: Galio Feedback Thread
So far I love this rework. I will say his damage seems a bit strong while also being so tanky. I only have a couple QOL changes. 1) I like the slow when activating W but I feel like instead of a flat reduction it should slow Galio the longer the ability is charged 2) His ultimate (Superhero Landing) is awesome. The only thing I noticed that felt strange was that after Galio lands he is unable to move for a short moment (I think this is part of the channel) Overall though I like how the champ feels. I didn't play the old Galio so I can't compare the two but RW Galio is pretty fun and satisfying to play
: Hello Solcrushed i would recommend if you guys add an ap ratio on passive and w. Right now i feel like theres no point in building im ap atm and its flat out better to go full tank with cdr. He also feel like he has a good kit for the jungle with potential. I think he needs increased base movement speed and Base Health and it would be really cool if he has added mechanics on his e to allow him to do combos like e flash similar to gragas. He currently feels too simple and too easy to predict with with the big delays on his e and r if you guys can slightly decrease the delay time on e and ult it would help him out. Current score of the galio rework for me its 7/10 he has really good skins and is pretty cool to play tanky with a nice kit with good potential when everything is fixed. He doesnt seems to be perma ban and its great because as a long time galio player i will enjoy him on his new state on live server
His W is a pure defensive spell, it would be way to strong with an AP scaling
: Teleport Tweaks on PBE!
"To protect against fat fingering or accidental casts, this only applies if the target location is 2000+ units away" Does this mean you can only tele to units 2000+ away period? Or just the looking for valid targets? Cause I've accidentally tele'd to a minion instead of flashing more times than I'm proud of...
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
BUG: ​Went to practice my garbage Riven mechanics in the new Practice Tool 1. Used all of my spells on a practice dummy to proc Thunderlord's decree 2. Used the Auto Refresh Cooldowns tool to reset my cooldowns. 3. Expected Result: Thunderlord's cooldown to be reset Observed Result: Thunderlord's Cooldown NOT reset
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
I feel like you should be able to cancel/interrupt Kled's ultimate. It's quite frustrating to try to gank a lane if you end up going straight past an enemy if they aren't in range.
: Poppys' passive
Whenever the shield is used to not kill an enemy it will actually fall towards terrain so that you have the opportunity to Heroic Charge your hammer into the enemies face
: This change is idiotic. 0.1 second slow, no matter how powerful, is next to useless because the duration is way too short to actually do anything. Besides, his W already slows. I don't understand why Talon's silence is compared to what Kassadin and LeBlanc previously had. They were ranged, had way shorter cooldowns and had a longer duration and at the same time it put neither of them at a real risk because both Kassadin and LeBlanc have short cooldown blinks on their other abilities. Talon's Cutthroat is his only direct gapclosing ability, it has a rather long cooldown and the silence lasts only 1 second. Not to mention that it deals no damage by itself. If he uses it, he puts himself at risk because he has no way out because he's now in melee range of his opponent(s) unless he uses his ultimate to escape, and if he does, the second damaging part of the ult will most likely miss while also not being able to use basic attacks, so as a result the enemy probably survives because he didn't deal enough damage. The above part doesn't apply so much in 1v1 scenarios though, because in those situations Talon rarely needs to use his ult to escape as he, and most assassins in general, can kill squishies because that's kinda what their role excels at; assassinating lone targets. But the thing is that generally, their purpose is to kill and/or be killed due to their natural squishiness. In team fights this is especially apparent because a single mistake will probably result in death, and well, because Talon has no real escapes unlike some other assassins (Zed, LeBlanc, Kha'Zix, Katarina to mention a few), he can't easily jump/blink/dash away back to safety (sometimes after a kill). So he's similar to Rengar in that way. However, unlike Rengar, Talon has no defensive tools like Battle Roar to help in surviving in the fight itself. Talon is different from most assassins because he has that silence (well, in addition to having better AoE damage than most). Removing it would make him similar to Zed, Rengar, Kha'Zix and the like in the way that all of them have a gap closer, a slow and high damage. Do you, Riot, really wish to make all assassins the same? Do you consider those three the definitions of an assassin? Why do you think assassins shouldn't have any interrupt abilities, like most of them currently don't? Is that considered as "toxic" and "unfun" gameplay? If you think that assassins are bad for the game, why don't you just remove them then? From what I've seen, usually assassins are looked from the viewpoint of a squishy carry. That the poor little carry can't do a thing because the mean assassin bursted them. What about assassins? Have you thought about how they feel? When they can't do their job properly because suddenly, the carry activated their Hourglass while their team instantly destroys the assassin, or they jumped on the carry but they die because they get knocked back and CCd to death while the carry is protected by shields and heals. The whole thing about assassins is that they are a "high risk, high reward" role, meaning that if you do well, you should be rewarded for it. But that doesn't always seem to be the case because some others can obtain just as high reward with less risk. If an assassin gets behind, it's hard to come back because they lack tools to do other than kill champions. About there being "not enough counterplay". If you are against Talon, or pretty much any other assassin for that matter, you can simply buy Zhonya's Hourglass and use its active to instantly invalidate burst combos. Talon jumped in your face? No problem, activate Hourglass and watch as he either wastes his ult to escape or get torn apart by your team while you chill in the stasis. No Hourglass or it's on cooldown? Use shields and/or heals to survive while you use Exhaust/CC on the assassin and see him die in a matter of seconds. Stealth? Throw a Vision Ward on the ground or use Oracle's Lens to see the enemy. As you can see, the counterplay clearly does exist. It's your own problem if you are too ignorant to use it.
Riot pls... We beg of you. Do not release this shell of a champion onto the live servers. Without that silence he has no survivability. Talon is the definition of a perfect assassin. He goes in and he MUST use his combo correctly or else he will die. Plain and Simple. Without the silence his damage is nearly cut in half. And a 99% slow, sure thats nice for Thresh, but he has the slow for 2 seconds... That it literally 20 times longer than Talon's. That slow won't even be noticeable with that short of a duration. It'd be similar to Trundle's slow on his Chomp but that is only there because of it's ability for Trundle to catch up to his target due to the cast animation. Removing the silence will do 2 things for Talon. Lead him to an early death and have his win rate drop lower than Cassiopeia's after her rework (38% currently). By removing his silence it completely reduces his ability to be a good mid laner. Most of the time when playing Talon you are vs an AP mid since the only other common AD mid's are Zed and Yasuo and in that case your silence is close to useless. When he is vs these AP mid's he has one ability that makes him barely survive.. Cutthroat (With the silence). Without the silence most enemies will Zhonya's, Flash, use an escape ability, stun, root, snare, even push Talon away (Praise be, Based Syndra). So without this silence he is pretty damn near worthless. That's all I have to say about that. On a personal note: TALON HAS BEEN NERFED ENOUGH. He has gotten nothing but nerfs since his release. Also nobody cared about Talon until he was used in the LCS. DAMN YOU VOYBOY
: ~~Mini-gnar Q sometimes returns early before reaching max distance. It also doesn't seem to be able to deal damage twice on the same target but reading the tooltip says it should do 50% damage~~. With the tooltip change this is no longer considered a bug. There are still bugs with the boomerang interaction though, notably with the Hop (E), and sometimes I swear that the boomerang goes max distance even after hitting a pointblank minion or something, though I may have been considered to be "in front" of the minion. Sometimes when returning to mini-gnar, gnar has some fury points even though he shouldn't be stacking any fury since he's tired. Sometimes Mega-gnar E has a delayed damage, and when I flash in the middle of it the land doesn't do any damage (don't know if it's a bug) Update: Can no longer flash in Mega-Gnar E, BUT you can in Mini-gnar E (at least after bouncing). There is no icon for the ultimate when in mega-gnar form. ~~Also I need dino-gnar stat or I'm going to fall into a deep depression~~... Thanks :) (AMAZING SKIN BTW GJ) Ult-ramming an enemy against his base wall (on the outside) sent him flying into his base on the other side of the wall instead of being stunned on the one side. This only happened to me once, but I also only tried it once, so I don't know how often it happens. You can throw the boulder off the map, I don't know if that's intentional. As mini-gnar, using the hop (E) and then boomerang immediately at the end cuts the distance the boomerang throws in half. This happens only sometimes. Also you can throw the boomerang, then double bounce E and catch it before it returns. You can't throw the boulder during hop when in mega-gnar form unlike when in mini-gnar form. Either way the interactions between Gnar's Q and E are inconsistent and seem to be buggy. This is hard for me to confirm, especially since it's a difference in numbers, but I think there is issues with mini gnar with AD and lifesteal. At one point I had 10% LS from BotRK, then I bought a BT and added 20% LS, my total AD was 300, and I should've been healing for 90 HP each AA. What I got was a lot of AA where I healed only 30 HP, with some 90 HP heals spaced intermittently. The issue seemed to disappear over time, but I was no longer keeping track of it, only that I definitively healed only 30 HP when I had 30% LS. If this is hogwash just ignore it. New: Delayed damage on the ultimate sometimes. Mega-Gnar skin in dino gnar sometimes gets buggy and has a part of original mega gnar showing. Boomerang sometimes goes one way when I go another, completely missing it. Also sometimes I'd be on top of the return line and it'd pass through me. This happened only a couple times, but sometimes I'd throw out the boomerang, and when it reached it's max distance it'd disappear. ***Mini-Gnar (Dino Gnar skin) turned all blue, and then after 10 seconds turned all red, when I get a high rage, almost changing to mega gnar, (I suspect it occurs when mini-gnar begins to walk on all fours). This began happening after you inserted gnar's mini-portrait in champ select.
The boomerang doesn't do any damage on the return. It does 50% damage to Enemies hit "Beyond" the first (The one that gets a slow applied)
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: MAC PBE New Updated Summoners Rift BUGSPLAT
Yeah the exact same thing happened to me. Tried reconnecting 3 times. Got to 100% then stayed there for about 30 seconds and then bugsplat. You are not alone {{item:3070}}
: Team Builder Bugs!
So I went on the server and clicked "PLAY", Selected the teambuilder and clicked "solo". It returns me to my home screen and says Unable to Join Group but i hear music in the background and when I go back to play and click solo i see a screen for half a second then says Unable to Join Group. Don't really know whats going on, if its just me or if others are having the same trouble.


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