: Diamond Alistar one-trick here! -Are you going to give him movement through units during trample like before? -Why get rid of the AD buff? :( That was one of the things that proved useful while his abilities were on cooldown, since you could just slap people and do decent damage while waiting (not to mention being hella useful when going AD). Will his E passive/active damage make up for it? Will he be able to proc it frequently in fights? -Can he have a cool animation for when he stuns people with his auto? His base auto animation doesn't seem to cut it lol
Yup! Still ghosts through things while E is up! It was less of removing the AD and more of diluting around the E, that's why the trample damage is quite high (ambient AoE + stun proc). I still think R can be more interesting but I'm still working on some iterations that will not go out on 6.22. Initial idea was to actually have him gouge his E target with his horns or actually falcon punch the enemy, but we decided to focus our particle resources in stuff that we actually needed more than anything (the actual AoE + chains particles). Maybe one day!
: Why is it bad to incentivize Zyra+Alistar going into lane....? I think these were good changes, but this guy is right that Alistar doesn't scale very well and it feels kinda bad to get ahead as Alistar and not get rewarded for it.
I don't think it's bad to incentivize them to go lane! Zyra, for example, has the ratios the way it is because they are meant to allow her to create a very interesting situation where you can have two very strong mages in the game without having to "sacrifice" a lane to put the second mage. Alistar, on the other hand, doesn't actually need those rations. His kit is built around cc engage and disengage + skill shot sponge, so by keeping his ratios and base the way it is we can make sure Alistar is still strong even with little gold (support) and if he gets a ton of gold (solo lane) he wouldn't just be an obnoxious cc dispenser killing machine (basically Tahm Kench from early this season).
: After testing these changes, it feels like they affect Alistar's play pattern pretty significantly, and positively, too. His new E feels really fun to use, and truly does give him more things to do in combat, and having his heal auto-cast and auto-level makes it much less of a hassle. I feel like he plays much more smoothly all around, and his kit feels much tighter and more fun to use (it also feels like he runs into mana issues less often, which is good too). At this point, though, my main complaint is that it feels like Alistar's damage feels really diluted, even though he can deal quite a bit of damage, and he can't really empower his kit via the items he typically buys. I'd personally be happy to see health ratios on his damage and/or heal, even if the base amounts end up getting reduced. I also think he should probably have his damage concentrated, at least on his E: the total damage is pretty huge, but it's spread over multiple instances across a very long duration, and so feels invisible. A more minor complaint is that his W + Q combo still occasionally feels a bit fiddly to use, and the combo is still a mini-Malphite ult that's taking up a lot of his power budget, but at least now it feels like there are more occasions where Ali would want to use either ability on its own merits, since he feels more useful over prolonged fights than before. Overall, this is a great set of changes that I feel have made Alistar significantly more fun to play.
Totally, his damage before was W+Q and then 3 basic attacks while R was active (about 4s), and now that damage was spread out to W+Q and then E (about 7s) so it could feel less impactful even if the amount is lower. The only concern I would have about health ratios is that kinda pushes Alistar into the same problem Zyra would have if her AP ratios were high and base were low: Alistar will be incentivized to go to a lane where he has better gold income (probably top) because his base will be bad to be impacful as a support (lower income) and ratios will be health based (will require gold to get health items). I spent a lot of time debating within Riot about removing the W+Q combo from him or even putting a higher cost to it (for example: could we make Pulverize even stronger - bigger AoE + damage + cc - and turn it into his ultimate, gating how often he combos?). In the end, I believe that it was the right call for now to keep the W+Q the way it is and strip a little power from it (remove 0.5s stun) to keep him familiar and consistent to what Alistar was in a way.
: Alistar Changes Feedback
Thanks for playing him, I created a thread about the Alistar changes if you want to continue the discussion! [http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/un8LUXyg-622-alistar-changes-context-and-feedback-thread] Q also no longer stuns after the target lands so it was trading an extra AoE 0.5s for a single target 1s stun + additional damage (to compensate the damage loss from the ult).
  Rioter Comments
: Swain ult changes feel very odd
The 1s delay already exists on Swain's R on the Live server (pre 6.9) but in a different format: Swain would send out 3 ravens in intervals of 1s between each burst (so a target could only get hit once per second anyway). Now because it became a "raven machine gun" we got to the point that it was too messy and unbalanced to allow the same target be hit over and over again every 0.2s (which is the delay between each raven spawn). That's why they have a 1s wait, to keep it consistent with the live functionality. Overall you should actually be doing more damage and more sustain than on live.
: MYMU: Swain Feedback (Official Thread??)
Hi, thanks for creating a topic for Swain! During development I actually had W stun instead of root if you had the E on him, but it felt a little too punishing for how reliable the spell is later in the game when you start slowing them down with your Q combo (or even Hextech ice bolts). For a fishing tool that becomes more reliable as the game progresses (unlike Cho'Gath's Ruptura that has to stand on its own) I though that it was too much power budget allocated into Swain's kit alongside the other changes!
: While you are tinkering with mages, can I please petition for a QoL change to {{champion:50}} Swain? Please fix the RNG effectiveness of his ult and give him a little more control over who it hits. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/lGfLntRB-swain-quality-of-life-changes
Regarding champions it will always prioritize them. Now that there are 5 birds per second instead of 3, you'll never be missing champion hits through the ultimate. It will still hit random minions though!
: I tried this with 8 spheres, and it used all eight of them. But if I used 9 or even 10 with 45% cdr, it only used 7 of them. Would be nice to know if this is a bug or intentional.

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