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: I think the main issue is that champions who build Sunfire generally can't get close enough to use it in a teamifght situation if the opponents are decent. I don't think buffing Sunfire cape makes it more attractive on champions which would otherwise not build it.
I only build it on my main or I use to Deadmans is better for Shen now. I think still need more time to find the best build
: Can you copy/paste the change into your post so that everyone knows what you're talking about?
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: Jeez.. we got it, a response! They are alive! \**opens champagne** And just a few days ago I was planning on bringing back my [Bug Megathread]( back to life. Glad I won't need to do so to prove that bugs are being fixed. >_> Thank you for this! {{summoner:1}}
: Shen Bug Report Thread
I know that Jhin just came out and focus will be on him for a bit, but I really hope that we will get some answers before this rework gets pushed to live. There is a lot of discussion on his new kit and I think the community would truly appreciate getting some feedback on the thought process behind it.
: I think they intended him to be a jungler, he's got a really healthy / fast clear and his lack of any sort of range doesn't hurt him there. Also his new W blocks jungle camps attacks so that on top of his shield means he doesn't even really need potions. Good ganks too, honestly probably a top tier jungler. Regardless of strength though I just wish Q was more interesting.
Does it really! Time to break out the jungle shen!
: Shen is somehow LESS fun / engaging to play than he was before.
I would have to agree that his Q doesnt feel right. He is now a ninja that doesnt throw anything?! what ninja doesnt have something to throw? I do like the mechanic of having to think ahead of your opponent and position correctly however not having to do that and then not be able to use it for damage loses the zone effect of it, in the games I have played everyone but another shen was able to completely zone me off the minions and under tower and without his ki strike and old Q made farming impossible. Shen being zoned is old news but he was always able to farm under tower with some practice with relative ease, now I fear he has zero laning potential at all. A possible idea is that Shen can call his Q to him dealing damage along its path to enemy champions and minions, then he has the ability to throw it back out a distance granting him the auto buff and the slow just as it is now, the ability then goes on cool down. If you dont throw it back out in the set time frame you get the auto buff as if you didnt hit anyone. Just my thoughts, I will play more of him tomorrow and see some other match ups hopefully right now however balance doesnt favor the eye of twilight
: I'm back and tried it again. Still the same message. Saw that it also got reported so i'm not the only one that experience it. Can't purchase championship shyvana and tpa ezreal. Also they are the only ones I got to choose from so can't tell if it also happens on other champs.
I have the same issue, same two skins and everything
: Snowdown Shop purchaise legacy skin bug
I'm having the same issue, I keep getting an error message
: [PBE - 5.19] Adjustment to Leashing Rules
I like the idea of the "patience" for clarity, I think it will definitely help new junglers out. I for one am always hard resetting camps when I try to take them as a ranged junglers. I was wondering if there could be an other feature added to this clarity update, something like the turret range indicators in bot games. I think it would be nice to have a range indicator that shows the monsters patience radius for new junglers. I would say that it would be only in bot/custom games so it is a training tool and not something in a normal game. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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: Juggernaut rework
Although I agree that the initial reworks were way overpowered, these boards are not here for whining posts.
: Doesn't mean there aren't still people having issues with it.
: Shen Taunt not working on Rek'Sai when she is borrowed
This could actually be pretty game breaking... I main shen and hadn't noticed this. Good catch! I'm going to test it later and see what's up. Hopefully we can get Riot to comment on this
: .......You bought the rune bundle multiple times. It's only been told you thousands of times [here]( and [here]( and [here]( *not* to do that~
I thought they disabled the bundle so the boards would stop getting filled up with these posts
: [Sated Devourer]
Happens on live server, mainly in spectators mode.
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: Shen is the only tank in top right now with free, constant sustain, and on the ability people tend to max first. So he basically gets to outlast you forever.
It's not free sustain at all, he gets to have his sustain because he has no damage
: Context on the Shen nerf on the PBE. Any Rioter?
Shens q heals over 3 seconds, refreshing with new damage to a marked target for 2/3.3/4.7/6/7.3 resulting in 6/10/14/18/22. So the numbers match up. I would like to know what Riots view of Shen is however, I thought he would be getting a buff with the 5.16 item changes but we saw nothing, no base armour change and no base health change. Now you want to nerf his already weak laning phase? With this change last hitting with his q will do 1/2/3/4/5 now which at early levels is less then he's base regen (I believe)
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: Team Builder?
Yes this is normal, There are specific times that team builder is active
: Getting one shoty by his ult made me sad :( {{champion:432}}
A bard player completely nullified my ult damage when I was playing Ekko! I was in the middle of the enemy team and zhonya waiting for my ghost spamming R so I could get it off before getting killed, and bard ults right before and saves most of his team... That made me real sad but also happy that such an outplay can happen. {{champion:98}}
: Just give shen a little love
Love the Shen love! {{champion:98}}
: Ekko op?
This isn't what makes him over powered right now.. {{champion:98}}
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: Ekko: The boy who Shattered Time! (Thoughts and discussion)
Here are my thoughts for what he may have in his kit. 1- Time loop, Pulls the cord sets a position to which he will reset to, Dmg taken to self is kept dmg to enemy reverted. Can be cast multiple times and used to restore structures. Possible increased crit chance when used. This would be his ult most likely 2- A dash or tumble that slows the enemy Thats what I got from the video I could be way off but hey thats half the fun right? {{champion:98}}
: it also applies to fizz w passive {{champion:105}} and if you use cho'gath e passive {{champion:31}}
Yeah I was going to say theatCho E passive procs it but does not stack it, which I find odd that it does one but not the other. {{champion:98}}
: "Ashe can pretty much crit on every auto, but her damage per crit is reduced so it's balanced."
I play tanks, I like being able to get in the thick of it and soak up dmg as my ADC APC deal out all their dmg and then I just walk away, (hail the tank meta!) However with the new this new Ashe in my opinion is over powered, I say this because she one has an attack speed steroid, crits on every attack, and basicly a perma slow (or so it seems) I dont know about you guys but I dont think a 4K tank with thornmail should be killed in 4seconds while all she has to do is auto. Jinx has can do it but she has to kite, vayne can also but she needs to tumble and dance around but no not Ashe, Ashe stands still and slows you, crits evey attack and has her Q for more attack speed. Disclaimer I havent played or fully looked into Ashes new kit, this is based off games against her and with her {{champion:98}}
: [5/7/2015] Starting a new beta test for the Instant Feedback System
@Lyte Im late to the thread but if you are still checking in I have a concern about this, in game I normal mute people once they start to flame/ get angry and I mean if a teammate or I make a mistake and someone says gg I will mute them. Now my concern is that because I do this I dont see what they say anymore but I see my teammates sometimes telling them to stop etc etc, if my team says report blank please I send a report for verbal harassment but idk what he said so I leave the comment section blank, long winded question but will the system recognize blank reports? {{champion:98}}
: Uhhh no as you can see on the second image it is my first time playing a champ and we barely won the game to be honest I fed pretty bad I went 11-10 so I was no where near to being flawless lol. And I'm pretty sure this isn't a actual thing but a bug ("It's not a bug, it's a feature", props to whoever knows that reference).
Ahh I didnt click on the image, but yeah thats odd {{champion:98}}
: End Game Champion Mastery Glitch
Did you happen to get an S? I have noticed that it does that if 1- Its your first time playing a champ and you do really well and 2- If you go flawless and get an S close to a new lvl of mastery {{champion:98}}
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: Can We Talk About Cinderhulk?
It is not the percent health that top lanes are looking at, it is the gold efficiency of being able to get a item that mixed with skirmishers is IMO at least 70% more efficient late game then taking ignite and going sunfire. I say this because with this full item you have an {{summoner:14}} ,{{summoner:3}} , and {{summoner:11}} The amount of early game pressure you loss toplane before you get the full item can be highly punished by the enemy team. To make bringing smite top worth it you have to roam from top to take jungle camps, if you do this by going into your own jungle you are stealing the exp from your jungler, if you roam into their jungle you can end up caught out and set back because you died.(Ward your jungle!) If you are against a toplane smite your top and jungle should be pressuring top lane forcing the smitetop to stay top and not roam. Capitalize on their lack of escape if they aren't playing {{champion:102}} One of my favorite aspects of League is that it changes, and that you have to learn how to counter the new change. Cinderhulk is not the issue, the issue is the community's current lack of adaption to new changes. The meta hasn't always been what it is today (1,1,2,1) It became that when dragon became an objective, Cinderhulk is just a change that the players need to learn how to play against
: i dont get rp ip this week
If you are a new account and haven't gotten your RP IP then know there is currently a bug/issue with the auto lvl system and will be back shortly(hopefully). If you got it and spent it all, well then refer to Amy's post
: I'm actually all for *Amy's Testing Minions*, because it sounds hilarious. xD
Went on to see if this was a thing yet, sad to say it wasnt (or im just not using the right name) But I created a chat called Amy's Testing Minions and set it to auto join on login so go ahead and join it!
: Alright! The buffs are finally showing and I am quite ready to go. Sticking with Imgur albums for the organization. ----- No leashes, no back, runes and masteries in albums. See image descriptions for more details. [{{champion:111}}Nautilus Album]( - \*New 3-1\* Added some additional 1st camp stats for both E and W, for comparison. It appears W start is still the better option. [{{champion:54}}Malphite Album]( [{{champion:33}}Rammus Album]( [{{champion:98}}Shen Album]( - \*New 3-2\* Did a couple Shen runs because he's one of my favorite champs. Let's be honest though, his sustain has never been an issue, it has always been his terrible clear speed. I would love to see something to help this, like a Bladed Armor effect on Feint or Vs. Monster damage on Vorpal Blade or Ki Strike. Cheers for Cinderhulk though. [{{champion:106}}Volibear Album]( - Updated with 2-27 change. [{{champion:154}}Zac Album]( - \*New 3-1\* Finally got some Zac runs. Two sets of runs, one using tanky runs and one using the more common MPen+AP runes. They ended up clearing about the same speed, with the tank setup taking a bit less damage. ----- @Reinboom, a question about the orginzation of the thread. Assuming the use of discussion view, would you prefer if a new discussion were started for each champ or should I just add new albums/images for different champs to this post.
Are these full clears? All six camps or just the first four? And for my shen jungle I use 1 health, 2 armor quint, 9mr/lvl glyphs, 9hp/lvl seals, 6attksp, 3hybrid pen marks and I have a full clear time of 5minutes, I will post pictures of it sometime this weekend
: @Meddler Randuin's changed back to live functionality
Fairly often they revert changes back to live if they dont think it is ready to go out with the next patch, it is likely that we will see changes back on the PBE after the patch goes out.
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: Black cleaver
It is my understanding that if you have both items, Trinity Force and Black Cleaver, The Black Cleavers Rage passive will be the one that wins out as it is applied by more then basic attacks and has a higher kill speed boost and for that matter has an assist boost as well
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: Jungle trackers boxes are blue
The Jungle tracker is PBE based only so they didnt give them an artwork
: Fix? It's not a bug; there is nothing to fix. Only skins from this cycle (5.8) cost IP. The other skins are on Live and therefore do not need testing. Those are changed to their Live price to avoid this place becoming a playground just for skins.
Going off of that, Skins that are currently at live price may switch to 1ip if there is a change to the skin i.e when trist got her rework all of her skins went to 1
: I like the ideas that have been offered here but IMO Shen could use a little help in his split pushing power. He is so slow at clearing waves and his Ki Strike doesn't proc on structures so he is not that scary off a split pusher to leave alone while you wreck his team and force his ult. I like Shen a lot and am trying to play him more but a lot of times I feel like I can't push fast enough to create pressure and make the enemy respond to me.
Ki-Strike does proc on towers, what it doesnt do is when W is active reduce the cooldown. Shens split push power comes from his Sheen + Ki-Strike power. Sadly he really isnt the split push god that he once was{{item:3070}}
: Shen "Buffs"
Not sure if anyone will look at this but, with the new changes to black cleaver and to randuins, I believe that shen can 1-now use black cleaver as his damage item. The 400 health is great, the movement speed on hit is perfect for the slow ninja, the armour reduction is good for dropping defenses and he can reach 40 cooldown with it. 2- Randuins having an attack speed buff means more ki-strikes which means more damage!
: Let's talk about The Black Cleaver
Am I the only one that saw these changes and was like YES! {{champion:98}} NOW HAS ANOTHER DAMAGE ITEM! yes? oh I see....
: New Teemo texture rebalance mushrooms cause Trypophobia.
Honest question as I don't have an issue with them, would putting more patches on top of those already there making a cluster elevate the issue?
: Hey sinneeed, Looks like someone dimmed the lights >.> Thanks for the report - we'll look into it.
Ao Shin is coming bringing a storm that blackens the sky
: The thing is Shen's ult is the one of the few global ults in the game(Gangplank being the other one) The problem is see is if he can port anywhere on the map which I think you are implying, then his Ult becomes a TF ult with more range. I agree the channel time could use some reduction though.
Oh no what I was getting at is that when Shen ults an ally for him to land between the ally and the nearest enemy (So you can get a taunt off right away) So what I am getting at is that: Stand United - Shen Shields himself and target allied champion from incoming damage, and soon after teleports to their location landing between them and the closest enemy champion. Places a shield on target allied champion, absorbing 250/550/850 (+135% Ability Power) damage for 5 seconds. After channeling for 2 seconds, Shen teleports to the target's location. Shen shields himself at a 50% reduction. Range- 25000 Cost- No Cost Cooldown- 160/135/120 Shen can cancel his ultimate by reactivating it. Shen's Ultimate can be cancel by any form of CC
: My thoughts on the New Hunter's Machete passive
I believe it has been reverted back to its live stats
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