: practice tool dummy spawn break bug
I think you don't need to do all this. I just reset the game once and then i couldnt spwan enemy dumies anymore.
: You no longer get Trinket automatically after leaving base.
: firstly, its because they are different champions, hence, different strengths, and i believe it does proc thunderlord's (it did when i played her)
It 100% doesn't. Most of the times when you directly W a target you throw in an auto mid W. Try to W next to your target, wait the 1.5 seconds and then throw in a Q. Or simply throw a chain at them. The chain is a 2 part ability and with your passive there are three damage instances but it doesn't proc Thunderlords. Like I said I'm 100% sure that it doesn't.
: It does proc.
Tested it, it doesn't. You were probably autoing in between her W frame :)
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
**Hey 20thCenturyFaux!** As a LeBlanc (almost) one trick I was happy to see some changes to her kit after all these years, bringing some refreshing gameplay and I have to say you did a great job! After playtesting her a while on the PBE I'm a bit concerned tho that her passive proc cooldown of 1.5 seconds is a bit too high. I'm aware that it's supposed to be a tool that's not instantly available but in my opinion it should be cut down to one second which is more than enough time to react. In it's current state it's making her gameplay feel different, a lot. It's hard to describe to someone who doesn't play her frequently and with passion and this might be an exaggeration but the, for such a highly mobile Assassin, long time frame of 1.5 seconds makes her core gameplay not feel like LeBlanc anymore. LeBlanc used to be all about speed which made her gameplay very fluent and thus very fun. It was super intense and every single move, every single spell counted. It was a matter of milliseconds. I understand that it had to be (rightfully) slowed down, such as the W snap back delay, but in its current state playing the new LeBlanc almost **feels**, and I can't empathize it enough, like playing a new champion. Decisions no longer are a matter of milliseconds and what concerns me the most is that there's a lot of room for mistakes on both sides. Imagine you're laning vs. Viktor and the wave is pushed up to your side. Your cannon minion is dropping low and Viktor decides to overextend and go for the CS. With the old LeBlanc you gave him a very fast QW combo, punishing his overextension with half of his HP. Very efficient but probably too punishing, leaving Viktor with little to no chance to retaliate your combo. Although Viktor made a mistake he should still be able to fight back but the old LeBlanc didn't allow that. On the other hand with the new LeBlanc the Viktor would have an easy time in the exact same scenario. He goes up for the CS, you most likely W him to get your passive on him, but now you have to either wait 1.5 seconds in his minion wave to be able to proc your passive with your Q while he can freely attack you with plenty of time to get his Q shield ready or you jump back early which gives Viktor the oppertunity to walk out of your Q range, waiting for the mark to expire. What I'm trying to say is that you'll now either lose the trade or Viktor gets away unpunished which he clearly shouldn't. Assassins are there to punish such mistakes and with the 1.5 second passive that's not possible. There's **"too much"** time to "react". I put the "too much" and "react" in quotation marks because at this point it's not about reacting to LeBlanc anymore (no one needs 1.5 seconds to react; I've read that the average human reactiontime is around 276 milliseconds) but rather about making up for your mistakes, which shouldn't be the case. In the end Assassins should punish mistakes and especially missteps and LeBlanc clearly isn't able to do that the way she probably should. Btw is it intentional that her passive doesn't proc Thunderlords or a bug? I'd love to hear your feedback on this matter! Best Regards! PS: How is your name pronounced? o.O
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: Red pls, just wait a little bit, the new Zed skin isnt going anywhere :)
He's an imposter. Reds real PBE account is called Redmercy1337.
: But how would he hide in the shadows if he's glowing?
How can a 6 stacks, elixired Cho'Gath hide in such a smal bush? Questions upon Questions my friend...
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: Because this skin shows Miss Fortune as a **pirate **! Sarah Fortune is a** bounty hunter** , who hunts pirates ! But of course she still has that "pirate"-touch because she comes from Bilgewater. MF build an alliance with Gangplank to find the killer of her mother, but she was neither a pirate nor a pirate captain in the first place. And : There was only a "minor" VU planned for Miss Fortune. They didnt have the intention to change her core design.
Thank you very much good sir. To be honest I still feel like her default skin was kept too simple if you compare it to Gankplanks new default skin but I guess that's acceptable. Thanks again:-)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Captain Fortune!
So this is probably going to be unanswered but why are you selling something what should have been her default skin for her VU for RP?
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
Is this bug(?) also intended? I mean from a logical point of view it doesn't make any sense that the pull doesn't follow Blitzcranks movement including displacements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7YIs_TSWBg
: People who ban Ekko on the test server.
I don't get it either. Why would you sign up for a TEST server just so you can have fun abusing early acsses to new gamemodes and free skins. I hope Riot takes away the PBE acsses of such people.
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: Edit - Issue resolved.
Every day accounts are automatically leveled up to 30. You don't need to level up just tune in again tomorrow and you will be level 30.
: [Attack Move-Scuttle Crab] Attack Move doesn't work on Scuttle Crab
I guess because the Scuttle Crab always stays neutral. You can use the attack move on monsters because once you attacked them they are enemys but like I said the Scuttle Crab is neutral no matter how often you attack it thus the attack move shouldn't work.
: juke potential on Ekko?
They can ONLY see your clone if they have vision of you.
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