: Headhunter Akali needs Updated Splash Art
headhunter splash already got updated
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
Akali's knife gets smaller when doing the spinning animation.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Gameplay is not bad, if you take out slow casting time on E, and other things, but her visual seems so rushed, really disapointing, like the kunai getting smaller when she does the spin animation, her same ponytail on ALL of her skins, VO lacking a looooot of things compared with other reworks, GIVE AKALI SOME LOVE (care on details) please!
the damage is fine, she more squishy than before and live akali can burst more easily, when people figure out how to play against she will be fine, just need to respect akali spikes and dont play like a bot, plus minions are a problem for akali now (E) and if you dont turn those R's in kills you get behind
: Varios dias sem RP
sei lá acho q os cara n tão nem ai
: Cannot connect to game
VPN, Windscribe, set to Washington and be happy.
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/WeBqpj8J-please-read-this-and-vote-regarding-akali-e-certainlyt-has-done-similar-stuff-before > Dear CertainlyT (and voters), > > For the most part I like the rework except that the chasing potential is a bit lack luster. > Since CertainlyT doesn't seem interested in the least about changing CD on ult or giving it resets. > > I would like for Akali to get some extras on her E that will let her adapt to situations better. > > What I will propose here is very similar to what CertainlyT has done previously with Warwick's Q to make the ability much better without buffing it's numbers. > > The fact that his Bite can keep him on the target when they use a movement ability and lets him land behind them (and fear them away from safety) gave so much more depth to the ability than a simple "Press Q to do damage and heal". > > ## I want the same thing for Akali's Shuriken Flip! > > E is the same as live (I mean PBE...) except it has 3 additional effects: > > * If you hold the E button down during the first cast (throw) instead of jumping back akali will dash forward and then throw the Q (extends her engage range in a way that is counterplayable and involves risk since she is effectively dashing forward to potential kill/CC zone of tanks, carries and mages) > > * If you hold the E button down during 2nd cast of E (dashing part) Akali will instead land behind the target not infront. (For some outplay options) > > * Lastly I would like to have more uptime on E before lvl 13/18 and full CDR. > Something small like -2 sec CD per passive proc would be enough to get that extra shuriken flip. > > I feel like these changes would further increase her skill cap and make her much better at target selection and chasing. > > I don't mind some power going away from the ult in exchange for these 3 changes.
: Please read this and vote. Regarding Akali E. CertainlyT has done similar stuff before.
: New skin cost 1IP
but champions not, neither akali skins
: RP is not the most important thing. It is better to pay attention to other important mistakes.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
test new skins are important things too
: I cannot buy anything on PBE
i have the same issue , should be everyone
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: just because something makes you mad and you don't like it doesn't mean it needs to be removed......
????? lol PBE is for testing, when a new champ/rework comes out on PBE everyone wants to play, one for all is a smart idea do "solve" this problem, but some braindeads tryhard ON THE FKING PUBLIC BETA ENVIRONMENT ban the champ, the reason why bans are disable on draft pick, why not on one for all.


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