: Good Post. But you can't "fix" something that isn't there yet. Since Ranked is not a thing yet. I agree with your APM aproach somewhat. It's importent to know what your enemys Builds so you can make the best valued choice. But the good thing about TFT is: Way more possible Combos than most Auto Chess Games. You can aproach more combos by adapting as in Dota2. In Dota2 you have to decide very early which kind of comp you want to play and stick to it. Adapting in round 20 or so is mostly your end. In TFT it's easier to adapt. I mean switching over to a Yordle/ShapeShift Comb is easy because you can throw in Wild aswell or Sorcerer or both. Which is why I think the "APM" thing is not that heavy here. But definitely a thing in Higher Elo. I thought about it too, I even went ahead and created me 6 Combos that are "easy" to adapt into one another. A few are not but those are centered around Single Units like Draven. Planning ahead is probably also an importent thing in Higher Elos with Nerfs/Buffs and constantly shifting "Metas" you need to rethink strategys and plan them out again. As you said absorbing Information is the key to success! :) Also thanks for sharing your ideas! I like it when im not the only one thinking about these kind of things xD
yeah I also saw a pattern that everyone seems to love picking vayne etc so she is hard to star, instead i decided to do something on my own This is my build.- and It's not like the best out there. it's just how I find it like it and enjoy it. Kha'zix - Void - Assassin Zed - Ninja - Assassin Cho'gath - Void - Brawler Kassadin - Void - Sorceres Katarina - Imperial - Assassin Void 3/3 Assassin 3/3 Ninja 1/1 Brawler 1/2 Imperial 1/2 Imperial - Darius, Draven, Swain Brawler - Warwick, Blitzcrank, Rek'sai, Volibear As you can see i pick 5 out of 6 with room of deciding later on what my 6th unit should be. This is definitely my favourite team comp.
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