: "Anywhere But" option for Champion Select?
This is an interesting idea, but I like it! Unfortunately that could potentially hurt queue times more than help champion select. But as you know this is PBE and made for testing so lets test!
: [Bug] Purchase Item text missing
Yep, whenever an item is purchaed or activated it says "Purchased !"
: ok thank you and do you know if they fixed the level 30 bug that wasnt auto leveling people
The auto lvl bug from what I read it has been fixed. On the PBE FAQ it says "New PBE accounts are leveled up to 30 every night around midnight PST." So I would just wait to see if they patched it :) If not I don't know what to say considering i cant find the old forum where they would manually lvl you if you posted on it. **TL:DR** Wait until Sunday, at around 3 am EST if you dont get auto lvled look to the forums for some help.(I didn't answer your question at all I merely said just wait). {{champion:115}} Have a free smile :D **EDIT** Here is the post where you could say you needed lvling and where it also says its resolvesd http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/hbMpW0iW-resolved-pbe-level-30-auto-level-up-failing?comment=0107 (hyperlinked didnt work)
: (Suggestion) Doom 5 vs 5
I don't see this as a possibility unless Rito made a Champion select personally for it that only gives a select choice of champions(15-20). As well I don't think rito's servers could handle that much FX and sound clips at once as there would be hundreds of more things going on instead of maybe 50 in regular doom bots. While I would love to see this, I just don't see it a possibility.
: Check Critera
Guessing by the time it was for doom bots, but it should say in the email why you where accepted.
: game crashes alot
What map what gamemode? If it's on new SR its most likely because of bugs or client side errors. PS:Also its PBE, what do you expect? the game is running on a beta version of systems that arn't complete and could potentialy have lots of bugs. If one causes crashes well Riot is probably already working on a fix. (not trying to be rude but it slightly annoys me when people complain about crashing on a beta enviroment)
: It keeps crashing everytime i attempt to join a game of the new SR
Having same problem, and now I've been banned for afk leaving when I couldn't reconnect on the new map. Strangely this issue only happens when there is more then 4 champions in the game.
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
I will sit here and wait patiently as I do the manually lvl up but a bump would be nice ;) (side note new map looks beautiful sadly I'm having issues connect to a game with more then 2-4 people)
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