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: Galio Ult Too Weak
I believe if the Galio ult targeted an ally specifically and landed at them, it'd be a much better and more reliable saving mechanic. With the current state of his ult, you select and area, give the enemies a good warning of your incoming and then ult in right where you broadcasted to everyone you would be. In some cases this isnt bad, but with my experience I've found that A) If you ult the area where your ally was, they have to stay there and wait for you to show up, and by that time, if its an assassin, they'll be long dead before you show up to save them and now you have an assassin to deal with by yourself. B) When you ult their current location, if they're low Hp and being chased close in tow, they're not gonna want to stay around and wait for you. I've tried to ult a Twitch being pursued by a Talon and as soon as I ult'd the rat, he was long gone from my ult radius with 15%hp tryng to flee for his life while I'm still winding up and getting ready to dive in. It's a good mechanic but not reliable at all for "saving" allies. For diving into a huge team fight and ult'ing the tank tho It's good. but not saving your squishy ally whos almost dead.
: There is a refill system in place. You will get more RP/IP within 24 hours, given you have less than 500 RP/IP.
ok, i was so worried i wasted all my points on nothing. thank you
: I'm having the same issue right now. Has anyone used the bug reporting in client? I can I just don't want to send a duplicate bug report.
duplicates are good cuz it shows them that multiple people are experiencing the same bug
: hextech bug
can i get a refund on my points if i can't use them to open the 40some chests i got? because i feel very cheated if there is a bug i didn't know about and now im down a shat ton of RP on something i can't use (yes i know its free and i shouldn't complain about free stuff but really tho) i was trying an experiment with legacy skin shards and now i can't do jack diddly.


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