxic ? Need i remind you that even on PBE, before testing champions, skins and everything else there is to test, first and foremost this is a game and games are supposed to be fun ? If you or someone else is not having fun while playing, even here on PBE, then they will be frustrated all game and they won't pay attention. So if that guy didn't feel comfortable playing against elise, therefore he wouldn't have fun, he is toxic ?
Cough cough you are right its PBE :) but its for TESTING,IMPROVING not COMPETITION. COMPETITION is for LIVE SERVERS basically if you get frustrated at pbe games u got a problem. and if that guy wanted to play elise the person should not have banned her.
People like you only know pbe for "rp and skins" not testing and improvement.
: Crazy Amount of Dodges on PBE
Or if u dodge non stop to many times in a way ur acc gets banned or suspended.
: BE
Rp is in the RP with the little fist bump and BE is the new version of IP ( u buy champs and runes with it etc etc ) its not hard to differ them...
: PBE still on maintenance?..
There was a maintenance earlier now there is another its 2 different one :)
: dude.. pbe skin's r free
Yeah you're right its free on pbe not live servers we dont get them for free on live we get them on a test server to send FEEDBACK about the skin, find bugs and to improve the skin to make them get profit. EDIT : btw where is ur proof u been on since 2015 cuz I looked at your acc history and u joined 8 days ago.
: I dont think its a bug {{summoner:3}}
Yeah upon reading a few post I saw that riot said they wouldn't be bringing back old skins and would rather look to make other skins :) sry bud
: Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy
So far I haven't got any crashes while playing annie ^_^ hope this is useful in a way
: Death Sworn Katarina Animation
Hey a few weeks/days ago riot did a post about how they wont be taking anymore katarina death sworn feedback :P you should look for the post and read it
: PBE Rp and BE
Hey :) it was changed for everyone because with the infinite RP people would just buy everything at the same time and it would make the shop lag i think and it made it crash so they removed it and made it 8000 to stabilize.
: dissatisfaction with this update, insatisfação com o patch de hoje, desconformidad con el parche
If you give riot time they will fix it... its a bug man they cant instantly fix it if they see it...just give them time
: About RP
If they refill with 100,000 RP the shop will get bugged because many people will buy skins at the same time.... i think 8000 is good ur meant to buy the skins and test for bugs not worry about skins if they give 8000 just be happy because your lucky to have the pbe client anyways
: BE and RP
Hello as other post about this issue has been said :) u should read them before spamming out the boards with the same topic Riot have given 8000 rp for a reason because when signup opened people spammed the shops buying everything and anything they could and made the shop bug thats why riot has given 8000 rp so we can buy it little by little and test it properly daily and it will reset everyday at maintenance
: why are there so many trollers and flamers?
As I said many times on other post about this topic ahaha with the pbe signups it invites almost everyone because honor 3 isnt that special and most people in bronze who has a horrible stingy attitude of : if i dont get my role ill int or if someone feeds ill flame get to join the pbe servers
: PBE suggestion:
Very good idea you want to make a button like with chest u can open alot at a time but u want to make disenchant :P nice one man hopefully riot go throu with ur idea
: Lack of RP
1st. I'm sorry if I sound "mean" but its the truth PBE servers arent meant for you to show off that you can buy skins right they are meant to test 8k rp is alot per day :) even if u get 8k rp per day you should be happy okay ? i know for a fact u don't play all the champs in 1 day im pretty sure so get a few champs a skin for each of em and just test not come here and sayin u lack rp 2nd. You should read the daily pbe status on the boards which are pinned and look like this : UPDATE PBE FRIDAY 20/10 they do this everyday to keep us in formed of the new content they add.
: When will the rest of the Store's skins be back for sale?
Nope riot have said this multiple times they dont plan on bringing back old skins they only want to release new content
: Im Really laggy On The PBE!!!!
Hey OFC your lagging buddy you're from Ireland playing on a NA server but yes you might lag i play on 300 ms PBE and 230 on live euw servers but since i play on such high ms im used to this :P like riot said nothing can be done about the lag since its better for them to stay in 1 place to do updates daily and maintain the servers
: Bug Splat
Its most likely a bug avoid going into the Practise tool rather do a custom.
: RIOT wtf guys ?
Just wait a while it should come up lad ^_^
: I hate your name so much, but i love your post thank you. Its a BETA server not a "Free stuff!" server. Access is so as many people as possible can use the stuff IN BETA before it goes live and hopefully find game breaking bugs (like Dark Star Varus. Or SG Udyr erasing games from existence.)
I main jungle and my name reflects off what every game is like for me.
: Death sworn katarina
Yeah most likely a bug :)
: Champions cost their real price
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/gMnP2WiB-1019-thursday-pbe-status-faq You should read this it will explain everything that riot are doing and you should prolly read the daily changes like yesterday they said about the champ pricing : "We will change the prices and make it the same as North America live servers " the reason being the store always crashes if they make everything free of 1 be or something like that
: Ok, i had no idea where to post this because its all over the damn place....
Dear player, Riot have been working as hard as they can to provide us with the spicy content and booty poses on the new skin for katarina...With the revert of runes riot has given the players 20000 BE to buy back all the runes i mean no big deal ? RP and BE are reset every day their time so you can buy things daily and you shouldnt be here showing them hate you are a tester its a test server to make the game better if your going to come angry and etc then you just shouldnt play on the test servers... show feed back be positive not negative and write in anger... Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why i need buy champs
Because they are free to play not owned.
: Game no longer opens at all
No atm but before yes if i was u just delete everything and reinstall that is what i did and it worked {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Pax and old skins will be back?
Riot banfhammer the main pbe support guy idk lol but he stated that they dont plan on bringing back old skins and only want to make the new content :) have a nice day goodsir
: Yes... a lot to do... riot should invest in pbe, but they don't have profit with 100% free server.
In a way they do profit considering if the skins they make are good they make profit off that, at the cost of a few extra little helpers :)
: DJ Sona is crashing the game
Well this might not to to useful but maybe if you take a screenshot to try and show more info about whats going on that will make riot understand more but for now try to stay away from dj sona till its fixed :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: PBE Feedback 2
It's not only NA :( I'm from EUW and ill gladly open my heart to you {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: things being regular cost as on live server
Like @PAMIR 57 said it was done to stabilize the servers after everyone purchased everything and it was done so you could test little by little since RP would reset daily :) i mean 8000 RP should be enough for a day dont you think ? goodluck on the rift xd
: masteries poits more than 30 ?
It may just be a bug... riot will probs fix it
Rioter Comments
: Why so many dodgers?
Ever since the new Requirement / level 3 honor etc... it's easy to get it and considering even toxic people can get it most players aren't the kindest getting autofilled will usually lead to them: 1.Banning the champs of the person who got their lane just to make them dodge or them tilt . 2.Saying this :"Can we swap please"? and if no is the answer then expect to go throu tons of dodges because if someone dodged then expect other team or ur team to have a player who didnt get their role which will most likely lead to a chain of dodges . sadly :( but oh well it's a small server which riot are trying to maintain with all they can ahaha
: There are good skins people cant test
It may just be a bug, Riot should be fixing it soon thou because i've read post about several other skins missing don't worry it should be there soon hopefully.
: old runes cost so much on pbe still
Hey the runes do cost alot but there should be around 50? odd chests in ur loot page which are just pure champs which u can disenchant for BE which can then be used to buy additional pages for runes and other runes. VOTE ALWAYSBLAMEJUNG 2k17 Rito PBE supp xd
: Hey, we know there is pain around new runes being disabled, and old runes being enabled. We are going to grant 20,000 BE into each account as a **one time grant**. Please use this to fill out some basic rune pages, we will not be doing this grant again. For those players that create new accounts, our new account script will grant 20,000 BE one time only also. The 20,000 grant should hit accounts in the next half hour. For more context on disabling the new runes please see this discussion https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/aKjTkBmH-runes-reforged-and-rune-page-limits-testing The following is the most relevant bit. > ~10/13 - As long as we get enough days on PBE with the 2 page iteration, we’ll be moving forward with a 3 page iteration to see the effects of increased pages on either Friday, October 13th or Monday, October 16th. On 10/19, we’ll be turning off Preseason changes again to ship 7.21.
Hey what if some people didnt know the old runes would be back and thought 20,000 be was just a bug and spent it all xd? what will happen then
: Downloading pbe
Hey this may help also, While your asleep just leave ur client open and it will update {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Ward Skin
Or as JohnDoesPBE said it may just be a bug and riot will fix it today surely... just give it some time
: Toxic players and PBE
So true :/ I made my pbe acc a while ago and im already getting people telling me to "kys" and "ill rape ur family" like tf is this?
: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
Hey Riot Banfhammer I and the community want to thank you for all the work you have put into making the PBE client better :) E.g fixing bugs etc... So thanks alot! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Toxic player
man that isnt called flaming its passive aggression flaming is what i got when a player told me i should cut my hands / slit my throat and go die... and that he would rape my family thats flaming...
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