: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Old Saint Zilean has the wrong icon when you craft the skin. http://imgur.com/IhqCVRA
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: Gangplank ult change incoming
I did a costum game now to try the new GP ult (Looks great by the way) and I found a minor bug I think. I started doing dragon and from the moment I used my ult on it to when the ult stopped the dragon turned away from me and I stopped taking damage. I think the dragon turns away and stops atacking while my ult is on it. To recreate you just need to go do dragon and ult it, I noticed the first time I did dragon and decided to try it again a few minutes later and I think it always happens. Pardon my bad English, its not my main language.
: Cassiopeia rework a little to strong.
I did the exact same build and managed to solo baron, correct me if I m wrong but a mid laner shouldnt be able to do that lol. (Dont use the seraph shield during baron, I ran out of mana the first time and died lol)
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