: In fact, knowing Riot and how they do stuff, it will most likely be really quick, especially in PBE. After all they want us to test things before it gets out on live servers, so I doubt they will push this problem away and possibly fail at something. Also I am kindof predicting that Senna is gonna come on PBE, because of the random update that came out of nowhere and made everyone disconnect from the game and crashed the client. This in return means that they wanted to apply the update to everyone, like in case of a patch update or possibly a new champ, that they are teasing so furiously ;). {{champion:236}}
Is Senna Lucians wife? Sister? and will she be in que as if it were xayah and rakan duo?
: {{sticker:sg-shisa}} or the next couple of hours
True, especially with the new game modes they already released. This is probably not their priority {{summoner:52}}
: Queue not starting (players not ready)
Same issue. Login in with a friend and I get the prompt that both players aren't ready. Try doing it by myself and it starts but the button is then grayed out and I get forced into my store when I try to cancel.


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