: Hi, We decided to emphasize Leblanc's eye makeup more with darker teardrops. https://imgur.com/EEWLtzu Thanks for you feedback.
: Thanks for the ping Rose Noire! I can't promise any changes for the eye-makeup, but I can at least assure you that there is a conversation started about this internally. Every change we make takes a lot of coordination between a bunch of teams _(like skins, publishing, ecommerce and worldwide teams)_ to make sure everyone is up to date and stuff! I'm sorry it's not a better answer, but we are definitely looking at all the eye makeup comments!
Fairy Flan, I think this would be a good comparison how LeBlanc looks more like Evelynn WITHOUT the eye makeup - they look very similar just different color skin - would you bring this up when discussing the eye makeup? https://i.redd.it/1hk0y9zx2aq21.png
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
Can you please add LeBlanc's signature Eye Teardrops to distinguish her from the other ladies of the group. She has a bit of 'same face syndrome' with the other ladies in the splash art, but other than that SHE LOOKS FABULOUS AND I AM QUAKING. Additionally, I saw someone else suggest **adding wings** to her dash like all the other girls have (Camille, Irelia, Fiora ETC.) It would be epic to see her spread her wings as she dashes at you!' **EDIT:** Saw Fairy Flan commented why the wings aren't on the dash, understandable that it would look funny since you can change how long/short the dash is depending on how far you decide to dash - instead we were given wing particles radiating off the cape at all times, which I think looks elegant af so I'll take it! <3 My only suggestion for the wings is to allow them to pop-out during her dance, taunt and joke? I'm thinking American Horror Story, Angel of Death vibes - pretty stiff wings that move only subtly when she dances, jokes or taunts. it would be awesome for her to use her wings in some way if she doesn't have them in her recall! Link to AHS Image for inspiration! <3 https://akns-images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20151114/rs_1024x759-151214135134-1024.Frances-Conroy-AHS-Asylum-Shachath.ms.121415.jpg
: Program Le Blanc - In Game Versus Splashart
If they would do just this one edit, I'd be happier. The head looks better if it has more hair, the chest and hips are whatever (I mean I'd rather see the hair implemented if we could only have one edit before she ships live). Regardless though, if it weren't for an awesome splash I'd say this skin belongs in the dumpster.
: So there is no hope of Re designing K/DA Ahri's face ?
At least you got a KDA Ahri Skin - be greatful. Some of us get 'Program LeBlanc'.. {{item:3070}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Orianna, Nami, LeBlanc, Graves, and Fiddlesticks Chromas!
In the case of LeBlanc and Nami, please consider selling those chroma's at a higher price and changing the particle colors as well. Nothing is uglier than a white/gold chroma shooting Green and Yellow orbs.. People really don't like the program skins as they are and unless you guys don't like money there really shouldn't be a reason for you not to change the particle colors on those chroma's. Don't allow Program LeBlanc and Program Nami to go into the BE shop since they contain Particle Color changes, that way people can't buy them for free and be done with it. _**5000 upvotes**_ for **Mafia LeBlanc instead of Program skin **on the official League Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9rn7js/the_leblanc_skin_we_all_deserve_but_did_not_get/ Strawpoll for Chroma's with colored particles: https://www.strawpoll.me/16726530/r
: Phew ok thanks for double checking me! I am definitely not an LB main and I want to make sure the messages I'm sending is correct :)
> [{quoted}](name=Fairy Flan,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=eTAyAuMc,comment-id=000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T22:19:07.289+0000) > > Phew ok thanks for double checking me! I am definitely not an LB main and I want to make sure the messages I'm sending is correct :) https://www.strawpoll.me/16726530/r People would rather have matching particles for the chroma's to be more satisfied with the skin. Green and Orange particles would look very ugly with ALL the chroma's provided for LeBlanc AND Nami. If you truly don't want to have these skins cancelled, you really should pitch the idea and just sell the chroma's for a higher price and never on the Blue Essence shop since they contain new particles. Also, **5000** up-votes for Mafia LeBlanc INSTEAD of Program. Just gonna leave that here. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9rn7js/the_leblanc_skin_we_all_deserve_but_did_not_get/
: Program Leblanc is a well desgined great executed skin, and mafia Leblanc nothing more than a dumb old mafia costume and a staff. You have no taste just like the rest, and also stop being like spoiled brats leblanc mains.
> [{quoted}](name=IPegue,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=1LdotGgj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-27T07:23:01.816+0000) > > Program Leblanc is a well desgined great executed skin, > and mafia Leblanc nothing more than a dumb old mafia costume and a staff. > You have no taste just like the rest, > and also stop being like spoiled brats leblanc mains. You're in the minority sweetie, can't relate. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
IDK why they still insist on force-releasing this skin, they'd still make lots of money from Praetorian skinline and Program Nami.
: Okay, after seeing the blue chroma, this one should be her base skin with these colors being the main colors of VFX, usually we don't get new VFX with a chroma and that's the sad part but this chroma solve the model problems. Could you try to make this one base with blue and gold VFX, would be so much better than the green one. But still a poor theme for LeBlanc, a sad choice that could be a little bit better with blue being the base skin. https://i.imgur.com/7aiagn5.jpg
Link to the Strawpoll: What LeBlanc Skin would you have liked to see instead of Program LeBlanc? https://www.strawpoll.me/16714105
: Hey! A quick check-in! A few things should be updated when PBE hits today: * Collar size has been reduced * Texture adjustments to her head to help it pop out more/see her face. * Color adjustment on her orange skirt - it is less gray, and it has more of an ombre effect into reddish-orange. **EDIT:** Ack, forgot one that was your suggestion! * W/RW has lingering effects to be able to see it, and some of your green triangle stuff.
Fairy Flan, though those things are great - the skin still needs some sort of crown on it. The silhouette of Leblanc always has a crown and a cape. Additionally, the color choice is just hideous and needs to be swapped out with that blue and gold chroma - it is so unfortunate that a chroma makes this skin better but we would still have ugly orange/green particles so it isn't worth buying.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
The Blue and Gold chroma needs to be the base skin, and the particles need to be changed to match. The community agrees that the best coloring to make this skin work is the Blue and Gold chroma, but we are still going to have those disgusting Orange and Green particles so it really makes the chroma not worth buying (much less the skin).
: > I'd like to point out two things real quick; first of all, just "trash the skin" isn't constructive. Constructive is about "i don't like X for reason Y, and Z is how I think it can be improved." Exactly this. While yes, 'this is trash' shows your distaste with a skin, but if we're going to ship the skin (which 99% of the time we do), we'd like to know what specifically you don't like so we can discuss potential tweaks. If nothing else, it can help us better inform the choices we make for future skins. > Secondly, it's great that Fairy Flan is showing interest towards what the LeBlanc mains would rather see, but it's much more likely to see one of those suggestions become a new skin in the (potentially far away) future and not a replacement of the current Program one. That's correct, we aren't scrapping Program LeBlanc for another skin, it's more of a question of what would you like to see in the future if robots aren't your jam. > I've been trying to find the "Sewn Chaos is cancelled" thread, but if I recall correctly Riot mentioned they were already far in the process of "hey are we cancelling these?" by the time the skins hit PBE. There were talks prior to PBE about if these were hitting were hitting the quality bar, yes. It was something that we admittedly should have called out/discussed sooner, before it hit PBE. > Edit: don't get me wrong, I don't mean to take anything away from the concerns you raise. We all have opinions and we all deserve to be heard on them - I just feel like opinions have to be clarified as much as possible. 100% agree with this. Please share your thoughts, but be specific in your like/dislikes!
Riot Games is making a huge mistake not listening to what there consumers want, Program LeBlanc won't sell and all of the LeBlanc Mains you made this skin for are going to have to wait another 3 years for a skin they actually like. We all feel that we are not being listened too as a community and we are fighting Riot as hard as we possibly can to not have Program LeBlanc shipped and instead have something we actually will enjoy. What you and all the other Rioters fail to see is that we LeBlanc players have been waiting **3 years** for a new LeBlanc skin and we are utterly devistated that Riot doesn't seem to care in the least bit what we are trying so hard to convey. **We don't want Program LeBlanc. We don't like anything about Project LeBlanc. The Chromas make it a little better but the particles are still going to be that ugly green/orange.** I hope Riot reconsiters canceling Program LeBlanc and instead just ships Nami since it seems players are more on-board with Nami than LeBlanc. I hope you'll have a meeting at Riot HQ and discuss if **forcing a skin on a player-base that doesn't want it** is the right business move strategically? Until then, the LeBlanc Mains community is not going to stop boycotting this skin. We've waited 3 years for a LeBlanc skin, we deserve better. https://imgur.com/H3hq1dr
: Phew ok thanks for double checking me! I am definitely not an LB main and I want to make sure the messages I'm sending is correct :)
Fairy Flan did you ever get answers on this theme, and has Riot Games seen the backlash this skin is getting on LeBlanc Mains Reddit, Youtube and here on the boards? Could it at all be possible that Program LeBlanc will be pulled and that in a few more months the talented designers at Riot Games could take our feedback as to what we wanted to see and craft a higher-quality skin from that? I guarantee 100% you will sell more skins if you take this situation seriously, and show that you aren't just another company that will ignore any negativity/backlash. If anything, if Riot ends up ignoring the backlash this skin is getting they're gonna show us that they don't care about the community and how we as consumers feel. Mafia LeBlanc, Star Guardian LeBlanc, Empress LeBlanc, Pool Party LeBlanc - anything that gives us our **glamorous** enchantress back. **_What is it going to take to show Riot Games that we want a different skin?_**
: I'm usually very supportive of the skins team and know you always work hard, but you have *seriously* missed the mark on this one. Both Nami and LB look very, dare I say, sloppy and unfinished, the theme simply fits neither of them, LB's face is, although a good idea, very poorly excecuted, the green, orange and white pallete looks just plain wrong, LB's W animation looks absolutely lackluster, and the simple fact of not giving LB's Ultimate abilities a purple hue is infinitely confusing. LeBlanc has been in the freezer for the past THREE YEARS and this is what she gets? I feel very sorry for her mains out there because it feels like you just don't care about them. I know because, as an Eve main, Bloodmoon was a real tough skin to buy after four years of nothing. And I'm still so very happy since you guys gave us K/DA, which I can't really say about the poor LB mains who will have to wait god knows how much time before you decide to unfreeze her again. Please Riot, PLEASE listen to their feedback. They've been waiting for so long to be this underwhelmed (and I'm being kind by saying underwhelmed) by such a long awaited skin. This and Nami's thread have, at the time of me writing this, -21 and -17 votes, respectively. Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitz never even got negative reviews on the boards before you decided to pull them for "not hitting the bar". I know you deeply care about the job you do at the skins team and, quite honestly, after giving us AMAZING skins like Bewitching Janna, Kledula, the K/DA line and Victorious Orianna, these new Program Leblanc and Nami simply should not make the cut. Please reconsider these skins, Riot. With such an immense ammount of negative reviews by people who truly love and admire these champions, it would truly break my (and of course, their) heart(s) if no action was taken. Please Riot, give these champions the quality skins they deserve and the quality you have always strived for.
Thank you so much for this post! It truely means so much that you'd stick up for how we feel not being an LB main yourself. We wanted a glamorous, sexy skin like K/DA, but we ended up with this a patch later. I think the consensus is postive for Program Nami for the most part, but this Program LeBlanc definitely didn't make the cut. I believe they should ship Nami, but delete this concept and give us a different LeBlanc skin in a few more months. They have smart designers at Riot Games, and with feedback from the community they should definitely know now what it is we wanted and what it is we will buy! :)
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: Dear rioters please consider to delete Program LeBlanc
: I appreciate you being honest. The Sewn Chaos skins were an extremely rare case and shouldn't be considered a viable option or feedback for PBE content. It's fine to say you dislike something, but keep in mind that saying 'trash the skin' isn't constructive feedback and doesn't help the dev team understand specifically why you don't like a particular skin.
@KateyAnthony I've actually tweeted you my feelings on the skin, we've explained over on the LeBlancMains Reddit/PBE Thread/Youtube that we are extremely dissatasfied with the **theme** of the skin. Not any level of edits is going to change that, and the Sewn Chaos line was a 'rare case' but so are these skins. I understand that Riot put money into making these skins a thing, but when you get such a large backlash from the people who play those champions (such in the case of Sewn Chaos), you need to do the correct thing and cater to your demographic and consumers and make something for them. Not just another token robot skin that doesn't fit a 'mermaid' and 'seductress enchantress'. 'trash the skin' is definitely helpful for the dev team, because it shows them that the community is largely unhappy with what they produced. Over on the LeBlanc PBE thread, **Fairy Flan** is actively asking out LeBlanc community what we'd rather see instead of Program LeBlanc - we feel like our outcry for a different skin is being heard over there. We've been waiting** upward of 3 years** for a new LeBlanc skin and offered amazing concepts all over! Riot Hylia even works for Riot and made Mafia LeBlanc which is one of the most upvoted LeBlanc concepts of all time on LoL Forums. Why would you insist on putting something out that **purposely won't sell well**? Listen to the amount of negative feedback, the fact that I just got into a game as LeBlanc on live servers and people were mocking how ugly the skin you guys decided to green-light was is actually embarrassing. You need to understand, saying 'trash the skin' **is** constructive feedback, because when people upvote that, it shows that they agree as well. **TL;DR** - We shouldn't be told as consumers we need to settle for less because **'sewn chaos was an extremely rare case'**, Fairy Flan seems to be more sympathetic to all of us LeBlanc mains who have waited so long without a skin. Do a bit more research and see what the consensus is on the 'Program' skin line this year. This article alone has -25 dislike and **LeBlanc has a WHOPPING -40**, growing more by the hour. The LeBlanc Reddit community is boycotting this skin and actively trying to protest to get it canceled. It is sad we feel like we need to go to the extreme end of the spectrum to get change because if we are passive, nobody listens to our concerns. Thank you for the effort, but in the words of the LeBlanc Reddit 'I don't think Riot understands what type of audience LB and Nami have'.
: I appreciate your honesty ; u ; Just for some info, what _would_ you have preferred? I'm seeing people asking for a more nature/sorceress theme.
I would love to say Fairy Flan that amazing concept of Mafia LeBlanc was a HUGE hit with the LeBlanc community, and Hylia works at Riot now and could Revamp the design if you guys put him on the project! Majority of us had high hopes for Star Guardian, Blood Moon and other lines where she could be the star of her own Legendary Skin with new Voice Lines! We really want a High-Glamour drag sort of look, something extremely pricey and **glamorous** with lots of shimmer and sparkle! I took the liberty of contacting Carrie Keranen and she said she is 100% on board to do a LeBlanc Legendary VO if Riot ever asked! https://twitter.com/CarrieKeranen/status/952795680807911424 _**Click that to be taken to the twitter message!**_ I'll just leave that here, maybe you could share! :) _**Vote for what skin you'd rather see!**_ https://www.strawpoll.me/16714105
: ***
You need to not speak for the whole community love. Nobody is welcoming this skin, nobody wants this skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Please Sewn Chaos these skins, LeBlanc and Nami deserve so SO much better. That is my feedback.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
Please listen to someone who plays LeBlanc religiously. We don't want this, this skin is just like what happened to the Sewn Chaos skins. We've waited 2 years for a new LeBlanc skin and have put out plenty of concepts that we wanted to see. Riot isn't pandeing to its target audience (which should be the mains of that champion), they aren't listening to the demographic that they are trying to sell to. My advice for you as someone who would love to work in your art department one day is to listen to the amount of negative feedback, the fact that I just got into a game as LeBlanc on live servers and people were mocking how ugly the skin you guys decided to green-light was is actually embarrassing. I'm not saying that the model you currently have is beyond repair, I even did a few tweaks on the LeBlanc Main's Reddit that I'll link below. There are some easy things you can tweak to make this model appease your current audience and make them actually wanna purchase this. The problem is that I assume you're going to see that this skin won't sell well (because it isn't what LeBlanc players want), and you're just going to shelf her for another two years without a skin, when it isn't that we don't wanna buy it - it's that you gave us something that is plain, uninspired and just doesn't fit what LeBlanc stands for. Please take a look at this Reddit post that I made, I would attach an image but I can't through this site. The response was very positive and as an amateur artist these changes seem to be what the LeBlanc community would like to see from a high tier gaming company like yourselves. These people enjoy an amateur, college artists changes more than the actual designers work (which seems like this skin should've been critiqued from the start). Please Riot, do the right thing and listen to your community, your demographic and your consumers. Sincerely, ThePaleWoman (1 Mil LeBlanc Mastery, Future Riot Games Employee) https://i.redd.it/6r1bevu3q0u11.png
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
This team needs to seriously take a good HARD look at LeBlanc's current VFX. They showed so much love to these champions and yet LeBlanc doesn't get any custom Christmas Particles - Ravenborn and Elderwood still have the default smoke cloud when her passive proc's despite old LeBlanc's VFX not missing those same textures. Number one thing though, these are much higher quality than LeBlanc's very sad and lackluster VFX. Please, have your team make LeBlanc's VFX more 'shiny' and fit her theme. Everything about it is just too 'soft' and doesn't fit an Assassin's theme.
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: A Critical Error has Occurred
I had to leave this feedback here, I also can't even get into game because I keep getting the error message "A Critical Error has Occured." Both times I was playing LeBlanc using the Ravenborn Skin.
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