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: Fist Bump Ward?
: Draft Pick
and why they don't give us the both ?? blind and draft
: Blitz way to walk in the new skin
yea i was going to say the same thing xD he is flying and with the start game movement speed he is trying to running so bad {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Pretty much the answer to all of your questions is: if they let you buy EVERY single old skin/icon and give you a shit ton of BE and RP to spend on the store, the system will just collapse and there will be massive delays (it happened a couple of weeks ago when the signups were opened and a load of new players got into the PBE having all the RP and BE they could wish, so they all started buying everything they could, which resulted in a huge delay in the store). Riot now only gives 8000 RP which is the fair amount of RP you might need to test skins/champs and they avoid having to shut down the store due to excess of requests.
I know that exactly what happened but I'm just asking because i wanted to test some old skins that i never see it before
: I even think that a blind pick will help people try new champs so they won't get banned in champ select, i heard that ornn was a lot banned in draft because people didn't know how to play against.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yea thats exactly what I'm talking about
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: Reporting toxic/trolling players at the end game screen works
: Queue Dodges
Same here 9 times dodge in the row.. Thats a good idea for us and they can punish them with a higher waiting time until next Queue too and why there is no Blind pick in PBE to get rid of those people??
: Please remember it's currently night where most Riot PBE employees live (Los Angeles, PST/PDT time). At time of writing this, it's about 1am. They're not gonna do maintenance at midnight. It will happen later today. Please be more patient.
ohh sorry it's 10:23AM in my country now {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: Riot gave a one-time 20k Blue Essence grant on Thursday. It's just until Tuesday though
and why we don't get BE in games or we won't get too in live servers?!
: To test something, there is a pinned thread where you can read about it.
ye i read it thanks
: Masteries
place Only 30 pts and try again to save it
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamuy,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=r9GmW69i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-20T09:59:17.085+0000) > > It's a common issue. But no fixes so far were found. Just a question. Does it let's you edit your masteries in champ select? Because when I click on the "edit masteries" button in champ select it doesn't do anything. I hate that problem, too.
but why they removed the new runes system again ?!
: DJ Sona
its will all champs i think .. that happens to me too when i am tried to try dragon trainer tristana in practice tool{{champion:18}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}


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