: Manamune won't stack. (Urgot?)
I tried it on Jayce as well yesterday and the tear stopped stacking at 244/750.
: I just tried all the new jungle items out, in a custom. and i noticed that these new items don't really give you good sustain in the jungle, i think that the removal of spirit stone lowers the number of junglers that can be played for example champions like Jarvan 4 who has no built in sustain will juts get out jungled by say champion like Nocturne or Khazix that have built in sustain, since the Jarvan would have to back constantly to heal up. Maybe putting in some more sustain in the new items would make the jungle more diverse, if left this like only champions with built in sustain will be able to effectively jungle.{{item:3206}} {{item:3209}} {{item:3207}} {{item:1080}}
I wonder why no rioters what responded to this....do they not respond to players who are right lol?
: [Fiddlesticks] -- Drain and fear not working
I was just about to go post on the forums about this haha. The same exact thing happened to me. The first drain on the monster camps would work but the ones after that wouldnt...It wouldnt show the tether or do damage/heal.
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: Did they go afk on purpose or just dc? If on purpose,the only thing you can do is report them and ask to other 8 players to do the same thing.
Most of the time they'll play for like 5-10 minutes and just leave. no warning, they'll just back and then leave game.
: I feel like PBE server is a very unreliable one.
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: [Client/Store] - Pulsefire Ezreal Icon not available after purchase
: My thoughts on the new Cassi
Honestly I don't really like her as much as i used to. Her early game is incredibly weak and in my opinion takes a little too long to get going. It feels like an even later game karthus, but karth can do dmg by 20 minutes.

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