: Remove ban warning from practice tool
The first issue is for riot to differentiate between a custom game with no players, and a non-custom game. Also to add bots in practice tool. but riot is a small company, so they can't afford to do something like that. After all, repeating the same game mode and having features in other game modes that already exist would cause data problems and be difficult for the programmers. It's not their job to do this stuff. That's why you can have 5 bots in aram and they ran poro king for 5 weeks in a row. but hey, they will call me an asshole for saying this stuff when I've been asking for a yes or no answer that would shut me up so I at least know that my waiting is for something.
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: Two things I would like with the new practice tool.
I'm beginning to think they can't add 5 bots because the dummies count as champions or something. After all, both sides can only have 4 dummies, and when one dies in fountain, then you can't spawn it anymore. If a rito employee wants to clarify this, I have a suggestion to just let the bots that you pick be dummies when you want dummies, so you can actually test against specific champions. I don't know, just a thought. I'd rather have 5 bots than dummies regardless. I'm still playing custom games for practice more than practice mode because of this. It's slow, but it's better than practice mode so far.
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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
So, some thoughts from a 4 year Zyra main. I want to say, I really like Zyra's update. There's a lot of potential in her kit and is very flavorful, but I find that her mechanics are a little buggy, and a little lacking in the amount of flavor that the update hyped up. I'm mostly posting this here just to spark some discussion on her, as I feel she is very underplayed. I've played her about an equal amount in mid as I have support, so I have a feel for both angles for her builds and playstyles. So, here are some of my thoughts. My positives: * Her passive is interesting now! (Thank god. I mean, Thank Riot :D) * Her plants actually feel like they get better with Zyra, rather than just directly scaling off of AP. It's a lot easier to see the power curve. * Her identity is kept very close to the same. I don't feel like I'm playing a different champion, and that is very, very important to me. * Her damage is still up there. It's hard to say how it will play out with the new items so soon, but it looks good :) My negatives: * Her Q is.. Alright. It doesn't reach as far as it used to, so it's not as useful for poking. I have her ranges so engraved in my mind that I always feel like I'm reaching. This is a fairly minor complaint however. * Visually, I would like a nerf on the size of her Q, mainly because it feels so bulky for her. Her E is a somewhat narrow ability, her W is a tiny seed, and her Q is now this giant monster of an ability. Visually does not fit in with her kit. If it was as wide as her E, but longer range to compensate for the reach, I think this ability would be perfect. * Her plants are activated waaaay too far from her abilities. I understand it's to compensate for the seeds being random, but it just feels completely unnatural and I end up wasting a lot of my passive seeds. Some further thoughts: * The random seeds are a nice concept for feeling like this plant queen, but plants are anything but random. They group and spread. I do not think they should ever split off as far as they do when they're grouped as 2. * Plants want to live, so they shouldn't be growing in the highest traffic areas where they are sure to get stepped on by champions or minions (Direct center of lane, river, etc.) If they hugged walls a little more (Not to the extent of Illaoi), it would make more sense logically and look better. * Similarly, they shouldn't be so eager to spawn underneath enemy towers. These plants are spawning under enemy towers and in the center of the lanes right next to enemies. They have a death wish! * The one thing though, that I would take over any of my proposed changes however, is this: **If plants expire (Not killed), they turn back into a seed.** Please, please, please make this a thing. This is what a perennial does, and considering the massively shortened lifespan of her plants in the early game (and how easy the are to stomp), this would be absolutely amazing and really increase her identity towards being a control/plant mage. Even if it was your w seeds that are perennials, that would be more than enough. So, these are just the opinions of a 4 year zyra player. I didn't mention any of the bugs that I have found yet, because I want this to be more about the discussion of the mechanics of the champion rather than the bugs. Zyra is in a really great spot, and these changes are definitely refreshing, but I did have a couple of issues and really want to see her be the plant lady that she deserves to be.
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: Aurelion Sol can't hide in the bush
This is intentional. That's great, but we need a whole update on all of these champs because of this however because this is unfair to this champion. {{champion:103}} W no longer is hidden {{champion:32}} W no longer hidden {{champion:1}} Tibber's aura no longer hidden {{champion:122}} Q no longer hidden {{champion:131}} W no longer hidden {{champion:36}} W no longer hidden {{champion:9}} Ultimate no longer hidden {{champion:3}} Ultimate no longer hidden {{champion:41}} Barrel radius no longer hidden {{champion:86}} No longer hidden. {{champion:150}} W and Ult no longer hidden {{champion:79}} Q radius no longer hidden {{champion:120}} W and Q no longer hidden. {{champion:24}} E no longer hidden {{champion:43}} Empowered Q no longer hidden {{champion:30}} E no longer hidden {{champion:55}} No longer hidden {{champion:85}} Ult no longer hidden You get the point. I could be wrong on some of these, but honestly, this is just stupid if it's intentional. You might as well make every ability visible outside of bush. Half the champions of the game have this mechanic in some way. Imagine if when shyvana W'd into a bush she was revealed, or if nunu ulted, or if pantheon ulted. If Aurelion Sol gets this treatment, then every champion in the game deserves it.
: Then contact support
Do you have to contact support via a live account or is there a way to do with the PBE account? I have the same issue and I know it's because I have excess runes. Many of mine exceed 9 runes.
: I would also like to note I can't queue up for summoner's rift (updated) as it doesn't exist anywhere on my client. I'm not sure if testing is stopped for now or not, but I don't see any mention of it in the thread for it. Going to try to run a repair and see if that fixes anything.
Repair did nothing. I'm tempted to re-install, but my internet is bad.
: wait i'm not good at cpu but is there different types of window 7? I mean my friends who uses window 7 don't have this problem at all so maybe they're not using window 7 x64.....
x64 stands for 64 bit. x86 stands for 32 bit. There are also Standard, home, home premium, professional, ultimate, server, etc.
: Game Launch Crash Into Launcher Reverting
I would also like to note I can't queue up for summoner's rift (updated) as it doesn't exist anywhere on my client. I'm not sure if testing is stopped for now or not, but I don't see any mention of it in the thread for it. Going to try to run a repair and see if that fixes anything.
: I think it's a window 8 problems I mean if you have window 8, then it just proves my theory man....
I'm using windows 7 x64, so that's not the issue.
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: [REQUEST] Could we get a button in the shop for hiding runes already bought?
This, this, a thousand times this. No doubt would be a nice quality of life change.
: One For All
[Please read the stickies. Seriously.](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/g2AUF7rJ-one-for-all-enabled-on-pbe)
: About the latest nerfs to Janna, Lulu, Nami
I like the somewhat larger pool of support items, but one thing I would like to see are items which give extra AP or effectiveness when abilities are cast on an ally. That would be sweet. At the moment, I'm not feeling the "nerf" all that hard. What I would really like to see is utility or damage which scales well (depending on situation) and an easy way to itemize towards that. I honestly think items which can only work on targeting allies or targeting enemies will add a nice flare to the game.
: [bug] one for all items not showing in postgame
This wasn't limited to one for all for me.
: I already crunched those numbers, the wave clear is worse. Triple posted from my RoG post and the copypasta on General D. -------------- Even if we assume that Sivir's Q AD ratio is now 0.5 Total AD instead of 0.5 Bonus AD, that still puts the net base damage at ~50 - 170 ish...with 170 being Rank 5 at Lv18, so Lv9 would be closer to 155-160 ish. It's just a plain massive nerf no matter how you spin it, and I'm extremely confused as to why Riot would nerf out the no-minion-double-pass without providing any compensation for using it in any other situation. "But 10% falloff!" Swell, except 40% of 240 (old) is 96, and 40% of 170 (new) is 68. Heck, 70% (same value after 3 hits) of 170 is 119, which is barely more than a 20 difference on ONE UNIT ONLY - as soon as you bump the falloff to 60% (4 hits) the damage falls off to a negligibly different 102, and at flat 50% (5 hits...aka 5 minions) we're talking about 85 damage, which is quite a bit lower than the original 96 @ 40%. If Riot is really going to shove this change through, they need to bump the falloff point to AT LEAST 50%, and preferably to 60% which only has a 8 damage difference from the old 40% point. Yes, the ratio would technically be higher at 60% falloff, but I thought the point of Sivir was AoE damage?
Well, you're about 30 damage off on the new boomerang blade. The base damage is 198 at level 9 and scales up to 228 at level 18, so.. at level 9, it's a 40 damage difference, not a 70 damage difference. At level 18, it's a 10 damage difference. Ignoring runes and masteries at level 9 (exact same scaling, so exact same difference,) I would say your numbers are a little off.
: Smart cast Self cast change
I haven't ran into this issue. I just played a game w/ Janna using smart+self cast. I could cast it on others if I wanted, but if I just pressed the ability alone it would cast on myself.
: Twisted Treeline and trinkets
mm.. I see potential for scrying and lens, but they probably are deciding if it's worth it to add any of them at the moment. Currently, it could just be the fact that they don't want to clutter the game by having it load a completely different UI for a different game mode (although it's 'apparently' a small change, depending on how it's coded, this might be the case.) buuuut, in the same sense, it could just mean that they haven't got around to doing it. When you make a picture, you draw the major parts first, then fill in the smaller details.
: Is My Normal MMR Too High?
It's simply due to the nature of the PBE. There aren't too many people to begin with, and the only ones that will be on are normally the ones who play almost exclusively PBE. I for one test out changes on the PBE and see how it will affect the game and play on the live server for fun. Of course, I usually stay out of PBE normals/ranked as the queues are dreadful for the skill difference. I don't really learn anything that way about the game balance or bugs.
: Nunu and Wight.
I'm sure they have plans for that. Although it could be an oversight, it's unlikely seeing how many people are in on the development of these changes.
: [Potions] - You can have more than five Total Biscuits of Rejuvenation
My mana pots actually regen'd my HP with this mastery. I'm not sure if that's intentional or what, but that's just overpowered. There's no reason I would ever not take this mastery the way it is on a champ that uses mana.
: [Bug] Major - Blue side Golem Buff
I noticed I tried to wall in blue buff with anivia and it ended up walking through the wall =\ It seemed like a bug that could happen in live (shoving a mob through a wall with your walls), but seeing this, I'm certain it's a little more than that.
: @Riot, can you shed some light on the change of the Tier 6 mastery point of the Deference Tree?
I see the point you make, but just remember it's 15% tenacity for a single point put into the ability. The excuse 'I feel obligated to put the point in the tree to get 21' is a really poor excuse. Your masteries should be situational anyway. Unfortunately, I can't make a complete decision because I haven't worked out all the strengths of the masteries yet with all of these changes, so I couldn't say for certain. What I'm looking at is relative power of the mastery points. It doesn't matter if it's weaker than the other seasons if masteries as a whole for this season are just weaker than the previous season. I'm not sure yet, so I couldn't say. I would probably just be more careful about the points you make. Your point is valid, but the obligatory part is a poor one.
: Maybe classify mobs in three catagories, something along the lines of: - Minions (Lane mobs) - Monsters(Neuteral mobs) - Summons (Champion created mobs) I think this would clear up any confusion on what works on what. so it would look something like this. *Monsters and Summons that attack you bleed dealing damage equal to 1% of their current health each second. This does not work against Minions.*
This is already done to a point, but yes, I think including summons would be important. What is a summon if not an enemy monster? Are summons included in that or is it a minion as it's being controlled by someone?
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
Honestly, I like this change. The only thing I could ever ask for is just an option to make colorblind player bar to be.. not yellow. I've seen it used a lot on edward's stream a lot and I don't like it that much. (I use colorblind mode, so I would prefer not to have to live with it, but it's nothing major.)
: How do i report toxic players on PBE
: [BUG] Ziggs E "Skill Not Available"
Hmm, I had a similar bug where fiddlestick's passive was labelled as "Stunned." Ever since then, fiddlesticks has been the worst champion in the game.
: Summoner icons dissapear
I have all of my icons, but I don't have all of the harrowing 2013 icons. I think there could definitely be a relation.
: [Team builder] - No skiins
I believe it was posted by a red somewhere that they were working on adding functionality to choose skins in the team builder, so you have no need to worry :P
: suggestion for login password text
haha, never heard this mentioned before :P Some very nitpicky feedback, lol
: garen's skill E & modekaisor's skill R combination
Not quite following, sorry :( When garen uses his E, mordekaiser's R will continue to stay on garen, even past expiration? or When garen uses his E, mordekaiser's R won't cancel it? or When garen dies by mordekaiser's R which garen is in his E, mordekaiser's R will stay on his dead body? Are any of these saying what you want to say?
: [Sivir] Sivir rework thoughts
Honestly, I like the new changes. I really think, however, that her W damage shouldn't be 70% AD unless it could crit. I think it would be much more worth it if it were 100% AD, or if it did bonus damage to minions (comparing to yi's Q). So.. Her W does feel a little underwhelming, but it's a much nicer ability to have than it was before. I will always miss her toggleable W though :(
: Xerath Support Anyone?
As an avid support player, here are my thoughts on this. First off, the passive is really, really nice when put into theory. The fact it works off of basic attacks and is better when against champions is huge, but there are some things I should note in comparison to other champions. There's a TL;DR at the bottom, you lazy readers. ----------- Q: Although it's great for brush security, the mana cost and damage you deal with it is fairly weak without building at least some AP (including runes + masteries, which a support, even annie, zyra and sona, shouldn't have to do early on, especially runes + masteries, with the exception of kages in replacement of philosopher's stone.) It isn't bad, but the refund in relation to his total mana pool during the laning phase is much too great. W: I haven't gotten much out of this ability. I can barely remember what it does for him now, so I cannot comment on it. I hear mention of a slow on it, which sounds great, but I will have to look into numbers on it. E: This is a great ability which I believe would make him viable as a support, but I think it's broken (not broken as in really good or bad, but I will explain later.) The pure kill potential with a stun alone is enough for any champion to be viable as one. R: I disagree with the fact it doesn't work with a support kit. The insane range on it is enough to finish off just about anyone, and this is a huge problem you will find in lane. More often than not, champions will just barely get away with barrier. This fixes that problem and I really wish a lot of supports would incorporate longer range abilities. ----------- I mentioned him being broken. What I mean by that is the fact that his kit doesn't flow like a support's kit should. What makes Zyra excel as a support is not only the fact she has a root, slow and an AoE knockup, but the fact she has boatloads of damage early game and great utility late game. Sona and annie are in the same boat. Thresh has tons of utility to the point where he doesn't need damage to excel. Nami and blitzcrank are in the same boat at him. The problem with xerath is that he tries to do everything. This is fine for an AP carry as he will have the gold to support this, but it's not fine as a support. He's good for about 3 full rotations of abilities, and that's about it. His mana pool is not large enough for his refund to make it worth it. It might add an extra full rotation of abilities every minute or so. Supports excel from periodic damage, sustain damage, or just incredible utility. Annie has sustain damage from tibbers and zyra from her plants. Sona has periodic damage with her Q and nami has periodic damage from her W, but nami offers a ton of utility along with thresh, where as sona is just a big bully. Xerath doesn't have the mana pool for periodic damage, doesn't have sustain damage, and offers a slow + potential stun. He is a burst champ, which really doesn't work well with support. Not saying it won't work at all, it just requires a very, very bursty champion (graves) to accompany him. I think he would fit in a nice niche, but I don't see him particularly excelling above most other supports. Most champions are viable as support, but being viable at support and being great at support are 2 very different things. TL;DR His mana costs are too high, his mana pool is too low for his passive to work right. Where other supports offer tons of utility and sustain damage, he only offers rotations of burst. He will more than likely only be viable in a burst lane such as graves.
: New Renekton Skin!
The skin has been on the PBE for like the past year and I've heard little to no mention about it in the past few months. I'm fairly positive as it's been sitting in the PBE for so long that it will be a somewhat big thing, but I can't wait myself :P Unlocked accounts could also use it in live servers for a while, haha :)
: [Katarina] Q-R Interaction
Fair point, but I don't think this is a PBE exclusive bug however. So.. wrong section either way (even if it's PBE exclusive), but still worth noting.
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: Harrowing Icons
As far as I know, and this is just a guess, is that the mysterious gift option is limited to skins. If they don't own that many champions, then the range of gifts they could receive will not be very large. It's also likely that the person has too many skins, in which they also wouldn't have a very large gift pool. The purpose of it is to be mysterious after all. I'm not sure about the harrowing thing. I believe it's dependent on how much RP you bought during the harrowing? Not sure. As far as trolling goes, it's much more strict in the PBE than it is in the live servers. Don't worry, those people are getting banned.
: [Suggestion] Sivir Title and Ult Name Change
: [Suggestion] Bans in teambuilder
Honestly, I wouldn't like this very much. Say for instance, you ban jinx. Jinx is the #1 most played champion right now, so every single team that has a jinx will not be able to go against you. If the bans were an option, it would be likely that every team would ban her as there are no repercussions. This means that every team that has a jinx will not be able to go against... pretty much anyone. It's really something you can't simply ignore. Ignoring a problem that's presented will only backfire and create simply a hypothetical world where everything is perfect.
: A few features I feel are NEEDED to make teambuilder the best it can be(riot feedback would be great
These are some awesome suggestions :P I think my favorite has to be Feature 1. If anything, that would have most of my gratitude.
: [Suggestion] "Blue Side Only" option for queuing
Turn on colorblind mode. You will be on blue side every game!
: Custom CHOICES in custom games
This is a very popular idea, it's been posted many times already. I agree 100%, this would make the game better for all of us. They do have to take some things into account, however (5v5 karthus breaks because too many particles). I don't think it should be a checklist, though. It should just have the variables and have it modifiable (for instance, setting passive gold gain, passive XP gain, etc.) These things were already modified in maps such as dominion and howling abyss.
: [Suggestion] Sivir NEW art!
It does look better, but it definitely looks awkward
: Change to Jinx W
The main issue is that in comparison to nidalee spears, it does a set amount of damage, is faster by a lot, slows, and has a reveal. When you buy a bloodthirster (Around the 10-17 minute mark), that increases your damage by 140. If a nidalee buys a deathcap, that's ~160 AP, which scales to ~100-264 damage. The main difference being nidalee doesn't start with any AP. In total, when you get that bloodthirster, say you're ~level 7-8, your zap will do 165 (+257) damage (Provided you max your zap first). Nidalee's spear at the same level with the deathcap will do 185 (+100)- 463(+264). It consistantly does half range damage of that spear (Landing max range spears is unreasonable, although it does happen.) This isn't counting runes/masteries, base resistances, etc. So.. I would have to say, it's a little broken.

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