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: Xayah is way too overpowered.
She isn't that strong tbh, Her early game is garbage ^^
: Practice Tool Miss Fortune ultimate bug: Can stack ultimates
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: Utility ("Cunning") Tree Keystone for CC heavy supports
I think its decent, but some can abuse it too much
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: Kled bug with Kalista
that's normal, its by all channels, like Jhin R
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
I have a question about his E. It won't go over walls but the tooltip does not mention it if it will or not
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Kindred!
why did you guys actually wanted to increase the price to 1350 rp?
: QSS Bug
it now only removes CC right?
: Can we get dragon type added to the match history?
: If game has crashed,then Bugsplat would be open,otherwise you are just one of those toxic players. Leave Buster automatically detects crash and leave
I didnt got buggsplat, it said an file error
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: It's known. Please first look through the boards to see if your problem has been reported; avoid clutter.
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: This system is meant to be a reward system more than a way of purchasing skins, from my understanding. Although a multiple purchase bundle would be a _cool_ idea, I don't think it would be a **good** idea. It really sort of defeats the purpose of trying to get players to work together so that they can achieve victory, and an S ranking. It's not meant to supersede the current way of purchasing skins and champions.
i use it for testing, for me is it easier to find bugs on it xD
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: [Hextech boxes][Suggestiong][Quality of Life] - Multiple key/box purchases
: Buy it back. It's all 1 IP anyway and you don't need it :')
: I have 11 RP xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: It's not a bug. Riot removed those intentionally (skins going to be removed soon) to test new hextech crafting system. Everything can be purchased back for 1 IP but it's better if you would try to craft it back with the new system.
after the testing do you need to buy it back or will you get it back?
: (Dec 16th) New Champ Select Test Megathread!
Cant find rooms for the new CS it takes more than 20+minutes
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: [SR bugs]
I have that to It is since the update of 28 april I think
: Did you Alt+Tab while loading? There is currently a bug where you might crash while minimizing game and trying to open it again, try to avoid doing that. Don't worry about the report, it's not your fault :)
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: LeaveBuster
I had that to 1 time, that i got bugsplatted, and i wasnt able to reconenct I was sad about it I feel blinded :( {{champion:64}}
: PBE Launcher doesnt want to open
maybe delete it from your pc and redownload it Maybe it can help (English is bad)
: Bigger PBE Servers
me too bro, I want to record a video, but i need atleast 5 people to start a game
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