: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Little Demon Tristana
I love the VFX and animations, but the model leaves a lot to be desired. https://i.imgur.com/jis3nks.png This picture right here kinda accentuates exactly what I mean. The problems I (and some of my homies) is that: * Her hair's ombré is kinda strange- I think the roots of her hair should be more white, with the tips being engulfed in that azure flame that makes the skin pop. I think that LD Trist suffers from the *opposite* issue that Sweetheart Rakan did last year. https://i.imgur.com/bQrZXCw.png Being just white, his hair was too plain for the skin and subsequently was coloured and had some shading and depth added to it. In this particular case, seeing as how LD Trist's hair is already flaming blue, it would look better if her hair was just white, just like Demon Vi. The ombré and shading seems almost cluttered with the glow on top of it. * Her eyes should probably look more like the splash art. https://i.imgur.com/uQGBBrF.png See how sharp and evil these eyes are? Right now, the eyes on the model are very akin to that of base Tristana, and to be honest it's kinda offputting. I (and a lot of other people) were hoping that the eyes would be just like in this concept art: https://i.imgur.com/V6oQudx.png They are still yordle-esque but they POP and make her seem real evil and mischievous. * Her fangs are weird as HELL. It looks like they're resting atop both her top and bottom lips, like they were glued to her face with her mouth closed. https://i.imgur.com/MbnLtrk.png The fangs should probably be a little smaller and get tucked underneath her top lip a little neater. * Lastly, I think her skin could be a little deeper of a hue. All of the concepts and the splash art make you think her skin is going to be a vibrant, hot pink, but she just seems...bubblegum-esque. Hopefully some of these things get seen, cause otherwise it is a fantastic skin and I cannot wait to use it.
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: Dark Star: Singularity - coming soon to PBE!
Holy shit, this is literally one of the most fun gamemodes/RGMs I've ever played.
: See, the thing is that you are too late and Black Alistar was already tested with his VU, same with all other VU champions. #Shrekt.
How was I to know that? As far as I knew, legacy skins were still legacy in completion. No need to say I've been #shrekt when I was just misinformed. Also, why downvote my post? What's wrong with you?
: Ehm no 'cause none of those skins need testing. This is a testing environment, not a playground. At least *pretend* to take this place more seriously.
See, the thing is that you may want to playtest a champion with a legacy skin's new VU (recently Alistar and his Black Alistar skin)
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
I honestly think new Morde is dope. The idea of a bruisery, tanky guy with a support bot lane is super creative and this iteration of it works well. Right now on live, Morde is pretty much feast or famine, and generally in either case Morde will still build AP and "tank" with his shield, not actually, you know, being a tank. This new Morde is like " hey, I can play a duality role of being a bottom lane tank/carry who still gives the DPS when he needs to", and yet isnt broken as hell. The Q change for damage amplification and added AD ratio for E adds an increased itemization pool where you can get increased tank/damage stats from items such as Sterak's , Rylais, as well as scale with items that , while do seem a tad bit cost ineffective, can turn you into a monstrous powerhouse who can still hold his own (trinity force). Plus you can get Gunblade. It's dope. Strategic Diversity.
: Ekko Counterplay???
I feel like a main facet of Ekko counterplay will have to be outdoing him in his job: outburst him. Now lategame with items, he will be a force to be reckoned with, but earlygame, strong bursts like {{champion:7}} , {{champion:114}} , {{champion:238}} , {{champion:42}} , would do good because of his delayed damage components. His Q does way more damage coming back, his shield still takes around 3 seconds to proc, he still has the E cast time before he blinks to his target, and although his ult is instantaneous, what's more instantaneous than returning to your shadow after Death Mark( even with the current lockout ) or returning to a former Distortion location? Another counterplay option will be just outmobilising him. Especially with short CD, annoying gap-closers and intangibilities like Fizz E, Yi Q, Fiora R, or even Zhonya's. Akali can ult out of his way and now that her R places her on the outer ~150 units of her target's location, she can easily just use a stack of R to get out of Ekko's main damage while still being able to follow up.
: [Eternum Nocturne] E makes Baron see through/color red
That looks pretty cool. I'll try to recreate it as soon as I get on.


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