: Yeah, I think they could just tone it down a bit, less golden and perhaps smaller would make it nicer :0
maybe, I wanna see how I feel if they ever make it smaller.
: considering reav3 did pass on my suggestions from reddit to riot im really happy with it. they darkened her kimono making it look 100% better. my other suggestion was for a different hairstyle/ flip her ponytail backwards, her back was empty. so it would not cover anything up. so they decided to add that golden think on the back (which im 90% in love with, like it makes her back better, it is slightly too big but still love the overall of it) and the fact that she's 975 and had no recall like any other 975 BM skin have. they added one. i really wanna see the VFX they add to it in 8.16
ah ok, thanks for reply. I would like to see how I feel when if they make the skull smaller. Maybe its too big and thats whats bothering me.
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: The hidden effort that has been put into rework Alkali
So what does the community think about new rework?
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