: Hi I'm trying to install the alpha client, but when I get to the League Client alpha PBE installer, my PBE install location is blank, so I paste in my location for PBE but I get the error "You must choose an install location where PBE is already installed." Here are some pictures for reference. http://prntscr.com/bjfcq1 http://prntscr.com/bjfcs1 http://prntscr.com/bjfcum http://prntscr.com/bjfcxh Please respond ASAP Thank you in advance!!
You have to select the folder that contains RADS, which in this case is PBE_Client_Shell\PBE instead of just PBE_Client_Shell like you are selecting.
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: ROA still seems core on Anivia and with the changes to athenes I think that if you want to build a 2nd mana item the only option is tear now. After ROA or ROA/Seraphs I would pick up the boots and then the dash item or void or dcap depending on the game. After that just finish your build
They way that new catalyst works with channels will probably keep it or any of its subsequent items as core on Anivia. The lack of diversity on mana items however is somewhat unnerving.
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: The healing nerf hit a lot of champions hard that weren't abusing it in the first place. Mundo, Trundle, and mordekaiser would be a little better if they could heal One thing that I've noticed is a lot of champions are gated in their current state, and could be good if the buff did more for them. Master Yi could be really cool. Right now his pattern is Q>aa>aa>Q>aa>Q using the 3rd strike passive. He has great chasedown, is only good at beating someone if you can time your Q to dodge skillshots. Kennen is a champ that I found to be effective when built tanky. I was only really relevant when the other team was mostly 1 damage type so I could stack either ar or mr. His w is on a 1.2 s cooldown you once you mark them once you can just spam that whenever you're in range to get the nice perma stun, but he has to build tank or he just gets nuked down. Renekton is awesome to play, but you really have to get an early lead. You have to be good at him to know how to combo and charge up you fury for empowered stuns, so Its a skill pick. Pantheon is doable, but his ult and e are pretty useless. I like ap the best, max stun and spam it on one person while running away from them during the cooldown to avoid damage. Also the ult nukes are hilarious because everybody builds glass cannon.
Something that I planned to mention in another post - Health Costs - are due for significant change in an ideal URF. Health Costs, even at 50%, make some champions on the border of useless.
: He was never disabled, and the patch just rolled out today.
Azir and Lux were disabled on 4/10
: 0.1 seconds? It probably won't make a difference; you can't even react that quick. Nor can you perform an E when your last E is not yet finished, which easily takes more than 0.1 second. You'll just never reach that.
Even if it were reduced to 0.2s 0.5s is just too clunky and feels worthless.
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: Unable to buy a skin in champion select.
Working fine for me, it might be your client, or it might be your connection to Riot. It could really also just be the store itself, but since its working for myself I doubt that.
: Dangerous bug (URF)
Repair your game. That is a visual error.
: [URF] Champion mastery not what it should be.
Since champion mastery only recently went live on the mode, perhaps they don't have enough data to judge what should be an S rank yet. They also might, and it just might be very strict. Not entirely sure.
: [URF] A Comprehensive Analysis of Skill Types
Also, should anyone get around to reading this, Items that naturally have CDR are now extremely gold inefficient. It would be much more suitable to the mode if anything that gave CDR was shifted to another stat. Perhaps Armor/Magic Penetration.
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: Was hoping to play azir too...
You can still play him, and hes not that weak even with it. It might just be a health change.
: Azir Soldier Bugged Scaling
I thought this was why they disabled him, but after the patch its still like this.
: PBE URF Balance Concerns
Certain effects, such as passives (Illaoi, Aatrox, Anivia, Blitz) or Ult Passive (Blitz), and even things like Passive Items or Cannot Be Applied until X (Naut, Yasuo) need also to be changed. They are sub-par at best in this mode.
: [URF] Suggestion: Increase Tower Attack Speed
: Can we have passive CD reduced as well in URF?
Any passive effect (Actual passive, Passive damage hits (Blitz Ult, et. al.)) should also retain the 80% CDR. Those champions rely on those for their effects, and without them are near useless against the God-Tier (Zed, Fizz, Shaco, et. al.) And while you're at it. Make Yasuo's Q be affected by the CDR. He's useless.
: i agree, urf is super fast-paced with abilities flying everywhere, and if you get around 20-25 mins and die it's like oh im dead for 40 seconds it kills the fun imo
Its Fast-Paced for some. Cast Times for champs like Illaoi need to be reduced otherwise they sit on the list of people that are unplayable.
: That's been there since the first version of U.R.F, I can't recall what Riot said about it but i think it was left there to gate champions like kassadin and kog'maw early so they aren't super spammy with their ults until around lvl 11
well it only blocks kog until lv7, seems just kinda pointless
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: Azir Disabled?
They are disabled due to Azir's W (Arise) having a base damage of 0 in URF Mode.
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: Ability to create an urf+one for all game
So the grand old exploit from last time returns? I thought they fixed that.
: There needs to be more bans on urf.
After URF hits live, Riot will most likely URF-Nerf most of the God-Level problematic champions (Think Ryze or Hecarim last year) Riot's stance on adding more bans has seemed to stay at: You get 3 per team. That's how it is.
: [URF] Aurelion Sol having 5 stars?
It might be something along the lines of how Face of The Mountain (that entire line) sometimes puts another sphere around your character. I do not believe it was added by Riot, as I don't think theres any changes to champions in URF as of right now. It certainly would be a nice idea, for Sol to either have faster moving stars or more stars (Asteroid Belt of Stars).
: I agree, I recently joined PBE for the reason of actually benefiting the community (fairly new, joined last week). I've been on league's NA server with the same username since late 2011 early 2012, and ever since I joined PBE I've been dealing with either fairly long wait times, new champion/champion fix bans in games, and a never-ending login queue. They need to remove a lot of the players that either think PBE is just a free-for-all, or a place to only play when we're testing out new game modes, rather than a community beta. I have honestly felt incredibly frustrated since joining because I actually want to test this as though it were a beta, rather than a free-stuff version of league where you just play for kicks.
Those who play the PBE and don't post (hell, or even access) this forum page are the ones that should be deleted. I (and possibly a large quantity of others) don't have a huge amount of time to devote to the PBE, but I do access this forum when I have time, even if i can't play a PBE game.
: URF Champ Tiers - What champs are too antifun?
You're also forgetting Ezreal with the change this year, unless he's previously only recieving .67 reduction from his q, its currently 1.5, which is MASSIVE in URF Mode.
: Yasuo and the new items/masteries

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