: Opinions on Senna
One thing that bugs me a are the visuals of the Black Mist in her basic skin. By which I don't mean that it looks bad, but Senna overall looks too dark themed to me in that skin. It's much better in true damage. Also, the effects of her skills are quite dark. Remember that awesome video where she shot that shield to protect Lucian ? I liked that a lot, cause it showed she has kind of a light power to combat all that darkness. Would love to see that color in some of her abilities. Yet ingame, she doesn't seem so much as a Redeemer to me, than as a desperate fighter using the power or darkness a lot. There are the white light effects too, of course, but I feel overall her kit more screams darkness to me than redeeming power of light.
: Thoughts on Proposed EXP Changes for Season 10
We will have to see how it plays for a while, but personally, I am doubtful about both the exp and terrain changes. Imho, the additional terrain features and bushes will make mobile champions even more dominant vs. immobile ones. Now add nerfed botlane exp to that and it will hit ADCs and the non-tanky support champions twice as hard. Theoretically, at least for ADCs, the buffed ADC items would help compensate for that, but several ganking champions can equip those as well. I must say, I can't see the vision the balance team has for this yet. I also really hate the loss of {{item:2053}} which i loved to build as a mobility item in midlane although I would usually not build it further until the very last item or so.


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