: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Type of Bug: In Game Description: Shacos jack in the box don't fear kata when she uses shunpo or ult Reproduction rate: Happened every time Steps to reproduce: 1)Have Katarina and Shaco ingame 2)Place down a Jack in the box 3)Shunpo onto it or just flash ult (sorry i got no video)
: Shaco rework jack in the box bug with katarina
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: Kassadin Idea
I think riot should actually try this on the pbe servers and see how balanced it is, it sounds like a good idea, but something like the cooldown of the ult should be nerfed atleast, this is a buff so riot will need to balance this out but overall a good idea
: OFA PSA.. 8 Dodges Later
The second i read this i got intto a game and said"guys lets play brand i wanna test him" my team bans brand, people forget that we are here to test
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: I don't know how many times I've said we're supposed to be testing champions and the mode, only to get flamed saying I'm salty. I would be ok with Riot disabling a few champs that they know for a fact work fine in URF, forcing people to try other champions.
I agree, i have gotten flamed for choosing a "troll champ" when i was testing him, or got reported for choosing poppy to test on my friends pbe account her cuz "no one is playing her"
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