: Poppy need a hard rework not only with her Q.
you cant do to much to her or she becomes a monster it has to be little things trying to help her quality of life play and little problems so she can be used but not be broke
: That's an interesting idea, especially the sustain. The sustain would help reinforce her preferred playstyle, which is not at all intuitive or obvious to someone picking her up. Her playstyle is poking people with Q at melee range, then avoiding engagement until your Q is available again. Once your opponent is low enough health you use W for movespeed and charge them with E. Having a sustain on Poppy's Q that only works well on people (and jungle monsters) would help get across the idea that you're supposed to poke people with it every time it's off cooldown. Another thought: I always found the passive on Poppy to be confusing and... non-synergizing. What if the passive was moved entirely to the active, had it's numbers buffed, and it's cooldown increased. Make it into an ability like Jax's E, where while it's up you can win engagements, but while it's down you're weak and have to just poke with Q.
for me right now i notice that poppy cant be buffed to hard because of her ult the fact that she ignores CC and everything actually mean if you make her too powerful early then we might have another olaf type problem of making her unstoppable. if you made her have some sustain and with her passive she could be turned into a pretty good jungler with what i said earlier. she has a speed boost gap closer and if her q got more sustain with it pretty good damage then at least poppy could do something because right now she cant really lane and her jungle is too unsafe and slow to really be viable.
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: Will the Team Builder's Pregame Lobby Chat Be Included in the Tribunal?
maybe there should be a button a person could click when reporting if it is relevant to how the person acts in game if they feel like champ select is where it all went south
: Skarner Rework
i thought with the rework he might be even viable in other roles but instead he just kinda lost the little bit of sustain he did have he still has the flaw of people being able to flash out of his ult if timed right, i feel like more might need then just making his e slow a bit more. maybe if some of his ratios or scaling were better to go along with this or maybe but right now it feels like his e is just as mediocre as ever
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
there just aren't enough minions with 6 people, the game mode needs a way to earn gold easier or some different kinds of gp10 items.
: Hexakill metagame
roaming support from mid or high cc mid can help as much as a jungler
: [Suggestion] Hexakill surrender
4/2 seems like a good number it also makes it harder for people duoing together to force a game to continue


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