: Fizz - As a 250k mastery fizz main, I really like the changes. I was hesitant at first about the W change until I saw that R applies the dot as well. Personally, I think this will make fizz far more difficult to play but even more fun. Akali - I'm no akali main, but I think these changes are way too harsh on her. Both her passive and R have been massively hurt. Her in-fight healing is massively reduced, because she only gains health every 8 seconds instead of on every spell. Obviously she still gets healing from gunblade, but it is much less than she used to get. That is a fine philosophy, as spell vamp can be a very oppressive stat, but she is not getting damage to compensate her loss of healing. I've always seen her as the "vamp" assassin. The one who can pull off plays from low health because of her healing potential. Personally, I would suggest that her passive not be so extended so that her kill window is smaller and play making potential is higher. I propose either: - Minimal changes from the current plan: Let E proc the passive, and allow the cooldown to be reduced in some way (time spent in stealth hastes CD, proccing Q mark, etc.). - Ideally: abilities empower auto attacks (like spellblade/riven passive) to heal based on AP and increasing based on akali's missing health. This encourages akali to weave auto's into her attack pattern more and lets her make plays from low health. Akali has always struggled pre-6; healing based on missing health makes tower diving her more of a risk. She will get poked to being low, but will be hard to actually kill in lane.
Thanks for the Fizz feedback Pannanja! You'll also probably be excited to know that the Chum the Waters (R) now also applies the dot to everyone hit! Enjoy following up your Shark Attack on the target of your choice! Thank you for the Akali suggestions as well. The thought-process here is to have her "vamp" be more bursty as opposed to an always present effect. [Here's a list covering her next set of upcoming changes.](https://twitter.com/ricklessabandon/status/788973867528171520)
: About {{champion:29}} , will this ruin his Jungling? Wondering if these changes had Twitch JG in mind at all. I feel like this will ruin a lot of his _cheesey_ early-game ganks where you could run right past the enemy and get behind them before you pop out. Also, what is the range of detection for "Camouflaged" champions?
The W change speeds up jungling vs. camps like Raptors, and the duration on the Q should give enough breathing room to position yourself before popping out. Ambushing from behind is still possible, however the focus is more clever flanking compared to shooting straight down the lane. Control Wards (new pink wards) will reveal you in Camouflage, but this isn't much different from live Twitch (and currently this interaction leans in Twitch's favor, as Controls Ward's sight radius is smaller than Pink Wards).
: Is there any type of indicator when a champion has been bleeding for 2 seconds/when the W active gets it's extra damage?
Yes we repurposed the Trident particle from the old damage buff on R. It's appears when the dot is applied, fills up over 2 seconds, and flashes when the active can be triggered for extra damage.
: Fizz main here! Why no passive change? I feel like fizz's passive is SO boring and only slightly useful. Not really thematic at all
Fizz's Passive was quite the conundrum. I agree that it's pretty stale, but it's a big factor in how he's able to function in mid lane vs. ranged opponents. We tried a variety of alternatives but it was constantly noticeable how easy it was to bully Fizz out of lane without the basic attack damage reduction. A couple of iterations were certainly interesting, however to make them actually noticeable power would have to be pulled out of the rest of the kit to justify it's addition. For example one iteration played up his ghosting effect further, giving him a boost of movement speed when he passed through units (thematically he was kicking off of them). It was fun to weave around minions to get to the target, but giving him too much Movement Speed would require further lengthening of his Q and E cooldowns (something no Fizz player wants). Basically it came down to prioritizing the aspects of the kit that Fizz players already enjoy. A more powerful passive would pull something from his other abilities. In a bigger rework such a change would be easier to support, but in these smaller updates we prefer not to move too far away from what player's enjoy about the live version of a character.
: Fizz main here checking in. Overall I'm loving the changes, the W changes especially add a ton of gameplay that wasn't there before. One thing I miss though is that previously there was a ton of mastery around maximizing how many autoattacks and on-hits you can land as Fizz, but now there is little reason to autoattack more than once every 2-4 seconds. Could there be a way to add back in ever so slightly, like, say, splitting the W active into the next two autoattacks instead of just the next attack? Or is this just an unfortunate loss over the new W gameplay?
Thanks for the feedback! The focus on the new W's gameplay revolves around what choices the Fizz player and their opponent makes as the DOT charges up their active damage. As Fizz, you can still weave in a couple of extra auto attacks for basic damage and bait out an attack with your E. Or you can dance around the creeps before you dive back in. Ideally the mastery should stem from learning what pattern will be the most effective based upon your lane opponent, who's ahead or behind, where both team's junglers are positioned, etc. I'll keep an eye on whether his auto attacks might need some love without access to his live W though.
: I know this page is deliberately not specific, but could you specify more on the Ekko changes? is it more along the lines of less cc and more damage? lower bases and raise scalings?
Hey there! Here's a TLDR: * Passive - * Slow Removed * Lvl 1 Base Damage Up * Lvl 18 Base Damage Down * Q: AP ratio up on initial pass-through * R: heal has a base that scales with AP and a bonus based upon % health lost in the last 4 seconds
: Akali main here with two questions: - What is your aim with the change to Akali's shroud? (The dash, I mean) - Any details on the reworked passive?
The dash is intended to give Akali players more juking potential with the ability. The Shroud still centers upon Akali's position when she casts it, but now she also repositions instantly without her opponent seeing her. She now gets 2 empowered basic attacks. The first restores a flat amount of health, the second deals bonus magic damage if used shortly after the first. Both reset after a couple of seconds.
: > This does mean when he first learns his Ultimate, it could technically activate on any enemy champion. How, if he hasn't even had the time to use it yet..?
When he first learns his Ultimate he won't have any active bonus Attack Damage, so netting a kill or assist on any enemy champion that he uses Death Mark on will trigger the effect since a % of their Attack Damage will always be greater then 0.
: On another note, about the Ekko changes: Is he going to be a decent jungler again? The nerfs that were meant to adress Tank Ekko in S6, really killed him as a jungler in the end.
With the Slow removed from his Passive he will be receiving other compensation buffs to his damage. This should help him in the Jungle at early levels, but it's not the primary focus of his changes.
: Zed R question - What do you mean by "strongest" victim?
Any target that will provide him a greater Attack Damage bonus than what currently possess. He can only be gaining damage from single enemy champion at a time. If Death Mark nets him a kill or assist on a target that will provide him with a higher bonus, he gains Attack Damage from them instead. This does mean when he first learns his Ultimate, it could technically activate on any enemy champion.
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