: Akalis voice is a bit high for how large of she is
And you barely can hear her voice compared to Irelia's
: 750rp skins aka sashimi wont get any type of effects, its just a pure remodel.. on champs like akali/katarina that throws her weapon they started to remodel the skills that thrown the weapon to match the weapon on the skin. but effects wise sashimi will never get any.. along side any other 750skin. also if you done your homework, you would know that silverfang is in fact getting effects, but they arnt finished yet. the infernal akali skin cant wrap my head around it why its still 520, as that skin should be 1350. but oh well They didnt want another useless 520 recolour skin on her (stinger being one) so they changed the whole theme for that skin.
Even stinger got some new passive vfx and you think Sashimi is just a recolour? -_- That skin needs some attention too.
: Totally agreed, when i tried her on PBE i was like that's all? I thought this skin will be her best one, and all we got is a red akali who's wearing a low quality santa's clothes. Kinda disappointing. I thought she will have a separate blood moon recall, and maybe a blood moon effect on her voice, but that one is not that important.{{champion:84}} {{item:3070}}
Rename it to Ketchup Akali
: I was somewhat sad to remove Akali's resets. They provide high highs and magnify the significance of some events in team fights. Two things caused me to move away from them: 1) I felt like Akali's execution of a reset mechanic was relatively poor -- compare to Katarina where the reset is an explosive event that causes all players to have to rethink the flow of a team fight. Combined with the fact that we can only have so many reset champs in the game, and it made sense to be skeptical of Akali's resets. 2) I felt we could achieve a more organic flow of highs and lows through non-reset mechanics -- as you mentioned, the player's efficiency at converting spell casts to passive auto-attacks, but also energy refund mechanisms, currently getting a second shroud cast in a fight.
Do you consider giving her at least some energy refund when she kills or assists killing a champion? About 20-40 energy refund would not be that bad.
: Blood moon akali's colors need to be adjusted. Too vibrant and cartoony currently. (Also a shame to lose some of the red/white contrast she originally had, but maybe this was to make visual room for nurse/all star?) Sashimi Akali should have orange spell effects. Would be cool to see a noodley/wave inspired design in her passive circle. Nurse Akali could use red spell effects. Stinger: Golden/mustard yellow effects Silverfang, reflective/highlighter yellow spell effects. Akali should have toggle-able face mask in all skins.
Unfortunately Sashimi has no mask but they can give her some sort of headband for cooking
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
Do something about her normal walking animation, no ninja will walk like that, that walking animation should be the "walk inside shroud" animation. It's quite bad that her old walking animation is now her running one, anyway the walking anim. is just stressing my eyes out.


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