: ‘Ascension’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Found some small bugs 1. {{item:3001}} debuff has a blue icon. 2. When exiting a costume ascension game the soundtrack keeps playing
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
The ap-ratio on his traps doesn't work! The damage just takes the ad ratio into account.
: ‘Legend of the Poro King’ game mode live now on PBE.
1. Poro Toss stops at friendly gangplank barrels not sure about enemy! **Edit:** Tested it in another match and gangplank barrels stop enemy/friendly poros. Enemy poros detonate his barrel when it has 1hp left. 2. Another bug, but I'm not sure how to reproduce it, is "Poro Hits" text appearing next to my cursor http://i.imgur.com/QZli0pW.jpg It goes away after hitting something else with a poro. About the poro-Icons: Since they are the same Icons from last year, maybe players with existing icons could get a small border around it or something to show that they are already experienced in the art of throwing and becoming a poro.
: Can't Get past the champ select with Illaoi
Tried to play a costume game with her and the same thing happened.
: A change should be going in this morning that should tune down their aggression in some cases. I don't think it will fix every case of what you're describing, but it should be better :)
Also dashes and gapclosers of any kind will bug the bot ( stands still for a second or more and then starts running in circles ignoring everything else) out if the dash/gapcloser puts them behind the enemy minion wave. (probably because of the checks that should reduce over-chasing) :)
: (MINOR) Vel'Koz w ability icon
Can confirm , for me it's just black!
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
Feedback for some of the champions ( costume games ) {{champion:13}} (enemy): - needs about 2-3 seconds directly standing next to him before he cast a spell and it's not the root which would be the smart way to go - I could hit him numerous times without him aggro'ing on me, when he aggro'ed he almost only used auto attacks {{champion:16}} (enemy): - prefering to cast heal on herself than low teammates - silenced me and then began to run away with 3/4 health left {{champion:86}} (enemy): - starts spinning while the enemy is out of range - comes out of the jungle -> gets hit by me -> runs to the golem camp ( blue side) stands there and does nothing until death {{champion:48}} (enemy): - doesnt use his ice pillar to get away, just runs away {{champion:31}} (enemy): - uses Feast on full health targets {{champion:62}} (my team): - doesnt use decoy to get away anymore - uses his dash to get under the enemy turret to hit garen ... then went back and forth until he executed himself - uses his ult under the turret just to run away when getting 1hit from the turret ( still stays close to the turret and dies ) - will chase target with {{item:3142}} -active but only starts using ult when they are low health ( he is next to the target the whole time ) - randomly using decoy for just running around in circles when an enemy is near {{champion:58}} (my team): - starting to chase a full health enemy champ around the jungle when he had ~200 health left - standing still and waiting to be killed in botlane {{champion:11}} (my team): - renekton and yi started chasing Garen but then lost him in the fog of war and began to just circle around for about 10 seconds before going into lane again {{champion:18}} (my team): - keeps attacking her target even if she gets low All champs - their build-path is pretty damn weird ( sorakas first big item was a void staff) - **[Major]** enemy champs will not go past your minion wave to chase , it's like their is a wall behind the last minion. Even if the player is below 100 health, they just stand near the last minion and wait - enemy bots sometimes just run away from you into another lane for no reason Hope that helps! It's what I observed during a costume game on SR
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
I played about 1200 botgames on Live and here are my thoughts about the new bot system on pbe **Positiv:** - they come to lane early - switching lane for you (awesome) - I like that they kill wards now **Negativ:** - indecisive actions - too many towerdives or attacking under the turret for no apparent reason - they still fail to defend their nexus even against 1 super minion wave - they aren't as protective about their turrets as on live - weird near death behavior (sometimes they just wait to be killed)
: The ratio on Eye of the Storm at level one is less than .1. 20 AP gives 1 AD. He said it scales by rank. If so, it's probably .07, .135, .2, .265, .33 or thereabouts. Unfortunately I didn't stick around to test rank 2. I didn't read this post until after my testing. >The ratio is +0.33 AP for the base AD (based off of the rank of her shield) That is really poorly worded. I have no idea what "base" means in that context. and I'm not sure if the parenthesized statement is referring to "base AD" or "ratio."
I tested on SR with 1k AP Janna(easy math :D) all skills maxed. The rank 5 skills are way off of what it says in this thread. Today I read on reddit that a rioter said, that the ratios posted here are way off, so I guess it's not a bug , but more like a wrong patch-note ^^
: Is anyone else having pathing issues as Nasus? Where you click somewhere, and it only paths half way? Also, I understand a lot of the dances have been cut back to allow for other animations, but why was Nasus given a really derpy version of Master Yi's dance? He already had a personalized (although silly) dance. Why make the lame change?
I got the same issue on Janna , wanted to go to blue from spawn ... and ended up crashing into the base wall , but then it recalculated and got me to blue.
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
So I tested Jannas scaling and came to this **W – Zephyr** * *Added an AP ratio to both her passive self-haste and slow amount on the active. These values are .04 for the self-haste and .12 for the slow * When I tested her the value for the self-haste was .02 not .04 and for the slow it was 0.06 instead of 0.12 * *Lowered base slow to 24%/28%/32%/36%/40% from 24%/30%/36%/42%/48%* The base slow at rank 5 is still 48% and not 40% ( not sure about other ranks ) **E - Eye of the Storm** * *Added an AP ratio to the AD given to her allies. The ratio is +0.33 AP for the base AD (based off of the rank of her shield)* Here the ratio is more like 0.167 instead of 0.33. so basically the ratios are half of what it says in the description, correct me if I am wrong! :)
: Team Builder Bugs!
Don't know if mentioned yet, but I was in a lobby and switched to my summoner profile but then couldn't get back into the lobby, so I couldn't press ready and had to leave the lobby via X, also the time of the lobby and the search time were next to each other , so it looked like 2:3458:52!

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