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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Alpha Skarner!
Kind of upset with the skin. I love playing skarner and was waiting for a new skin to come along because the other two are average but not great. Then I got the idea of battlecast skarner in my head and it sounded so amazing. But then when I saw the skin in game I was immediately heart broken. It falls so short of all the other battlecast skins which are done very well. His head and body look pretty awkward and his animations do not even look that great. The aoe of his Q was very lack luster. The redish tint for his W was barely noticable. The E was decent but in combonation with his other abilities doesnt look like much. And his ult was the worst of all. I expected a huge red laser type impale on the enemy champion but it just kind of instead pokes them. The only cool thing about it is how the blades rotate after he Q's.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
Passive: Glory In Death - I feel like is a really cool concept but isn't quite there. The health drain I think is way too fast. Even when I could stick on to someone (which was very rare) I felt like I wasn't even healing enough to keep my self alive. When you used to pop his ult he was unkillable because his lifesteal and attack speed boost. Q: Decimating Smash - I think is good, very good in combination with ult or other teammates cc. W: Soul Furnace - The problem with the passive on this is that it is very underwhelming. I did a custom game and I had no health items, about 62 kills, and 300+ farm and my max health was only like 2.8k. Later today I played the old Sion and I managed to get 3k health with 3 kills and 260 creeps. I've always liked Sion in this regard, that kind of like a Nasus, he should be scary to face late game because of his infinite potential. This is not so with the rework E: Roar of the Slayer - I think is fine. The armor shred and slow is good for closing distances (and it is a skillshot instead of the old on hit) R: Unstoppable Onslaught - I think is pretty unique and interesting. I really like the consequence of crashing into walls to make players use it wisely. The one thing is I'm not sure if the camera is supposed to return to you after collision, because a couple times when I ran into someone my camera kinda stayed in that stampede mode instead of being free or even locked. Overall I think his laning phase will be much improved. His ability to go AP will not be nearly as powerful as in the past (which makes sense because he's a giant warrior monster not a mage). But to me he doesn't feel as terrifying as the old Sion if he could get going. But I love all the animations on his abilities, very nice!


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