: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
The only thing i'd have something to say is: some skins and her run after tier 2 boots. Alright so, the skins are all beautiful, couldnt find one that i did not like but the only thing that i quite not like is the fact that infernal akali (520 rp) has more particles and more effects than a 975 rp skin (which is silverfang), could you please give silverfang some particles related to her skin? It would be great as its already a cool skin but, imo, not worth 975 rp if it doesnt have those things added. About the way she runs, i've said it on reddit aswell: if you play with no shadows on it looks like she's just constantly moonwalking and it feels quite bad, it kind of happens with her base run too (the one without boots at all) but it can be noticed less as she has that pose and walks that way (dunno why you wanted her to change pose after buying t2 boots anyway). Thanks for your time and great job you've done, love all of your champs (darius a bit less, cause it has close to no mechanics, but the rest are all funny to play).
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: [issue on Tuesday, 11/7] High ping spikes, practice tool disabled, slow game starts
Well, bug or not, people are gonna perma dodge the queues whenever someone picks zoe cuz 'wanna test'
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: I found relogging worked, if you bought the bundles.
Tried to relogg twice, still nothing happened unluckily. Yes, i bought the bundles
: I bought the packages with champions and did not receive them
Seems like everyone is having the same problem atm, waiting for an answer from rioters or who knows how to fix it
: when i buy something store, it wont give on my acc
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