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: (Temp fix) Worked on 4 pc's
You are our Savior. It works for me.
: Level Bug
I have the same problem since Sunday. Its pissing me of. I played a bunch of games already and I can't level up to 124 level. please repair this.{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Don't allow "Skin Boosts" when there is 10 seconds before the game starts
You are toxic because of that. If u want to play for skins just play drafts, nobody can boost there. PBE is for testing stuff not for playing for skins. If you want skins buy them on live server or just play basically drafts at pbe. That's not a reason to be toxic and ''be affected'' about it.
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: Eternals progress resetting
Eternals on ARURF /URF are not gonna save. It'd be too easy to get these stats. I tried it too. Im for it to change that eternals would work in ARURF it would be cool but For now progress is only in-game.
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: Eternals not currently purchasable in the shop?
I cant buy them too i saw whole enemy team with them but they just wsaid ''we can buy it normallly'
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