: Final Thoughts Regarding Shen's Update
: The new AD item can't go live
I posted this on another thread but It could work instead of what it is now. Maybe make it 90+25% of total damage dealt to the enemy target within 2 seconds instead of 25% of missing health. A lot easier to balance cause if the target has a boat load of armor, they can shrug it off like nothing and it'll do it's job on squishes. Better idea. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} .
: Duskblade of Draktharr [1/27]
Maybe make it 90+25% of total damage dealt to the enemy target within 2 seconds instead of 25% of missing health. A lot easier to balance cause if the target has a boat load of armor, they can shrug it off like nothing and it'll do it's job on squishes. Better idea. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} .
: Riven's New Edge Feedback!
I've messed around with it and I feel pretty strong. I'm no Riven main but animation cancelling is pretty easy for me.
: Yeah, well, I realized that this would happen the first week they were on PBE. They may have been reading our posts, but Riot has a serious issue with taking advice these days. And I don't see that changing any time soon. I'll probably just stop posting on the PBE forums, unless it's for something that Scarizard is working on. He's the only one who seems to listen.
They listened to our Skarner suggestions and look how that turned out.
: Kindred gets released like this?
If I recall, it was the "advice" of the PBE community that made Skarner a busted champion in the first place. I don't blame them for not taking our advice. If they listened to us, the game would be in an even worse state.
: Thoughts on Darius and Mundo changes as a Diamond Top laner
Darius will be fine. He's busted as heck and needs his Q nerfed. Besides, 220 range is pretty big still.
: New "Edge" on Riven
Like it or not, she needs to be toned down because she is too strong right now. It's gonna happen whether you like it or not.
: Elise New Q does not apply Lyandris
It's a bug. It is a spell meaning it should apply.
: {{champion:14}} : He'll probably benefit from the juggernaut itemization as well. But that fits - isn't he even called "The Undead Juggernaut"? :D {{champion:102}} : Oh god. {{champion:254}} : She's on the more "light" (vs heavy) side of the spectrum, but she'll still make good use out of the Jugger's items - especially Hydra and DMP. Also, Vi loves to be able to casually stroll into range to hit stuff and save Q and R for chasing. {{champion:39}} : Sterak's Gage. 25% more base AD and resistance to being bursted? Sold. Overall, I really like the new items. And the general gist of the reworks, too - although I am sceptical towards certain aspects of the implementation on some of them.
{{champion:266}} The new items benefit him as well. he can finally build tank items and still do a fair amount of damage. Plus the new Dead Man's Plate will make it easier to land divebombs on people.
: Could be? Give it a shot and let me know.
Got it. I'll let you know once I've tested them out. Also, could other items from the Black Market Brawlers game mode make a return in future itemization updates. Like the Mirage Blade for ADCs?
: There may be some very light tuning (on the order of -5 armor or something) to keep it in line with the other patch 5.16 items, but other than that, yes, same item as the BMB version.
Seems fair. Just out of curiosity, would this item benefit Bruisers like Aatrox and Sion who although have some form of CC gap closer, are both easily kited or have difficulty landing their CC in a team fight situation?
: Dead Man's Plate heading to Summoner's Rift on the PBE
Welp, here comes the pain train! {{champion:266}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:59}}{{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:56}}
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
Quick question, does Titanic Hydra active apply on Gangplank's Q. And I mean Crescent and not Cleave. Also, does using abilities with health cost like Aatrox and Olaf E activate the Gage's primal rage?
: Vlad is on the List, Kayle is buffed, maybe worth an honourable mention. Nothing spectacular about her with these changes imo.
Nashors is stronger so better scaling overall. That and the fact Rylai's and maybe Wota will work with her E big time.
: This is like the fifth Kayle nerf in the past two seasons. She's almost unplayable now.
The heck you talking about, they buffed Nashors, one of her core items as well as a boat load of other items. How is that a nerf?
: Already strong champions that are buffed with these changes: Rumble Cass Vlad Kog Ekko Champs to look out for with these changes: Velkoz Swain Ahri Karma Anivia Honourable Mentions: Mordekaiser Karthus Malzahar Corki Singed [EDIT] Teemo Zyra - Specifically didn't add Zyra because in mid lane she's not really viable, and as support she's only good in solo Q. Deserves to be on the list though.
Surprised you left {{champion:10}} and {{champion:8}} out of the list. These changes help them as well.
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
Holy crap! The new Nashor's is going to help {{champion:10}} big time. So do you have plans to change {{item:3100}} and {{item:3146}} later on or not at all considering they are more of a hybrid type of item.
: I'm trying to think up a Joke involving Acceleration and Bombs...
: Why not include Karma as well? Since some of that dmg from the old mantra w/e could be moved into the lv6 Q and W.
Good point. Never considered her because she's not a transform champion but the argument can be made for her.
: I wish people would take PBE more seriously. WARNING: This is a ramblings of a MAD man.
: Elise? Sure. Nidalee? I dunno about free cougar damage per level. Eh.
: Context for Jayce changes?
Well, no one placed points in his Ult considering how pointless it was. Now he can get the bonuses/benefits his ult gives sooner without having to put points in it while buffing his other abilities as well as buffing his late game which isn't that great atm.
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: Combo skill shots are included in our system. Jayce's E+Q I've personally messed around with a lot and so I'm pretty confident it's fine. I'm seeing a general theme that Syndra's Q+E is problematic though. If you have video, I'd appreciate that. I'm going to go ahead and test it a bunch anyways though since you're not the first one to bring her up.
: That bug _should_ be fixed on PBE. I tested it myself! More context! Live servers are on 5.10 right now. PBE is 5.11. Our changes are online right now in PBE (5.11). So, Live servers still have the bug you linked. PBE (the 5.11 patch) should not have that bug anymore.
Will this fix combo skill shots like Jayce and Syndra's E+Q or just regular skill shots?
: Abyssal Scepter Context
For the issue of Mage magic resist items, have you ever thought of making an AP version of Maw of Malmortius or Mercurial Scimitar? Something like that could open up possibilities for Mage itemization and fill in as a viable replacement for the old Abyssal Scepter. You can even use current items on live to make the recipe for these items like Quick silver sash, Negatron Cloak, and needlessly large rod. Sounds like a nice idea in theory.
: Ekko design suggestion - Emotes
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: Ekko ability details are out: thoughts on how to build him?
I like how he's designed to be more of an opportunist than a straight up fighter or assassin. I think his abilities are geared toward weakening his enemies, looking for any moment to strike. Once he finds it, he goes in and finishes you off but if it isn't the best moment to strike, he can back out and reassess the situation.
: Ekko ability details are out: thoughts on how to build him?
Maybe hybrid? But judging by how his passive works and the fact he is a melee, items like {{item:3115}} {{item:3100}} and maybe a{{item:3146}} may be a priority.
: Personally, I like it. But that's because I really don't like Zed.
: Zed Ult Change
About time Zed got brought down a level. He needed to be nerfed.
: there is a zed ultimate change on the PBE CLIENT.
It takes one second to do an ult combo with W-E-Q so I don't see it hurting him in laning phase but it does take away his get out of jail free card late game. Personally, I think Zed should have been nerfed a long time ago.
: Toxicity in PBE
Why? Why would anyone be toxic on the PBE. It makes 0 sense and is a total waste of energy.. The PBE in my mind is literally a playground where you can mess around and give no crap about what's going on because it's a testing ground. It ain't ranked, you're not getting anything from playing it, you're just there testing stuff and having fun. When I play PBE, I never take anything seriously. I will do my best to win but I won't care if I lose
: Pings being on champions, How about one for nocturne?
That's..... A really good idea. It let's his teammates know he's going and it will help him secure successful ganks more frequently.
: Aatrox possible buff?
Well with Cleaver being an option on Aatrox thanks to the cdr, armor shred, and health buff, I wouldn't say giving him armor shred on his E is the best Idea if you want to buff him. Maybe giving him a shield based on the amount of bloodwell when he uses his Q for a few seconds would make his initiations better.
: {{champion:58}} Definitely(w and e can stack it quickly on a single target q applies it aoe .renek likes cdr shred and health) {{champion:122}} Definitely(loves the movement speed excessively, can proc the effect aoe with q, likes to brawl) {{champion:254}} Potentially(movement speed gives nice stick, cdr can be pretty decent, but then she runs into mana issues,q cooldown starts at the end not the start irc, usually starts with ult so it doesn't really benefit from the pen) {{champion:126}} not sure, wanna say yes(don't play jayce) {{champion:121}} as a fighter yes, as an assassin no or late late game.(solid proccing ability, might prefer lw depending on build) {{champion:56}} no idea, thinking no its certainly not as good as on other items but it might just be a strong item.(don't play noc) {{champion:92}} Situtational probably good more often than not.(easy procs but favors a bruiser/beefy playstyle gives solid cdr path and riv goes nuts with 40%.) {{champion:114}} Probably not maybe in physical wombo team with say wukong and mf but I feel that those two are better off using it you just follow up with the tiamat ult on all the shredded targets {{champion:150}} probably decent but situational really great for mega not so helpful for mini. Just my opinion
Thanks for the input. Theoretically speaking, Nocturne would love it because of the extra sticking power, added tankiness and CDR while Jayce can stack Cleaver really fast in Cannon form and finish off the enemy in Hammer form with melee Q. That's how I feel about it but until I do some testing myself, I'm not quite sure.
: W already has a soft synergy with her Q in that hitting multiple targets with W stacks Q faster. I probably won't add a CD refund mechanic to her Q because we don't really want it taking over her gameplay entirely.
True, you bring up valid points. Never mind I guess.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Repertoir, I feel like her Q with max 5 stacks isn't as strong as her Q with lower stacks, I wasn't doing more damage with max Q but actually less damage. I think some numbers may need to be tweaked for the max Q to be a better steroid in my opinion. Also, anyway to reduce the cooldown on her Q similar to {{champion:18}} E and Q? Maybe adding a passive effect to her Q like autoing a champion or adding a cool passive so her W has some unique synergy with her Q?
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=6BBcWPLy,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2015-04-29T03:18:50.302+0000) > > Passive slow I believe is: > 5/11/17/23/29/35% at levels 1/4/7/10/13/16 > > Damage calculation for max stack Q: > .23/.24/.25/.26/.27 Total AD per arrow for a total of 1.15/1.20/1.25/1.30/1.35 Total AD per basic attack How much attack speed does Q give? It seems like now there's overwhelming incentive to max Q first unless the attack speed is the same at all ranks.
Increases her attack speed by 60% max rank so maxing Q first seems more favorable than W now.
: Thoughts on Black Cleaver update
What's your opinion on BC on champs like {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:150}} , would the new BC be any good on them?
: Thanks for the feedback! Just for clarity on a couple of the things you hit on: Having this as a good 2nd-4th item was a goal - it's a weird rush item (as you note) because you don't care about the % pen at that stage of the game. The 20% cooldown reduction is in place as a very effective way to get players to value it in that spot, even though it's not the core purpose of the item. Concerns that 20% is just too much are valid and constitute one of the big risks for the item, but at this point it looks promising - the champs who want it for the CDR (instead of, say, Frozen Heart) are also champions who get good use out of the other stuff on the item. To elaborate a bit, the stats on any item have to at least be good enough to make you feel like you have permission to buy it; we're not going to e.g. load so much armor shred on this that you'll buy it despite really poor stats, because that would do all sorts of awful things (nobody ever wants to buy armor again; tanks don't exist). We hit on the 20% CDR because the champions who should probably want this item for the shred - and the phage, for that matter - are champions who previously had a significant gap in itemization in filling CDR. It's possible the CDR amount will change, particularly if we hit on a really good way to make it a strong 2nd-4th buy on those champions without having to do something like 20% CDR (or if the CDR proves particularly problematic), but it should do its job for now. Re: Phage: We tried a few different tunings of the Phage passive, but really what happens as soon as the tunings are any different from the base item is that Black Cleaver becomes "Super Phage" instead of "Armor Shred". The numbers here are something we'll be watching closely and are something that could reasonably change after some time on Live, but we're not going to buff them unless we have to and right now I don't think we're going to have to. Re: Stack counts: Sounds reasonable. I'm not totally set in my own mind that 6 is the right count here, but I'm also not getting enough data internally + in PBE testing to really prove it out either way (with that in mind, reactions like this are pretty valuable, so thanks for that!). Definitely something I'll be trying to keep an eye on as it goes live.
To be honest, AP mage, tanks, and ap bruisers have multiple items which give them 20% cdr so I think it's fair that ADs at least have one item. In my opinion, I would leave as it is if it doesn't become an issue in the future. But considering this meant for champs like {{champion:122}} and {{champion:266}} who are really struggling to find a place in the meta, I'll think it will boost them more than make the current top tier picks stronger. And if these champs want to reach max cdr, they will have to sacrifice armor, MR, life steal, and extra health from other valuable items and runes, masteries are slightly more flexible. Plus many of the champions who would benefit from the new cleaver can't capitalize on items like FH and replacing Randuins for it might hurt them rather than harm them.
: Star Guardian Lux
Wanted Project Zed. Got Sailor Lux instead. Reaction: Epic win!!!!!!!
: Ryze actually has several weaknesses. Some challenger players said on their streams that he's actualty weak.
Pros have been wrong before. We'll just have to wait till live hits.
: I LOVE this item. Well i love the phage as a component. I really do not like the kindlegem, but its bearable. But the ACTUAL ITEM. This is the bes titem update in a long long tmie. Giving more shred give s it better utility, the base stats are nice, and actually giving 20% cooldown gives a 10x better sinergy for most champs that use it, or can use it. Good job on this one. :) Totally understand how to use it. On hit armor redu + on hit movement speed for chasing. (well the on kill/assist is a nice bonus too might be broken. :) )
I love it because of the extra health and phage. Now I don't need to build Triforce as much on champs to get the movement speed buff because that is literally the only reason I buy Triforce on certain champs.
: Let's talk about The Black Cleaver
Axes, do you hope that these Cleaver changes will open up more build paths for Bruisers like {{champion:266}} who lack an optimal build path and make them more viable picks?
: That would be cool. You used to be able to detonate it after death, but that changed. Plus her autos can hit an enemy after she dies and they do no damage. I remember in season 2 or 3, we were able to detonate her E as we ulted. That feature broke when they made it so that Lux couldn't flash and ult. I really wish they could put that back in.
I was around in Season Three, didn't play much Lux or midlane so I wouldn't know. Mostly played Aatrox and got to gold with him that season. Hopefully with the Cleaver changes, he'll be a strong pick again. Back to Lux, another good buff might be to increase E's projectile speed along with the detonation to make the spell more interactive but the trade off would be that if it detonates in mid travel time, it doesn't slow so it doesn't become an oppressive or guaranteed slow. Smart Lux's will use the early detonation when they are within AA range and get off some good poke and if the e completes it's travel, it'll be easier to land the slow and get off your full combo.
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