: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Is it intentional for Unsealed Spellbook (Formerly Summoner Specialist) to still reduce the overall cooldown of you summoner spells by 20%? If not, then it seems to be a bug. If so, you may want to change the tooltip to reflect this.
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: Guys, Evelynn is not okay.
Masquerade Evelynn's run in Demon Shade is also acting up as well. Though it seems you have to get a bit of Movement speed built before it shows up. The Masquerade's Homeguard Run animation loop is also off; she takes a few steps, freezes for a bit and floats, and then goes back to running. Lashers are also not behaving. (ALso getting this when my movement speed is boosted by Scuttler's Shrine, so I guess it's just the general 'Moving very fast' Animation)
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
I'm glad the team is doing this test to get a feel of rune page limits! Will there be any extra time added for the 2-editable pages limit, or at least a "Set up your runes!" message to remind people?
So while the rune might get a lot of use on, say, Soraka, who can heal herself AND teammates, you could still feasibly use it on someone like Mundo or Vladimir, correct?
: Beekeeper Singed Delay
Shouldn't this be on the live patch boards? Not the PBE? Also don't think I didn't see your bee pun. >:c
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: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
So taking a break from discussions on skins and camouflage I would like to see the mana cost of Hate Spike be reduced some. For as spammable a skill as it is against monsters, it's a very costly skill. Perhaps, along with the reduced cooldown on jungle monsters, it could also refund some of your mana when it hits them?
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I'd just like to reiterate: **I think the biggest, most important change that could be made to the new runes system, is removing any sort of page cap. Instead, give each champion their own unique set of rune pages** (3-5, probably, maybe include a default so players new to the champ aren't caught off guard). --- I've been planning out new pages with the builder on the website, and I've made a TON of pages; even taking out ones I made for multiple champions (Theorycrafting, and all), I feel like they're each unique and tailor-made to the champion. There is no way I can make a generic rune page without feeling like I'm seriously gimping one of those champs, because I'd have to pick an option that fits everyone, instead of the more niche rune that fits the champ's playstyle perfectly. And I think trying to make a 'generic for this class of champs' rune page is just going to be a disservice to the new systems goal of 'Runes should reflect your playstyle.' Speaking personally, I'd much rather have a "This is my Jinx page, this is my Tristana page, this is my Kog'maw page" and not "Well this is the general ADC page that each of them has to use decently, and if not, tough cookies." I know that you can change rune pages in champ select now. However, there's been a push to speed up champ select, and I'd be worried about not having the time to think about the rune pages, especially if there's a change of plans and I need to go with a champion I wasn't planning to play that game. Although if you'd like to embrace this aspect of runes, I'd like to see it implemented in-game as a specified "Create your Rune Page!" time in champ select. I feel like, if you're going to give us multiple rune pages to work with, I'd want them to mean something. Having them just so you can either A) Only ever use one of them in champ select, or B) Try to squeeze 140+ champions into 20 pages, either way it'd be a disservice to the new system, and undermine attempts to theorycraft.
: If you want to upgrade the watch into the zonyas then I believe you can't use it and have to just hold onto it ?
Let me dig through some dev corners real quick. I'm pretty sure a 'broken' watch can be upgraded into Zhonyas as well. EDIT: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/E0aY4E0O-runes-corner-inspiration-runes-slot-sneak-peek > "One time use" means that when you use Stopwatch, it shatters: > Broken Stopwatch - 600 Gold Is broken, but can still be ugpraded. (After breaking one Stopwatch, the shopkeeper will only sell you Broken Stopwatches.) A Broken Stopwatch can still be upgraded into Zhonya's and Guardian Angel, it just can't be used again.
: It's decided by how much AP or AD you have during the course of the game (usually through item buys). Thus, you could run AP Ezreal if you bought AP items with him.
So theoretically, could this change in the middle of a game? Say with someone like Kennen who buys a Doran's blade to start with, but prefers building AP items afterwards?
: Why is Inspiration so bad for secondary?
-You do less damage for EARLY GAME, after a few minutes the debuff fades: And most tanks (The ones who would want the mastery) wouldn't mind the debuff, because they'd rather focus on teamfights than laning phase. -Free biscuits that heal a good amount of your missing HP and mana; if your champion has a poor early game (And maybe some mana issues), these can go a long way in keeping you from being forced out of lane. -As far as I know, the 1-time Zhonyas Stopwatch will become a component for Zhonyas Hourglass; If Zhonyas is a core component on your champion, this'd be great, because you can have a zhonyas effect to make plays earlier than you would otherwise, AND you get a discount on one of your core items. (600 gold I believe the stopwatch costs in the store? Pretty good deal if you askme) -And Zodiac talked about debt; pretty good for getting your core items earlier than you should (Like you're an ADC, and you're JUST short of 1300 for your first BF Sword, even if you sell Doran's Blade; well this fixes that problem!)
: Hey Siachi, Not your fault, I fudged that response up pretty bad. I used some bad words and didn't fully put a thought out. We do not have plans to make it so Camouflage is broken with damage on any other champions! I apologize for the confusion. Your reading comprehension is top notch. My response, was not. -Ranger
Okay, thank you for clearing that up! Although I don't completely agree, I can understand the logic in giving Eve a bit of a special case, seeing as her camouflage is not really tied to a cooldown or cost like Twitch or Rengar, and would effectively be permanent until she's ready to engage. That being said, if Evelynn is underperforming on live, could giving her the 'Shimmer but stealth doesn't break' effect be used as a balance lever? i.e. Is this design set in stone, or are changes allowed? Or perhaps also include the quicker stealth for late game like Evelynn on live? --- I've taken a few long breaks from league (Internet issues, blegh), and I haven't played Evelynn much lately at all on live, so I'm not in much of a position to comment on what would be too strong or too weak for Eve's design. I'm just hoping you can get to a good balance between "_Eve is just an invisible minion for how strong she is_", "_Eve exploded me and disappeared before I realized she even existed_", and **especially avoid** "_Oh yeah, Eve can go invisible sometimes. I completely forgot, it has so little impact on her playstyle_" For being a big part of her gameplay identity, I'd hate to see her stealth so undertuned it might as well not be there at all.
: Yes it is intended. We want camouflage to have consistent rules. Of course it makes a difference :) That is something we can tune for later if we feel but we do want Evelynn to have to choose when to leave stealth and make it an impactful moment not just weaving into stealth in combat.
I'm sorry, I'm having some reading comprehension issues. You're saying it's intended for Rework Eve to be removed from camouflage if she takes damage, right? But for other cases of camouflage (According to the wiki), they aren't removed from camo, and have the shimmer effect. So is the plan to change Camouflage across the board so that it breaks if the champion is hit, or is Eve going to be a special case?
: And so RIOT releases their first naked champion. <3
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
So I haven't played Eve in ages, much less in the jungle, so I'm in no position to say how strong or weak she is, so I'll just have to go based on how it _feels_ rather than any measurement of strength compared to live Eve. --- > **TL;DR** - I like that you kept the part of Eve's old Q, but I worry having to spam it so much will be rough on the Q finger, and against jungle monsters, lag might mean you don't get off enough of the Spikes before it goes off cooldown. Would it be too strong to have the 3 spikes fire off automatically if enemies are in range? - I'm fine with the ultimate's damage/warpback being together: It can be a strong execute, and a strong disengage, and the best use of it will be to wait for the right oppurtinity to use both. - Masquerade Evelynn's hair is VERY distracting with how floofy it is (Also off-model from the splash art). Could it be trimmed down some without changing the base hair style? > P - DEMON'S SHADE I can't offer too much feedback on not getting invisibility pre-6: I never really played Jungle Eve all that much (I usually just took her mid in bot games when I did player her). I will say on my attempt with a jungle clear, I did feel pretty mana hungry, but perhaps I just need to take that into account and start Blue for the future? I'd imagine it'd be too strong to get her both good HP and MP recovery, however. > Q - HATE SPIKE For the few times I played her in practice mode, I had some issues with the new Q. While I'm personally ecstatic that you kept an element of the old Q (Eve, even pre-rework, always felt like someone who wanted to draw the pain out, and chase down her 'prey', rather than finish them off ASAP). However, when fighting jungle monsters, especially if I had a bit of a lag spike, I wouldn't be able to get all 3 spikes out before the cooldown ran out. On top of this, while I like the spell thematically, it's definitely a pain on the Q finger to spam it. Would it be too powerful to have the three following spikes fire off automatically after the initial cast and if enemies are nearby? Maybe after hitting Q a second time if you want a half-second to preposition for jungle clears? This could factor into the above issue of not getting all 3 casts off if my connection isn't great. > W - ALLURE For her W, I would like to get a bit of clarification on the Refund mechanic: Do you only get your mana back if you proc the Curse BEFORE it's fully charged, or do you get it back regardless as long as you proc it? And when you say you're revealed to your target, does your character model pop up for a brief moment, or are they only shown a general location where you are via the line that draws from it. > E - WHIPLASH Her E, I don't have too many complaints about, although I can mirror what has been said about her empowered E not feeling like it's a long enough dash. > ULTIMATE - LAST CARESS And personally, despite what others think, I'm fine with having the Blink on her Ult be forced: It's definitely a finishing move for it's damage, but between the brief invuln and the warp back, it can also be an "OH CRAP" move. I'm fine with it being together like this, same as with Ekko's Ult: You CAN use it for damage, and you CAN use it as an 'Oh crap' Button. But to get the full use out of the move, you have to be able to plan things out and use it at the right time to achieve both effects. I've seen the idea that maybe she could enter Demon's Shade immediately after ulting and the warp back. While a neat idea thematically, I'd worry it'd make it too strong of an engage tool. > SKINS As for visual design... well the only thing I have a strong opinion for is her Masquerade skin and just going to be blunt: The hair is WAAAY too floofy. Evelynn's supposed to be a tempting succubus, but all I can think of when I see the skin is "Alright Eve, which clown did you torture for it's wig this time?" I don't have any particular issues with the hair style itself, just that it's so voluminous that it distracts from the rest of Masquerade Evelynn. On the topic of her base skin, though, I'm impressed that you were able to keep her Blue and pink/purple colors in tact as you have, and making them feel more fitting for her design. --- And as a side question: Is the reason her lashers are curled to the front of her to make her silhouette more distinct from Ahri's tails?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Elise!
So, not getting into the skin itself quite yet: Why is this a 'Super Galaxy' skin if she's stated to be opposing the heroes of the other Super Galaxy skin line? Besides saying "This skin is part of a shared universe?"
: Last Stand seems to be a bit crazy right now with just being under 80% HP for 12% more damage. I feel it should be below 40% instead
My understanding of the tooltip is "UP TO 12% more damage", which means you do more damage as your health gets lower, but the bonus doesn't start whatsoever until you get under 80% (So maybe when you're at, say, 75%, you're only getting a 3-5% increase). But I could be misreading things.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
(This post is mostly a 'I'm worried about X" post. If internal testing has shown otherwise and I'm just being paranoid, please let me know) So while the Rune Builder was open to everyone, I had a lot of fun thinking up new pages for my champions! That being said, I do have a few issues with some of the runes and how they're set up. Now, if internal testing has shown that it's might not be an issue, let me know please! --- > **TL;DR **- I'm worried that 15 pages (plus presets) may be too restrictive for rune pages, especially with how distinct the effects of each rune can be. If possible, I think it'd be cool if each champion had their own set of rune pages unique to them. So, the main thing I'm worried about, is that only having 15 Rune Pages (Plus the presets) would hurt or undermine the idea that "Runes should be an expression of your skill and playstyle" goal. And I"m aware you can change runes in Champ Select now, but I've noticed a push to have Champ Select finish up faster (Not unreasonable), so I'd be worried about not having enough time to consider my page in-game. (Say for instance, my first choice gets taken away, and I have to deliberate with my team what else would work with our comp. If I'm late enough in the pick order, and if I haven't already With 140+ champions, having 15 pages to work with seems somewhat of a tight restriction. Especially with how much of a trade off individual runes offer (Even non-keystones), what could be perfect for one champion, may not work for another all because of a single rune. (Say, one jungler really benefits from the Out of Combat movespeed Hunter, but the other jungler is mobile enough that they'd rather have one of the other 'Hunter' runes) --- Personally, if it's possible, I would love to see Rune pages be tied to individual champions. Say, for instance, Ezreal has 3 specific pages just for him, and you could use one page for general ADC playstyle, another page to test a new build you think might work, and a third page to try out the jungle Ez that all the hip, young, cool kids are doing these days. And while Ezreal has these pages, you'd only see them when you have Ezreal selected or locked in, and not while playing another champion. And vice-versa with other champions having their own pages; you wouldn't see another champion's page while playing Ezreal. And you could use the presets as a 'general, every champion' sort of thing, so that new people playing a champ for the first time won't be completely without runes, even if they aren't ideal for the champ.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Surprise Party Amumu, Moo Cow Alistar, Dino Gnar, and Meowkai Chromas!
For the short time I had to test them before the PBE went down for maintenance, I noticed that the Dino Gnar chromas still used the same boomerang for autoattacks as base, despite the main model getting a different texture. Is this something that can easily be changed so that the autoattack particles match the model textures, or is this firmly out of scope (Which is fine it's out of scope). I didn't get time to test out all of the Gnar Chromas, though when the PBE comes back up I'll take a closer look at them! Either way, I have every intention of getting at least one of these chromas when they go live!
: Jhin "bug"?
I'm pretty sure this is a bug. I saw it while practicing with the blood moon skin, but at the time I just assumed it was my reliably unreliable internet acting up. A bit late at night right now, but I'll see if I can reproduce it in the morning. It 'could' be just an issue in training mode, because I had auto-refresh cooldowns at the time, but if I can do it reliably enough in training i'll try it in a custom game.
: MYMU - Malzahar Discussion
Tl;dr: Really like the looks of this kit, so my questions are just me being curious and interested in the design and thoughts behind it. --- Can't say I'm too surprised to see his W and R merged into one ability: You pretty much only ever used W if you had R to force them to stay on it anyway. I am surprised you decided to keep Suppression on the kit, but I guess if it's not going to be a squishy bursting tool, then might not be as bad of an issue. Are Voidlings able to attack towers, or no? LOVE seeing that Voidlings get movement speed when chasing Malefic Vision enemies: Kind of frustrating to see a voidling rush under a tower, chasing an enemy in vain. Is W a spell where you can hold charges, or is it just the "Multiplying voidlings" feature? And my understanding of the wording is that you can't really get infinite voidling uptime, because the new ones will last as long as the one that spawned them (Not that it's a bad thing: Gotta have those windows of power after all!) I'm sure there's going to be a much larger post about this, but what would you say differentiates him from the other Immobile mages from the update, i.e. what's his niche now?
: This was in the patch notes as intentional. They didn't want people waiting for gold like they did last season to buy an extra potion.
Alright then; guess I just wasn't paying attention. Pay this thread no mind.
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: Hmm we tried this during development and it felt very noisy since this is something that is always up until used. (Compared to Rengar) We have specifically put 'build up' vfx and sound for this spell, and I THINK it should be enough when players learn what the cues are. Of course if we are proven wrong we would be happy to look for a more clear solution here. (Maybe circle range is the right call even though it is noisy)
I suppose, but you could argue the same thing for Rapidfire canon: Yes it can take a bit to build up, but it'll always be up until used. But then I suppose, given the item's effect, that range indicator would be necessary considering it can vary based on the champion's own attack range. Either way, I'll just wait and see, and trust that you can make it work out either way. Just as long as you keep it in the back of your mind if you feel she needs some QoL buffs.
: Make Poppies ult launch where she aims.
Are you kidding? That'd be a super-Lee Sin ult if you could send them in any direction!
: "Stubborn to a Fault" for Poppy Audio and Visual Cues
According to some Red posts, the voice spam when she's low on health is a bug, which should be fixed soon-ish. So it probably will be more spaced out when it's fixed.
: Poppy Passive...just feels...off
My only thoughts are that it's meant to be a comeback mechanic, letting her farm a bit if she's behind, or just for harassing the opponent before going all in. I do agree that, while her basic abilities scream "All in, wall slam, pound face, ???, profit", the inclusion of a ranged harass tool seems odd. I'd sort of like to see it fleshed out a little more, to be honest.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Could I make the suggestion where, if Poppy's passive is up, she gets a range indicator, like with Rengar's passive, or when a champion has the Rapid Firecannon item? {{item:3094}} I feel like this can help with some visual clarity as to her attack range with her passive, especially a better indicator to tell when it's up or not. ~~EDIT: Also, I don't know if this is a problem with the item or Poppy, but with Sterrak's Gage equipped, it doesn't seem to be counting the bonus from it: It says it's giving me 29 extra attack, but the scalings on Q only show an extra +6 damage, and her Q should have a 65% AD Scaling right? I'm not sure if it's just a tooltip error, or if it's affecting the actual damage or not.~~ EDIT2: Alright it's apparently not a bug, I guess it doesn't count as Bonus AD for scaling purposes then. Didn't know that.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
As someone else on the main forums said (paraphrasing): "As long as she keeps the backstory with her father and the assassination attempt, we're gucci." Bonus points if there's an Indigo Montoya reference. But yeah, I'll have to wait for it to come out fully on the PBE to test it. I'll admit I'm a little bit sad that Poppy got some AoE on her kit: I sort of liked, thematically, that all her spells were single target.
: Just got on PBE to try this out {Gnar Main here}. _**Initial impressions:**_ **What I like**: * Love the blueish winter color scheme - blue circles for hyper, snowy particle effects, icy animations for all the abilities is a nice touch. * Love his little outfit. **Could be better**: * **Mini Gnar's blue fur color:** in mini form could be toned down from being BRIGHT royal blue to a more subtle tone in the fur to match his Mega Gnar colors better. * **Q boomerang crisper?:** it plays smooth in visuals as usual, although could be more crisp animation defining what kind of object you're throwing perhaps, minor complaint. * **The transformation from mini to mega getting "snowy" is sorta distracting**, especially when you hold your rage bar for a teamfight so you can time your transformation to mega form. At first it was pretty cool {no pun intended}, but it quickly got distracting and sorta unwanted. Not sure if this can be more subtle and toned down or not. * **Mega Gnar "penguin boulder" sound effect:** the penguin boulder was an ok creative choice i guess {although i'm sure PETA will have a hissy fit, lol}, but i sorta expected a more satisfying sound effect when it lands then the current soft-sounding boulder toss. The clock "GONG" on gentlemen is nice, and smashing house for Dino Gnar, or boulder slam with classic; the ice penguin just sorta seemed like an opportunity to have a penguin "squak!" or something. Maybe people wouldn't like it, it might sound cruel or something, lol, i dont know, but it's just a suggestion. Maybe make the boulder sound like an Ice boulder more, like shattering Ice? Maybe voice effects aren't fully implemented, i don't know. But i just expected it to be better sounding. Probably too late to change. Overall, I'm delighted with the skin, just some minor tweaks i'd personally prefer. I'd be happy to clarify on any criticism presented. Thanks, and "Shugi shugi shugi!"
Agree with this post a lot! Also, I was messing around the various animations, and I'm wondering if the Joke seems off to you? The best way I can describe it "He looks like he's staring off into space when he should be looking at his tail." Also, I think Mega Gnar's recall is missing some voice and sound effects. And yeah, while it might just take some getting used to, I have to wonder if the screen going blue instead of red will have some clarity issues when transforming. It's thematically cool, but could be distracting. Otherwise, I like a lot of the little details of the skin: The icy breath, the little snow particles, that sort of thing. All in all I like this skin a lot! I'm not sure if it'd replace Dino Gnar for me, I like that skin too much, but I think it's a great skin I'll probably end up getting myself!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Tristana!
Haven't had the chance to try it on the PBE yet, so I can't give much of a detailed response. I'll try to cut the gushing short (RIGGLES IS SO CUUUUTE) and just say great job! I love that you went the extra mile with a Dragon Trainer skin by adding the new voice lines, which helps sell the idea of there being a bond between a Dragon and a dragon trainer. Also, whoever had the idea to make it so Tristana makes Riggles dance for the dance animation, I give you a pat on the back (And my medical bills for the diabetes you've induced, but no hard feelings)! Sorry, I know I should be a bit more professional when it comes to feedback, but this skin just hits all the right marks for me, I can't throw money at the screen fast enough! The only real bug I've noticed has already been mentioned (The one with the fish and the recall), though when I get the chance to try it, I'll definitely be on the lookout: I'm dead-set on buying this skin on live, so I'd want to make sure it comes out bug-free.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cutpurse Twisted Fate & Cutthroat Graves!
While I think using a card in place of his hat for some of his animations is a creative way to go about it, it could stand to be improved some. I think it's a bit odd that the card in his joke just seems to disappear into his head, and him holding the card to his head seems awkward too. I'm curious, is it possible to only slightly change the animations (An extra wrist flick, or arm in a different position) to better fit, if you plan on keeping the card? Would that be outside the scope of the skin, or would you be afraid to go overboard and end up bumping the price? I'm honestly not familiar with animation, so I wouldn't know how much effort it'd be. For example, for his recall, instead of holding the card to his head, the animation could be changed a bit so he's holding his card-arm over his shoulder (I'm imaging in a position similar to if here were about to throw it), but otherwise he'd be in the same position.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cutpurse Twisted Fate & Cutthroat Graves!
So immediately, the lack of a hat on Cutpurse Twisted Fate's model makes a few of his animations seem off, specifically his joke animation, and a few other animations where he grabs the brim of his hat. Would there be issues with giving the skin a matching hat, such as a tricorn? Would you worry about him getting confused with another champion if you added the hat? --- Despite this, I actually do quite like the skin, even if it is a cheaper one. Maybe because it makes him come across as more of a thief, which none of his skins really do. In some ways, it's actually kind of nice to have a hat-less skin (Phantom animations aside). And in general, I like that him and Graves finally have matching skins; in particular, it seems like the two of them in their past, back when they were partners and before TF betrayed Graves. I would like to see the phantom animations addressed in some way (Maybe try a bandana or visor or something if you don't want to give him a full hat? I'll admit I'm not the best person to be asking in terms of fashion sense), but I personally like the model otherwise. I understand a lot of people would probably like a more particle heavy skin (I think the only major particle change is Underworld TF), but I'm personally satisfied... even if I already have 2 other 750 TF skins. --- I have no idea if other skins follow suit, but I noticed that, while the indicator for Pick a Card (W) has new Card images, these new images don't carry over to his other skills that feature his cards. Would this be considered a QoL type of particle update, or would updating these particles be out of scope for the skin?
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
I have no idea exactly how this game mode will work, but I'm super excited for it: I like the idea of getting your own little creature or minion and being able to buff it and make it stronger (Which is why Banner of Command is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me to buy). I don't suppose we can get the Brawler icons as summoner icons, can we? It sounds like, for instance, a snowballing top lane can more directly affect other lanes, because he can buff his particular Brawler in that wave and get an immediate effect. Either way, this sounds really interesting, and I look forward to testing! Just given the amount of resources put into it (New items, models, etc.), I hope this stays longer than a single patch.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: New Chroma Packs are Here!
I mentioned this on the other thread, but last I used the Bard chromas, the Meep(s) that appears for his Joke and Dance animations are the default yellow color, and do not match the Meep that follows Bard naturally. (This could have changed since yesterday) I'm not sure how long or how much effort it'd take to look into, but it is a bit jarring to have these animation-meeps not match the regular Meep. Either way, I quite like these skins. I'm more of a fan of the cooler blue and green colors, but red has an almost menacing feel to it (Probably due to the dark red 'eyes' Bard has).
: Chroma Packs Slingshot onto PBE
I don't know if you're looking for feedback on the newer Chromas, but I've just noticed that, in the Bard Chromas, the meeps that appear for his dance and joke animation do not match the colors of the Meeps that follow you; they're the usual golden colored meeps. I'm not sure if this is intentional, or how much work it'd take, but it would make the Chromas feel that much more complete.
: Chroma Packs Slingshot onto PBE
Is it acceptable for us to talk about the new Chroma packs (released earlier this evening, 6/26) in this thread, or should we wait for a new one?
: Permaban people who make consistent use of (un)known exploits.
I appreciate the concern, but it IS the PBE: you kind of have to go into it expecting bugs, and expecting said bugs to screw you over one way or another. Honestly, I'd almost argue that 'abusing' the bug makes SURE that other people notice it, and therefor, that Riot notices it BEFORE it goes live, where it matters. Also, a quote from a rioter (Regarding Tahm Kench's 'gloabal W' bug): http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/UB1cit7N-tahm-kench-the-river-king?comment=001c000100000000 > [{quoted}](name=NullAshton,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=UB1cit7N,comment-id=001c00010000,timestamp=2015-06-25T07:59:23.043+0000) > > Bugs like these, should we use them or not use them or just be smart about it? > > Won a game using it, but the enemy team was using it too. Hella fun and just crazy all around. --- > [{quoted}](name=ZenonTheStoic,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=UB1cit7N,comment-id=001c000100000000,timestamp=2015-06-25T20:24:03.513+0000) > I mean, have fun with it. It'll be gone with the next deploy ;) --- And honestly, if the prevalence of a certain bug bothers you so much, you're free to take a break from the PBE until it's fixed; just make sure you submit the bug, or upvote and reply to someone else's submission. I'm personally taking a bit of a break until the Global Tahm Devour bug gets fixed. Or, like Zedocaxx says, you can try going into a custom game.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
I have to wonder if it'd be possible to give Mark/Dash a different icon for the map. The snowball icon kind of breaks the theme; maybe even replacing the icon just for the event at least? I'm not too terribley observant to notice an issues, at least for the one game, but so far it's pretty awesome! I would like to know if the poro-sharks have any special name, though.
: Even If galio's w (Bulwark) is called a shield, it only gives bonus m res and armor to the target while healing galio. It doesn't give any shield like janna's or karma's and that's why you don't see any white bar. That being said, I agree with you on the fact that it can hard to understand if you're new to the champion or to the game and the description could be something like ''Galio put a protective aura on an allied champion or himself for 4 seconds...'' I wish I helped you and have a nice day !
Alright, thank you very much! Having it called a shield in the tooltip really threw me off. Should I just delete this thread then?
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: On the new champion's Ultimate passive, the math isn't adding up. Either that I am missing something. The ultimate passive tell me this "(10*6% of maximum health) as magic damage to basic attack and spells. Say I have 2,300 health it should be 138 bonus damage, but it came out to something like 60-70ish, which is about 4% of his health. Unless there is some hidden scaling that isn't shown to us players. because as it is right now, it isn't adding up.
Are you calculating it as "10% + 6% health" or "10 (base) + 6% health" Because I think it's the latter. EDIT: Also, I think it's BONUS health anyway, so that may through your calculations off (Like, say 500 'natural' health, plus an extra 800 from Warmogs, the bonus health would only count the warmog's 800 (And *maybe* your level up bonus, but I'm not sure).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Master Chef Tahm Kench!
Although I've only seen the skin spotlight video (Issues connecting into the game), I agree with the sentiment that the shade of orange could be toned down, if possible. I can understand that color could be an issue with Tahm Kench, because of his Devour, though having his 'base' be a rather desaturated color, with his Devour colors being more vivid would probably be acceptable. Also, just from the skin spotlight video, it seemed like there was an animation bug with his death animation: His right arm seems to stretch through his head in a strange way.
: Unable to load into a game
Same thing happened to me a couple times, about an hour or so ago. EDIT: Might be happening again. EDIT2: Even custom games don't seem to be working.
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/mdc7U6qL-unable-to-load-into-a-game read, my friend
Thanks for pointing me to it.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Lulu
Might just be me, but it felt like some of the bubble effects were hard to hear; wasn't even sure if some of my skills went off or not.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Draven!
Hmm, might just be me, and that I don't play much Draven, but I felt that his Q enhanced autos were pretty quiet; kind of hard to notice if I hit something or not.
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