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: My Jhin nerfs, but I also like the idea of Jhin being catered more towards as a utility marksman
: Mate. . . fuck you :) If you wont to reply something betther then do that.
lmfao the rage is real get out kid
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Ezreal!
Here are my opinions on Arcade Ezreal: What should be tweaked: - His Q and W animations. It looks kinda weird that Ezreal still has the bow animations even though he doesn't have one, as his Q and W are more like Pulsefire's cannon where he shoots things with it. Maybe just remove the right hand moving asset so he's no longer using a bow, just like how you removed Ace of Spades Ezreal's animation where he removed his glasses. - His legs. They look quite thin. I have already made another post in Champions & Gameplay Feedback, but I wanted to make another one in this thread for more visibility. Basically, his legs look super thin, like they were sticks and it's really sticking out with the big shoes. Maybe make them a bit larger and it would be perfect :) - His face. It looks a bit weird. He looks a bit chubby in my opinion. The perfect thing would be to make it a lot more like Debonair Ezreal who has the best face among all Ezreal skins. Otherwise, the skin looks very great! Keep up with the good work Riot :) And thank you for giving us a non 750 RP Ezreal skin :D
: Here is a change you can do for Sivir
The attack speed from Ricochet and the AD ratio on Ricochet is getting nerfed.
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: Context on Trinity Force changes?
Basically a big "fuck you" to Gangplank and a big hello to Ezreal
: Against Triforce Change
: The point of this is to make her feel better to play, not buff her (even if it clearly is a small buff). Calm down bro.
Meanwhile, Ezreal players had to deal with his W which also feels mega bad to use for almost 4 years. But hey Jinx players couldn't handle a slower rocket without at least one stack of your passive for a few patches so let's buff her!
: Jinx Rocket AS changes in testing
Why would you buff Jinx? She's already sitting at a 52% winrate with a decent 10% playrate i Ranked Platinium+ There is no reason to buff her. There are other ADCs who could use the little touch (Corki, Urgot, etc.)
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: URF Lucian
"lucian is op in urf because he spams spells" Well no shit Sherlock.
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: Removing the delay would mean infinite healings for darius,we would not like that
Well, reduce the delay then. Something like 0.25 would seem fair in a gamemode where most champions have their dash and stuff in less than three seconds.
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: Nidalee R + root changes thoughts. From a Diamond Nidalee main.
Good. No one likes it when Nidalee is viable. Downvote me all you want Nid mains, you know it's true.
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: Once again Riot nerfing the champion and not the items
Except he is currently the only top laner massively abusing Corrupting Potion and Sunfire Cape (as Zz'Rot Portal is picked up by every top laner so it will surely be nerfed soon). I don't see why we would nerf the items when only ONE champion is abusing them (the only other abusers I can think of are {{champion:54}} and {{champion:78}}, but they aren't the best examples of balance right now).
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: This post is more for the Live boards.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Red October,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=HH0kyvNs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-02-14T17:56:55.308+0000) > > It's not fun when you fight against her though. She gets cooldown reduction and she will become harder to catch than LeBlanc. And another problem is that his scalings are ridiculous too. His Q either becomes a harsh fucking harass every 2 seconds or it becomes a pea shooter. Ezreal becoming full AP and then using her upgraded flash ability is annoying too, because the flash has a 75% AP scaling and with 45% cooldown, it has around 4,7 cooldown. 4,7 cooldown for an ability which is essentially a flash that hits people. Your pronoun usage confuses me greatly.
: You can W yourself so it gives as to you, you can also use it to buff your teammates so it isn't really useless
One good change would be to give him the Attack Speed Buff as soon as he casts it instead of having to E into it.
: Lucian's nerfs
They changed the AD scaling from 25% **Bonus** AD to 15% **Total** AD, so only his Rank 1 ultimate will be weaker. Because right now, it is stupid as fuck.
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: You're building him wrong, obviously, same goes for you, Ezreal Wright. {{item:3158}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3036}} -or- {{item:3033}} {{item:3153}} I ALWAYS use this build on him. ALWAYS. I rarely lose with him. Sometimes I swap the {{item:3153}} with {{item:3026}} / {{item:3170}} / {{item:3512}}{{item:3157}}. You can't go flat AD ezreal anymore. It's not powerful enough compared to the new adcs, but with this build, you get supreme lifesteal AND spell vamp, have decent cdr, armor penetration, and depending on what you get, bonus armor and mr, AP, stasis, and others.
I never considered Hextech into my build... Maybe I'll start doing it now.
: [FR] [Syndra de l'Atlantide] Ulti trop peu visible
Le son, tu vas entendre Syndra gueuler comme une folle lorsqu'elle le lance donc on s'en fout un peu haha. De plus, l'eau, ça fait moins de bruit que des boules d'énergie obscur :^) Et les effets me semblent très visibles. Je ne vois pas de quoi tu parles.
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: Ezreal Feels Weaker Than Ever
I main Ezreal, and I also feel he is weaker than ever in this patch. - The game being built around crits really hurt Ezreal as he doesn't scale well with crits at all. - Essence Reaver isn't even a good buy on Ezreal since it requires you to buy crit to use it at its maximum potential, thus hurting Ezreal as he doesn't synergize with crits at all. - Games are ending in 20 minutes by complete stomps. This game has become WAAAAY too snowbally right now. And even if Ezreal manages to win his lane, he is NOT a hypercarry and his powerspike is around 20 minutes. - Plus, his powerspike got nerfed too rofl. Triforce is more expensive, Manamune is more expensive, Essence Reaver is useless unless you got other crits items (so 3600 + 3800 = 7400 gold). Even his botrk Muramana powerspike got nerfed since Manamune AND BoTRK are more expensive and BoTRK got nerfed. Seriously, at this point, I don't even think giving him back the attack speed slow on his W is going to break him anymore rofl.
: They took the servers down for Maintenance.
So, all the games in the process will be cancelled?
: Yes. its the same process when they do the LIVE patch update. Any game in progress will be consider DRAW and no stats will be recorded
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