: same here http://tinypic.com/r/984i9z/9 http://tinypic.com/r/293xg5w/9 as you can see there is a total of 8 akali skins in the game not counting the classic and in the champion tab if you go to skins the circles that indicate the amount it goes to 8 but counting the standard one which means on is missing its as if the skin doesn't exist. i just sent a bug report i suggest you do the same and i guess we wait for a resolution.
: Showing old Akali abilities
Riot has not been putting these in PBE as soon as release because they are not needed. People need only see these in the Collection when they have limited currency. In PBE, there is no such thing. Also, most people read up on it mid-game or use the Practice Tool or Custom Games.
: Akali E Broken?
It was meant to be this way. Of course, this clip shown is taken to the extreme! No champion can make that amount of distance between each other at all! I believe that the teleport thing you mentioned will be removed.
: how are you standing on the enemy fountain without dying from lazor beemz
Disable tower shots.
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: Zoe Teaser Fixed *HeadPhone Warning*
: Huge lag in pbe
It's PBE. There's a high chance that you will have lots of lag since there aren't many servers for this to run on. Another problem could be that someone from another region was playing in the same game. Generally, the lag is transferred to all players in that game.
: How can this be in PBE?
I am unsure if this works the same as LIVE boards, but you should cross out the names under the rules of "name and shame". You could be temporarily banned from the boards.
: Thank you, Riot.
Its really hard for me to look for bugs on PBE, along with the fact that I cant play everyday. So therefore, by your words, I deserve to be kicked out, since I cant really find anything. Not very nice.
: Rakan Bug - Batlle Dance(E) stacking twice
Isnt the cooldown too long for this to be happening anyway?
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: so estamos perdendo rp e essencia azul e n coseguindo o campeao
Tienes RP y Essencia sin limite.
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