: [┬┐Hexakill?] Wooglet's Witchcap Bug
I noticed this as well, some champs it does display, some do not
: I also played as Trynda, and they do not show attack animation when they did not saw you before, moving your champion (so that they will move a bit) triggers proper animation, however they still do damage in that state.
Happened with me too, dashing in updated summoner's rift behind the wolves from the left.(top)
: [cursor]- double arrow
It happens to me only after going into the shop. never any other time. if i open my client, and don't touch the shop, it never happens.
: Anivia AA
I can confirm this happened with me as well, i was just about to start a thread but found this in search. The attacks still hit their target, the animation is what's glitching. It at times came from the edge of the screen. other times it shot normally but would create quick bright white line, almost as if it were a flash it was so fast.
: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
I have a solid state hard drive, intel 3rd gen i7 cpu, 8gb ram and i feel like the patching progress is extremely slow **Suggestion:** I'm disappointed that there's less information being presented about the patching process. I am a techie, and I'm sure a lot of others here are as well. I for one would like to see more details of the patching progress. I almost closed my launcher because I thought it froze. It was at 43% for 5 minutes. Just before i closed it, it jumped to 44%. Perhaps a patcher log output when you click on the progress bar at the top. **Edit:** I believe the slowness is due to a slow download speed, Probably due to the masses all downloading the updates at the same time from PBE Perhaps we could again include the download speed in there?
: So, I like the direction of this, but I was wondering about a few things. In the Launcher, a lot of the content is inherent to the launcher itself. When you click on things, it brings up the information without sending you to a Riot webpage. However, once you get into the Client, all the nifty pages are just links to the website. I think it'd be a major step forward if we could ultimately have this all integrated into the client. Is that a possibility? Is this the goal?
I totally agree, I like the new launcher a lot. The embedded patch notes show off the new launcher's html abilities. I don't see why there should be any external links needed. Especially the "More" links while viewing champions. That information could easily be incorporated into the launcher. Well, I can understand why you would need an external link for articles such as the "Pentakill Rises", that's reasonable. But the champion info in the free champion rotation, that should be built in.
: I hate it so much that the new landing page is basically a minefield of places to avoid clicking if I don't want to open a zillion browser pages.
: Doom Bots II and Doom Bots V get locked after every update?
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
Hello, I am also in need of assistance :) I haven't been updated either. ty ty


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