: I got leavebuster for no reason
Same issue happened to me. I have low priority queue when I haven't ever left any games.
: As someone said to CATMAN, "As far as I know, you can type in any language you like on the PBE boards. If you can't read Spanish, then try to avoid Spanish posts".
That's true you have a point. You can post in any language you want on the PBE boards. But... if you actually want help you should probably post in English since its the common language for NA and EU.
: Android Game
There's this game called MOBA legends that is kind of similar to what you're talking about. Basically a league knock off phone app game.
: Like what I said, you're hopeless. Shh, I can see what you're wearing.
No you didn't.
: Lmao 1 YEAR ago 2 YEARS ago, I'm just WOW, you're hopeless.
If anything, the fact that their stance has been the same for well over 2 years and yet you're still here in a thread where the only thing you've contributed to it is asking for skins for compensation of Mac issues and then complaining to a Rioter that you lost your precious Riven skin. Frankly I will say not one person cares about what rare skins you do/don't have available because it doesn't matter at all. Drop the subject of missing skins and get back to testing on PBE with the new skins/champions that need testing. If they do make championship riven available you could wait like everyone else instead of bugging Riot about it.
: Like what I said, you're hopeless. Shh, I can see what you're wearing.
Well that's not creepy at all.
: Thanks riot
I'm just going to go ahead and assume this is a troll post.
Rioter Comments
: Account security?
"[5:25AM] Klarnet Hero joined the room. [5:25AM] Klarnet Hero: riot trying their best [5:25AM] Klarnet Hero: to keep me away? [5:25AM] Klarnet Hero: Kappa 123" "[5:14AM] Martik101: ohh shane [5:14AM] Martik101: tell amy [5:14AM] Martik101: to khfs [5:15AM] Shane: oh good you found another account [5:15AM] Martik101: pardon [5:15AM] Martik101: 20 accounts [5:15AM] Martik101: :)) [5:16AM] Martik101: fuckin riot [5:16AM] Martik101: nice report system" "[5:27AM] QcHaxing: riot is bullhsit [5:27AM] 3 1415thonONPBE: ? [5:27AM] QcHaxing: tryin to ban a flamer [5:27AM] QcHaxing: kappa 123 [5:27AM] QcHaxing: HELL NAH [5:27AM] QcHaxing: fuckin bitches think that they can ban me from 13 accs [5:27AM] QcHaxing: and i wont come back [5:28AM] QcHaxing: wtf is wrong with them [5:28AM] QcHaxing: GO FK URSELF RIOT GAMES [5:28AM] QcHaxing: .!. [5:28AM] QcHaxing left the room." [5:29AM] Give Me My Cigar joined the room. [5:29AM] Jwang Bay Bae: i got 16 [5:29AM] Give Me My Cigar: aint funny like that huh riot? [5:29AM] Give Me My Cigar: lunar [5:29AM] Give Me My Cigar: write a ticket man [5:30AM] Give Me My Cigar: write the fuckin ticket [5:30AM] Give Me My Cigar: they wont do shit [5:30AM] Give Me My Cigar: like last time" [5:31AM] Najsuu joined the room. [5:31AM] Najsuu: riot thinks they someone [5:31AM] Najsuu: welp [5:31AM] Najsuu: not rly [5:31AM] Najsuu: FK RIOT LYTE [5:31AM] Najsuu: .!. [5:31AM] Najsuu left the room. He needs a Psych therapist ASAP.
: i saw a post from 5 months ago and they said to log in and log out :C 9k people tho
Usually you would just have to relog to receive level 30. But there's a bug with the script where you would normally just purchase something from the store and your IP and RP would show. They are currently fixing it I believe.
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: Clarified: Kindred can only ult herself now. Not allies.
OK that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks.
: i just bought a champion but nothing is happening, i even restarted the client
You might just need to contact Riot and let them know. You are supposed to be able to relog for level 30 and then purchase something to receive all of your IP and RP.
: because i have 0 ip/rp
Just try buying something even it says you have 0 ip. Have you tried that yet?
: Definitely, we need to test the newer champs that missed URF last year. :)
A bunch of champs are gonna get disabled again anyways.
: PBE Balance Change Discussion
All of these balance changes are justified IMO. The only one I'm curious about was the {{champion:203}} Kindred change only being able to ult allies and not herself anymore.
: Kog'Maw's attack speed
Everyone in the game has a bit of counterplay. You just need to learn how to play against him when he's fed.
: I just made an account and restarted my computer.. why dont have rp and ip yet?
: I can somewhat tolerate the ult changes, but the Q stun duration change seems...odd. Considering you cannot "double tap Q" to rid yourself of melee engages, as was mentioned in his champion reveal, this seems like a bit much. And while, yes, you can reactivate Q shortly after casting, I don't see a delay of nearly half a second as a double tap. You can only detonate Q once it has reached your passive's range (without W active). If your stars aren't hitting whoever is beating the cosmos out of you, do you really think Q is going to land? > One of his options comes in the form of Starsurge, which he can essentially double tap to stun his face-to-face enemy before making his way to safety. His ult is the only other form of self-peel, and considering its cooldown, you aren't always going to have it, and if you miss then you're just screwed. EDIT: Also if you're worried more about the damage aspect, and knocking off the stun duration because of it, reduce his damage somewhere; Q, passive, W, somewhere. They all scale at a somewhat high rate. I'm assuming the Q changes are for laning phase/lane aurelion, because getting hit by a star every 10 seconds is just the worst. /s Sarcasm aside, I'd also like some context on this. What are you going to do next? Nerf ALL forms of hard cc because it's too oppressive?
It is one of the longest stuns in the game and does a ton of damage. I can see what they were thinking of making the stun last a long time so he could land his star passive but people forget that the hitbox is HUGE and if Aurelion just plays the lane right and positions correctly its very easy to land at mid distance and stops any form of engage. They probably could have lowered the early base damages of some of his spells.
: where is name change
Rioter Comments
: Snowdown Shop
Is it supposed to be catered to your personal preference? I just assumed it was randomized.
But what do you need the RP for? That is the question {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: assassins unbalanced
They aren't as weak as people think, but they are on the weaker side compared to the other roles. They are still very snowbally but the difference with them is that in a prolonged game, it becomes harder for them to actually win (particularly AD assassins{{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} ). Assassins are all about picks and very weak in full on 5v5 teamfights. In season 3, everyone cried about the Assassin meta so Riot added a lot of counter-play for assassins on top of some nerfs so they are kind of in a weak spot. The only issue I have with Zed is they nerfed him before fixing some very annoying bugs with his W. He is too slow and clunky now to actually be reliable outside of laning phase. All other roles got buffed (APs, ADCs, Tanks, Supports) but Assassins didn't get much out of this new patch. It's really hard to balance everything but in my opinion they should fix Zed's W interactions and lower the price of {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3139}} . I wouldn't even mind if they lower the stats on those items as long as the price is somewhat efficient. Void Staff is 2650 g compared to last whisper's 1300 g. The cost of finalizing the void staff is more than last whisper itself. If they had a cheaper void staff that built into 2 different types similar to last whisper, that would be too strong.
: Alright then while we are at it, let's remove Rivens ability to animation cancel, and also remove any skill canceling into flash, or any cool moves like that that were clearly not intended to work.
The removal of this Q + W combo is the least of your worries. What they should do to Zed is increase his W speed or decrease the duration for which he can shadow back to his ultimate for each skillpoint he puts into it.
: I believe that is meant to be so he looks like the following guy: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/6/60205/1192546-metal_gear_ray.jpg
Reminds me more of this guy http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/arkhamcity/images/f/fb/ArkhamKnight.png/revision/latest?cb=20150711033721
: Undisclosed Zed nerf?
Because the Q + W combo wasn't intended. Doesn't matter if its hard to pull off or not. I think Zed should have his shadow out before it is able to use abilities. Makes more sense IMO.
: Riven can also cancel her ultimate visual with her e. So it's not a bug
It is definitely a bug. I've always played Caitlyn and have always been able to E>Q. The Q animation starts mid-air as you are netting backwards. ATM there's no Q animation of her aiming and extending her arm. It's instant. Also the Riven stops the ult throw animation because you use your E dash during the throw which cancels that animatiom as she dashes. For Cait, she just doesn't have a Q animation at all when you E>Q. Try it out in customs.
: That's just a mechanic right? something like aa reset and stuff; even the pro players use it. If it was unintended riot would have noticed and fixed it~
Nah I was in game with him, Caitlin had no animation when she casted Q. It just fired instantly which shouldn't ever happen.
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: League of lags/bugsplats?
It's already been reported.
: PROJECT: Zed splashart doesn't fit
Not sure what you're talking about. It fits Zed fine and it's a great splash.
: Please don't let the absurd Shen nerfs get to live
: Garen still isn't fixed in the right way.
It sounds like he was just fed.
: No animation on Mega Gnar Boulder Toss when near enemies
I played a game as Dr. Mundo earlier and I wasn't sure if I was glitching or not, but I couldn't see the cleavers that I had thrown and the damage was instant. Seems like we had the same experience.
: Possible bug with Zed's ultimate
There's a lot of spells that have weird interactions, like yasuo's ult cast stopping zed ult mid cast. In a TSM vs CLG game a Gnar stopped a Yasuo ultimate by just stunning behind him, it was really weird. That's just an example off the top of my head but I agree that its lame that they go on cooldown.
: [suggestion] make testers read "importnat informations"
I wish there was some way they could make this work but I don't see it happening. Most people don't read anything anyways and would just click next.
: How to get new summoner icons?
You might have the maximum amount of icons you can buy from the store without gifting.
: waiting for level 30
Purchase the Champions and Runes bundle then re-log.
: Is there an option for the old HUD
An option to keep the old HUD would be amazing.
: Darius Pull distance
This works for all spells that are like this. The pull or knockback is registered before you used flash.
: Woad Scout Quinn is difficult to target in her valor form.
This is one of my most hated bugs ATM. But people still play her so they can kill you for free without you being able to do anything in return.
: New to PBE
You will most likely skip every other division without playing your series until Diamond.
: (Ryze) How are we supposed to build him now?
I would still probably build him about the same. You could just get {{item:3001}} for MR, and {{item:3157}} for armor while taking 10% CDR from masteries. His AP ratios got buffed slightly, but otherwise you could still probably get frozen heart on him even if It does go over the cap if you really wanted to.
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: [Suggestion] lower priority queue
It discourages people from wanting to play with them because they don't really want to wait. That's why I think it is a meaningful punishment. But I agree it sucks if you get low priority queue because the servers or your internet is acting up.
: Annie Q's
Are you sure it isn't packet loss?
: Why is Suprise Party amumu Crying when using W
The RP price for the skin would increase if they added in new sounds I think.
: Ashe + Thresh
Sometimes Ashe's ult misses even when it looks like a direct hit. But this goes for a lot of fat skillshots. I notice it every now and then where I am thinking, "How did that miss??"
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